Happiness In Misery

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Jushiro Ukitake awoke to a sudden feeling. Yes, he remembered, it was That day.

The day his faithful, caring ,but somewhat brash doctor Kaien Shiba died.

He shuddered when he remembered how Kaien had died. He was murdered by a gang called The Kuchikis.

They were indifferent, harsh people, killing without regret. One of the member's sisters, Kuchiki Rukia, was the newest. She was really a sweet girl.

The 28th head Kuchiki Byakuya was the leader.

He had killed Kaien for tending to Rukia's injuries after a quite serious brawl in Seireitei City, where Ukitake lived.

He had taken his death very badly. He lost his only hope for surviving this disease. Ukitake sighed and continued his morning routine.

He had taken a few days off to grieve for Kaien, so he didn't teach his class, World Cultures.(1.)

Ukitake started his Mercedes Benz and drove to his physician's office, Rukongai Health Clinic.

The desk clerk, Kotetsu Isane, was there. She greeted him warmly and he smiled. Soon after, the head doctor Unohana Retsu walked through the door. " Ah, Jushiro-kun, we haven't seen you here in a while. Daijobou? (2.)

"Hello, Retsu-san, I am feeling… alright these days." He flashed a fake smile at her.

She smiled back sadly.

As they were walking towards the door, she told him," Ukitake-san." She said, surprising him with the use of his formal name, " There is a new intern today. He only graduated a few weeks ago, but has a lot of promise. His name is Hitsugaya Toshiro. He will be your new doctor. I regret telling you this on the eve of your previous.."

" That's okay, Retsu." He said quickly. " He must be very amazing, to get out of college and get a job here. So where is this young man?" He asked.

Jushiro and Unohana walked down a long hallway towards one of the staff rooms. " Right here." As she said this, she opened the door…


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Notes: (1.) I just feel like this class suits him. I probably was inspired by my FLEX classes…

(2.) Daijobou= are you alright? Translated by way of .com