Happiness In Misery

Chapter Two

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So Now to the story….

What happened last chapter…

Jushiro and Unohana walked down a long hallway towards one of the staff rooms. " Right here." As she said this, she opened the door…

A young man sitting at the desk was the first thing that caught Jushiro's eye.

He was sitting alone, drinking a small cup of coffee. He looked about 18 or 19, with spiky, pure white hair and a slim figure.

The hands that clasped the Styrofoam cup were tiny and smooth-looking.

The eyes that turned toward him were a shocking shade of turquoise. This can't be him, Jushiro thought.

He looks like he's still a kid. Unohana probably read his mind because she called over to the white-haired prodigy.

"Toushiro-san, this is your new patient, Ukitake Jushiro-kun."

The boy looked Ukitake over and bowed low. "It is a pleasure to be treating you, Ukitake-san." Jushiro was surprised how soft-spoken he was.

He also bowed in respeact for him.

" What an honor to be treated by such a prodigy. Yare Yare, you're very young to be in the medical field," he laughed.

Hitsugaya's eye only twitched for a small moment before he made a barely audible sigh.

Unohana's gaze shifted to Toushiro as he lead Ukitake to his office. " Hitsugaya-san." She said. " Please take good care of Jushiro."

He turned his head and offered a small nod." I will, Unohana-sensei. I will."

Then he left her alone in the wide hallway.

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