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Happy Hanukkah, Zim
Chapter One

It was another typical day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing...

...And Zim was being dragged along by Gir's leash at 100 miles an hour.


"Wee-hee-hee!! Isn't this fun, Master?"

"NO! It is NOT fun! Gir, stop! I command you to stop!!"

Gir's eyes flashed red underneath his costume as he skidded to halt. "Yes, my Master!" he cried as Zim went flying.

Zim stood up shakily, carefully adjusting his wig. "Uh, thanks, I guess." he told Gir.

But Gir wasn't paying attention. The tiny green puppy had caught something of appeal in the window of a dollar store they had just passed, and stood
staring at it.

Zim growled. "I just bought your disgusting tacos!!"

Gir shook his head and continued to stare.

"That's ENOUGH, Gir! It's time to go home!!" Zim wrapped his fingers aroung the tiny puppy's waist and pulled...

...and pulled...

...and pulled...

...and pulled...

And he still wouldn't budge. Not even the Scary Monkey Show could hold him like that. Zim had to wonder... *what* could be holding Gir's attention like
that? He made his way to the window and looked up.

Hanging from the top of the display in the window was a beautiful reflecting six-pointed star. It hung like a real star in the night, catching the beauty of any
real celestial wonder the night could behold. The sun's ray became trapped in its aura, and in return, offered a shimmering rainbow display to any eye
that wandered by. Gir sighed happily. "It's so pretty..."

Zim scofffed. "It's a piece of cardboard wrapped in tin foil."

"It's still pretty..." Gir smiled. He turned to Zim. "CanIgetonecanIcanIhuhhuhpleasepleasepleaseMastercanIgetoneIreallyreallywantone!!!"

Zim blinked as he tried to comprehend what Gir said. "No Gir, you cannot get a star."

"But I really want one!!"

"No, Gir."

"... please?"





"Grr... no!"




"ALRIGHT, I WILL BUY YOU A STAR!!!" Zim panted heavily. "Is that better?"

Gir noddled and ran into the store.

Zim followed, sighing. "I don't know *what* he sees in these human decorations..." he took the start from Gir and looked it over. "...Though... I guess it
*is* kinda nice... for a dollar, anyway." He took it up to the register and placed it on the counter.

The man behind the register smiled. "Why, good afternoon, young fellow." He held up the object. "A Star of David, eh?" He chuckled softly. "So, you
celebrate Hankkah?"

Zim looked up with interest. "Hanuk--- why, yes! Yes, of course! I love Hanukkah." He smiled his cute little Irken smile to make a point.

"That's nice." He rang up the item and bagged it. "There you are. Have a nice holiday."

"Uh, sure." Zim tossed the money onto the counter and grabbed the bag. Scooping up Gir, he ran outside.

Gir escaped from Zim's grasp and grabbed his star from the bag. "SHINY!!" he cried, cuddling it.

"Hanukkah..." Zim said slowly, carefully pronouncing the word, "hah-nuh-kah... why haven't I heard of that before?" Zim searched his mind for an answer;.
"The humans must be trying to trick me! They think I won't be able to celebrate this 'Hanukkah'. Well, guess what, HYU-MANS, I'm going to be the best
Hanukkuh-er this Hanukkah season has ever seen!" And with that he ran to his lab to research.

Zim scrolled the screen down and continued to read. " 'Hanukkah is celabrated to mark the reconsecreation of the Temple of Jersulem after its recapture
from the Syrian Greeks. When the temple was recaptured, there was only enough oil to burn for one night. A miracle occured, and the oil burned for the
eight days needed to acuire more.' " Zim sat back in his chair and nodded. "Fascinating. But... computer, locate files on how to celebrate Hanukkah."

The computer blipped, and a new screen came up. Gir walked over, enthralled by the the illustrations. "Ooooooo, pictures!!"

"Hush, Gir. I need to study these." Zim scrolled the screen. More pictures, but words as well. "Alrighty then... 'Hanukkah is also know as the "Festival of
Lights", in the fact that eight candles are lit one day at a time to commorate the eight days of burning oil. Games are played, such as the dreidel.' " Zim
looked the picture of the dreidel over. There were strange marking on the side, ones that he couldn't read. "Hmm... maybe I'll skip the 'dray-dell", but the
candle thing sounds good!"

" 'At the candle lighting ceremony each night, yarmulkes are worn and a prayer is said. Afterward, family members exchange gifts.' "

Gir looked up. "Gifts...?"

"Presents, Gir."

"I know..." (But what can I get Master?)

" 'The first night, gelt is given out.' Gelt... looks like those revolting chocolate candies I've seen around. 'This year, it begins at sundown on the..." Zim
looked at the human calendar, "AHH!! IT'S TODAY!!" He hopped down from his chair. "I'm going back to the store, Gir. I need a few more supplies."

Gir nodded. "Okay, have fun!!"

"Er... right." Zim took the elevator upstairs, put on his disguise, and headed out on his way.

Back at the Dollar Store, Zim searched the shelves. He needed something that would be easy to find, and at the same time, capture Gir's interest. He
walked down the side aisle by the window... and spotted another Star of David.

"Hmm... well, he already has one, but I'm sure another one won't harm him any." He pulled one off the shelf. "Now... what else do they have?" He glanced
at the paper in his hand. "I'll need a 'men-or-ah', and those gelt thingies... and candles! Mustn't forget the candles!!" He hurried around, wanting to get all
his supplies before night fell.

"Here are the 'yah-muh-kahs'." He examimned the contents. "They look kinda cheap, but I guess they'll have to do. Let's see... one of these, a pack of
these, some of this, okay!" Victorious, Zim marched up to the counter and tossed up the star, the menorah, a candle packet, two yarmulkes, and a bag
of gelt onto it.

The woman there, looking very bored, rang up the items. "That'll be $4.24," she answered in monotone.

"Whatever," Zim said, throwing a five onto the counter and rushing out the door.

"Have a nice day," the lady said to no one and went back to her magazine.

Zim ran faster and faster, his breath coming in shorter gasps with each as he headed home. The sun was begining to set, and he needed to get
everything perfectly set up! He literally *threw* himself through the door of his base and grabbed the menorah and the candles from the bag.

"Okay, you..." he grabbed the menorah, "go *here*!" He set it down on the windowsill. "Now... as for *you*..." Zim pwned the candle and put them in their
respective places. "Alright..."

Pulling an awesome-looking device from his backpod, Zim held the tip of the wick of the main candle at gunpoint, and oulled the trigger *slightly*. A tiny
spark shot out, and the tallest candle began to glow brightly. "There... that's the Shamish." He pulled the Shamish from its holder and held the tip over
another candle. It soon caught the flame, and two snow-white candles lit up the room. "Perfect," Zim observed.

Gir ran into the living room, holding a box behind him. "Ooo, pretty light!!"

"Now don't touch it, Gir."

"I won't. Can I look?"

"In a moment. Put this on." Zim handed Gir a yarmulke.

"Oooooo, a hat!" He smiled and put it over his antannae and started to dance.


Gir snapped upright.

"Now, kneel in front of the menorah, like me," Gir mimicked Zim's pose, "Good. Lower your head, and listen." Zim took a breath and spoke a prayer:

Gir was silent for a moment. "Can I look at the candles now?

"Look, yes, looking is fine." He sat next to Gir on the couch and stared at the candles for a while.

Thirty seconds later, Gir's attention span ran out. He held the box in Zim's face. "I got you a pwesent!"

"Eh...?" Zim muttered, clearly surprised. "Well, I... got you one, too." He reached into the bag behind him and pulled out another star.

Gir eyes filled with glee. "A... star..." he whispered in awe. "It matches with the other one...! Now my star has a new friend!! Thanks, Master!!" He grabbed
the box. "This is for you."

"Okay..." Zim opened the box and dug through it, wondering what he would find. A neuron-gyrater? A hyper-scope?


Zim found a pig.

"Isn't it cute?" Gir prodded.

Zim throught carefully before choosing his words. "Yes, Gir, it's...very cute. Just adorable."

Gir cheered and started to dance with his star. "YAY!! He likes it, he likes it! Did'ya hear that, New Star? Master likes his present!! C'mon, you gotta meet
your buddy!" Gir dissapered into the lab.

Zim sighed and leaned back into the cushions. He felt the gelt in the bag behind him. Shoot! He had forgotten to give it to Gir. Oh, well. "I could just leave it
out where he'll find it." He turned his attention back ot the menorah. Watching it flicker against the night was so... relaxing. It helped him think.

"A pig..." Of all things, a pig. "Well, it's not like I'm in it for the gifts anyway." Zim took one last look at the candles and headed downstairs for the night.

You like? You no like? You want more? Well, tomorrow's another day. G'night all!