Happy Hanukkah Zim

"I'm gonna tickle you..."

"Nononono!! Gir! Stop it!! Ahahaha!!"

"Tee-hee, Master's ticklish in his tummy!! Hmm... I wonder about the feet..."

"Don't you dare!!"


Zim laughed harder than he had ever laughed before. "Okay!! Okay! You win, Gir."

Gir smiled and retrieved Zim's boot. "I like to tickle you."

Zim laughed again. It was a week later from the whole picture scene; Zim hung it on his wall over the menorah. Two of the candles had already burnt out,
but they weren't exactly high quality, and they had served their purpose at least. Besides, Zim had more important matters to be concerned with - his
newfound friend Gir.

With a peacful sigh, Zim got up and walked over to the window. It was Christmas Eve, the day before Dib's holiday. Zim was so tied up with Hanukkah
he forgot about the other holidays. That was fine; Hanukkah was fun.

The snow was falling outside, and it looked to irresistable against the evening sky. "Gir, let's play outside, okay?"

"YAY!!" Gir ran to get his puppy attire while Zim donned the disguise of his own.

Outside, the world was beautiful.

Zim actually wanted to go into the qoutdooor air. (It must be the holiday spirit getting to me...) he thought. No matter, he was still on his toes. For now, he
just wanted to try and enjoy Earth. It was, after all, his home.

After making dozens of snow angels, Gir wanted to run off some excess energy, so Zim walked him to the park. ...Erm... maybe I should say, Gir dragged
Zim to the park. It was all in good fun, though, and Zim was smiling when they got there.

Zim sat down on a park bench and let Gir play in the snow, usually opting to roll down the hill. Sighing, he inhaled the air deeply, and exhaled heavily,
getting the flow in his system.

Across the park, Zim spotted his ever-lasting rival, Dib. Strangely enough, he smiled.

Dib saw this and nearly fell over. Zim? Smiling at *him*? What was wrong with this picture?

Then something else happened. ZIm *waved* at Dib, and he said something. Dib squinted and tried to read his lips. "Hop... hap? Happy? What? What
is he trying to say... Happy... 'holl-eh-dayz'?"

(There,) Zim thought. He said it, and it strangely made him feel good inside. Happy Holidays. No matter what holaday was celebrated, he wanted the
world to be happy. That would make ruling the dirtball all the more sweeter!

Zim smirked at the thought. No, for now he would set the domination plan aside, and try to have the Happiest Holiday of all.

Happy Hanukkah, Everybody.