Half Alive

Summary: Naminé's the popular snob who's always had everything handed to her but when the new, Blind, boy Roxas transfers to her school can he show her to 'see' beyond the surface of life?

Chapter 1: Glamorous

"What do you girls think Tiffany or Juicy?" asked a girl with silky blonde hair as she held up two different sets of jewelry to her porcelain face.

The three girls sitting on her Queen sized canopy bed eyed the jewelry expertly—except for the girl sitting on the end of the mattress. She was far too shy to voice any opinion on fashion, especially since the result could mean her banishment from the blonde girl's group—otherwise known as social suicide.

The girl in the middle, however, was relatively knowledgeable when it came to fashion and though hesitant, still offered her suggestion with smile. "I think you should wear the Juicy ones. The blue really goes with your eyes."

Considering the thought, the blonde girl brought the large dangling blue earrings up to her face once more as she casually sauntered over to her large vanity mirror to appraise herself. She needed to make sure that her outfit for tomorrow was flawless because if she wasn't flawless…the girl's life would be completely and totally over.

'Hmm…The earrings really do like go with my eyes,' The blonde girl mused before flickering her sapphire eyes back to her three expectant friends with a satisfied smirk. "I'll go with Juicy," She concluded not bothering to thank her auburn haired friend for the idea at all as she carefully set the earrings onto the vanity. Though, the red head didn't mind that her friend hadn't given any sign of gratitude or acknowledgement. To be able to help the wonderful, glamorous and super popular Naminé Misaki was an honor.

"Good pick Nami! You're gonna look like super hot tomorrow!" beamed the girl sitting on the other end of the bed. She had large jade eyes and hair that was oddly styled so that both ends flipped out.

The only one of Naminé's entourage that didn't shower her with praise was the brunette sitting on the opposite end of the bed next to the auburn haired teen. Though in the girl's defense, she was just getting used to this whole popular thing and at least tried to show her own approval with a small nod.

"I know right? All of the other girls at school will be like beyond jealous," Naminé grinned, flashing her friends a bright commercial white smile. She loved being rich. It enabled Naminé to do whatever wanted when she wanted to. Nothing was off limits for the blonde. She had everything.

"As they like should!" The bubbly brunette, Selphie, agreed with an annoying giggle.

Kairi, the girl with auburn hair, also chimed in before taking a sip of the fresh strawberry smoothie in her hand. "And, it will certainly deter any wannabes from trying to steal your spotlight."

"True," Naminé said smirking wider as she took a long sip from her own mango smoothie—freshly made by her family's chef Arnold of course. The only girl who didn't make any effort to verbally agree with the popular blonde was the shy brunette who only managed to twist her messy braids nervously as she watched the exchange unfold.

A moment passed in silence as Naminé waited for the shy brunette to speak. She had been very generous by extending the girl an invitation into their exclusive group. Naminé had even invited her to their Friday night sleepover—something that usually required an obnoxious amount of begging and favors—but here the blonde was sitting. In silence. Naminé frowned. All of her friends were supposed to offer her verbal support. It was practically a law!

"What do you think Olette?" Naminé asked as she sweetly looked to her friend. Yet, in truth, it wasn't so much of a question as it was a demand.

Olette's head shot up and her emerald eyes grew large like a deer caught in headlights. "Uh…I-I l-love it!" She stammered.

Naminé beamed in satisfaction as a response and adjusted the silky strap of her Juicy pajama top before grabbing her remote off the nightstand next to her bed and turning on her large sleek flat screen TV. Almost immediately, the energetic voices of Entertainment Tonight filled the room and Naminé, seeing the visage of her current Hollywood crush fill the screen, turned to her friends with a melodramatic sigh.

"Gawd, why does Robert Pattinson have to be so hot?"

Kairi tucked a strand of auburn hair behind her ear and nodded her head in agreement. "I know. If only the guys at our school were half as hot as him." But…deep down, Kairi did have one guy that came to her mind. The one guy that she couldn't have.

"Except for Sora," Naminé reminded, holding out her hand as Selphie quickly handed her, her favorite lip gloss—Very Strawberry. Re-glossing her lips, Naminé couldn't help but let her thoughts stray to the porcupine headed brunette that was her crush and soon to be boyfriend. Sora may have been a goofball but he was an attractive goofball and he played on the school's blitzball team—A perfect combination in Naminé's eyes.

"Oh…Yeah," Kairi whispered with a weak smile, but Naminé paid the girl no attention of course as she continued to yammer on about her latest conversation with the brunette. Kairi didn't chime in with Selphie to encourage Naminé's newest ploy. She couldn't—So, instead, Kairi opted to bit her lower lip for what seemed like the millionth time as she mentally wished to be even half as beautiful as Naminé. Pretty enough so that Sora would notice her and not Naminé. But…Kairi knew that her wish would never happen. Naminé was Naminé and Kairi was just…Kairi.

"And his cousin," Selphie added with a smirk as all of her friends turned their attention on her. Something that the brunette enjoyed more than she probably should.

"Cousin?" Naminé repeated as one of her perfectly plucked eyebrows arched, her French tips clicking the off button on the remote, "What cousin?"

All of the sound that had once filled the spacious room evaporated, leaving the quartet in silence. Yet, even with this lack of sound, Naminé's thoughts were racing. Why hadn't she known about this? How had Selphie known before she had? I mean, seriously, she was Naminé Misaki! She knew everything that went on—especially anything that had to do with Sora.

"Oh, you know…His totally hot cousin that's transferring to our school tomorrow," Selphie continued nonchalantly as she popped a chocolate covered strawberry in her mouth.

"Tomorrow?" Naminé repeated with a growing smirk. The blonde girl couldn't help but be excited at Sora's 'hot' cousin's arrival. In fact, she would be the one to give him the grand tour.

"Uh-Huh," Selphie nodded with a big grin, "And his name is Roxas."

"Roxas, huh?" Naminé's strawberry glossed lips pulled into a coy smile. 'Even his name sounds hot.'

Kairi stopped biting her lip. 'She couldn't already be…?' A small twinge of hope began to build in the violet eyed girl's heart. "But Nami…I thought you liked Sora?"

"Well, like if this 'Roxas' is hot enough, then Sora is old news," Naminé said simply as she began to walk up to her monster sized closet. She needed to look absolutely perfect tomorrow—Not that Naminé didn't always look perfect, but this was an occasion where she really needed to step it up. Roxas' first impression of her could not be flawed in any way.

"Just like that?" Kairi asked with bewilderment as she approached her friend who, at the moment, was carelessly pulling and throwing articles of clothing out of her closet.

Naminé turned around only briefly to casually shrug her shoulders. "Why not?"

"Oh…um…I-I guess it's just that you've been c-crushing on him for a-awhile now," Kairi stuttered as she began to nervously tug the ends of her dark red hair.

"So?" Naminé asked, not bothering to look up from the mounds of designer clothing she was sorting through to properly address her friend, "Who like cares?"

Kairi didn't answer as she quickly shrunk back to the duvet with Olette. She would never be strong enough to speak her mind…Not when she was around Naminé.

After another minute of sifting through her various pieces of clothing, Naminé beamed victoriously as she assembled a jaw-dropping ensemble. "Selph, come here for a sec," Naminé ordered snapping her fingers. Almost instantly, Selphie sprung from her seat on the bed and bounded over to the blonde female.


"What do you like think of this outfit?" Naminé asked, twirling around as she held the chiffon blue tube top dress close to her petite body along with a pair of matching skinny jeans to match.

Selphie appraised the clothing choice with false scrutiny knowing full well that Naminé knew it was perfect. The blonde always knew and Selphie's opinion—no matter how many times Naminé said otherwise—didn't matter. All the brunette was there to do was reassure and compliment. Yet, Selphie would never give up her position as one of Naminé's best friends. The role was far too important, the key to popularity success and plus, who needed real friends when you had popularity?

"Perfect!" Selphie squealed, clapping her hands excitedly as she jumped in her new yellow silk pajamas.

"I'm glad you think so," Naminé breathed a sigh of relief—Not that it was necessary, but why not make her friend feel good about herself? After all, alongside being incredibly beautiful, Naminé was also super generous. 'I've got it all, don't I?" She haughtily mused before carefully placing her outfit on the personalized mannequin sitting in the corner of the room. Now that her fashion dilemma had been taken care of, Naminé smiled contently before plopping down on the fluffy blue sheets of her bed.

"H-Hey Naminé?" Olette's soft voice abruptly called, breaking the momentary silence in the room. Lazily, Naminé lifted her head until her head until her cerulean eyes landed on the shy brunette that had just spoken.

"What is it Lett?"

"Oh, um…," Olette paused hesitantly, not having anticipated on being heard, "I-I was just w-wondering what we were gonna do now…that's all." By the time the last word fell from her lips, Olette's emerald eyes had averted to the carpeted floor as she still anxiously twisted her messy braids.

Naminé blinked once before thinking a moment. What should they do? 'We've already like talked about boys, watched TV…' Naminé smiled abruptly as she was struck with an idea. "How about a movie?" Naminé suggested—though she was aware that no one would dare decline her idea. That was just how things worked. If Naminé suggested something, it was done. If Naminé said something was cool, it was cool. They were simply the facts of life.

"Sounds good to me," Kairi agreed with a smile before finally tucking the strand of hair she had been fidgeting with behind her ear.

Selphie also nodded her head and beamed. "I'm in!" Olette, of course, remained silent but she still offered an affirmative nod of her own to the popular girl.

"Hmm…" Naminé pressed a button on her universal remote, causing a small dent in one of her walls to expand and reveal a large rack of nearly every romance, drama and romantic comedy movie to have ever come into existence. Each DVD was neatly organized according to its name, genre and year. Naminé wasn't much of a neat freak, but even she had to admit it was pretty convenient.

Walking up to the shelf of movies, Naminé raced her fingertips across each of the DVD's spines until she came upon a particular title—Twilight. She really did have a thing for Robert Pattinson right now…Then again, he was Edward Cullen.

"How about we watch Twilight?" Naminé proposed holding the movie up.

All three girls—including Olette—squealed excitedly. 'I'll take that as a yes.' Naminé smirked with satisfaction as she popped the DVD in and turned down the lights until there was only the faint glow of the TV illuminating the room. Before the movie began, all four girls huddled onto Naminé's enormous bed eagerly and grabbed their various beverages and snacks for easy access.

Once the movie started, however, no one in the room seemed to even touch said goodies as they all found themselves dazzled by the sight of their favorite fictional character Edward Cullen to notice the treats going to waste.


It had been hours since the movie had finished and all four girls were now lying peacefully on the sparkle coated floor. How they all ended up on the floor was a mystery, but nonetheless each girl had eventually been ensnared in sleep's gentle lullaby until dawn arose and roused them from whatever world their imagination had painted for their slumbering minds—including a certain blonde whose dreams couldn't help but stray to the new student…Roxas.


A/N: 7/11/12 I decided to edit this chapter a little bit because when I first started this story in 2009, I was pretty young and still very inexperienced with my writing. It's not perfect now either, but I feel that since the first chapter is so important in either attracting or detracting readers I should revamp it a little so it matches the quality and style of the later chapters. I don't plan on making major changes to the storyline. I just plan on re-wording things, changing a little bit of the dialogue or adding certain details. I'm also planning on doing the same for other chapters as well until I feel that the writing is adequate.

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Story Fact # 1: Chapter One's title was inspired by the song 'Glamorous' by Fergie.