I'm having a poll on my account on which anime to write about, and, so far, Vampire knight is
wining. I got board with my other stories, so I'm writing this one. I recently finished watching
it all, so this will contain spoilers. This is set just before Yuki becomes a vampire, like, right when
she sees all the blood in the room.

Random person's POV

Yuki stood, in her room, frozen in fear. She looked around, trying to find a spot that was not covered in blood. All she could find was the rose that Kaname had given her. She ran over to it and yanked it off the night stand. She did nothing but stare at it, until it started to freeze over.

She couldn't stand to see the beautiful rose freeze. It stood for her love for Kaname! She was about to break the ice, when it became frozen blood instead of frozen water. Yuki dropped it instantly, forgetting everything about it being a symbol of love. Then it cracked.

Realizing what she had done, she grabbed the rose, then rubbed it, only to realize that it was too late, the rose was dead, and the glass had been shattered. Tear swelled up in her eyes as she looked to the dying plant. Within two minutes it was dead.

Yuki dropped to her knees, and then cried. She stayed that way, curled into a ball, until she felt the faint felling of snow on her face, and herd the soft footsteps of the one she loved the most. She looked up to see the face of Kaname. She looked at the broken glass, then the rose, and then back to him. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to . . . I mean . . . I'm sorr-"

She was cut off when he took her into his arms and said, "It's all right Yuki, I know, I know."He slowly stroked her hair as she sobbed into his chest murmuring about the blood. And, as he listened, he realized that she could be human no longer. So he took hold of her shoulders, and said, "Yuki, I have not been fair to you, I have kept a great secret from you, and that secret is hurting you. So, now I'm going to make the pain and the visions go away." Then, before she could speak to or stop him, he put his lips to her throat, liked it, and then bit her.

She held his head to her throat, and gasped. The sound of someone shouting from the other side of the door could be herd, but it was impossible too make out any words other than, vampire, basterd, promise, stop, and, Yuki.

Shut up, she wanted to say, I'm happy you moron, but suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her heart.

The two people stopped yelling at each other when she screamed out in pain. She was felling so pained. Her heart had spend up to the speed of a dead man, and she couldn't take it. Kill me, she thought, just kill me now and put me out of this misery. But she couldn't. "You're fine," she herd Kaname say, "You're perfectly fine. You are reverting back to the way you were when Mother died, and I love you. Do you understand me? I. Love. You." Then she couldn't think of the pain, or the other person in the room, or even the fact that he MUST have known her before she lost her memories . . . because at that very moment, Kaname put his lips to hers. And at that moment, she knew it was true, he loved her.

Okay, this took me a REALLY long time, and I kind of ignored my other stories, but the reson it took so long is because there is this sickness going around at my school, and I totally screwed it up while I was sick Gomedasi! Next up I'll update my WANTED story! For those of you who haven't read my stuff, Thank-you for putting up with me.