Note: Aizen has taken the Hogyoku without killing Rukia. She will be the main protagonist and Ichigo will be the antagonist.

(My Ichigo. And this.... is my story)

I went to the human world once...


Why can't I remember it?


He spat out growl, as he stood over the vasto lorde.

The hollow was in the shape of a humanoid lizard, white with red markings along it. A tail tipped in red thrashed about behind it. The hollows feet were birdlike, the arms and chest powerfully muscled. Spikes protruded from the shoulders, and a mane of spiky orange hair went down the back. The mask was surprisingly simple, just big enough to cover the face, with nine red lines on the left side.

He opened his maw wide.


With a scream, he struck.

Brownish yellow eyes widened, as he swallowed the mound of flesh.

It was happening!

A wild laugh pierced the night.

His new Vasto Lorde form became visible through all of the sand he had kicked up. He was slimmer than he had been before. He had gained more red markings, and his feet had lost the birdlike look they had once had. Three tails, far slimmer than the original one, swayed behind him like snakes. Each one was tipped with a spike, and he demonstrated that he could extend them all of could extend with a judicious application of reaistu

His abdomen was white, while red, bony armor covered his chest. The same bony substance covered his thighs, calves, the outside of his arms, basically anywhere there wasn't a joint was covered, and even then, the outside was protected. There was even the armor on the back of his hands. There were still spines on his shoulders.

He looked down at his hands, and then began to chuckle, which soon morphed into full-blown laughter. "VASTO LORDE!!!!" He shrieked to the heavens as his power exploded out of him in a red-tinged white aura...


(Months later)

It was boring here.

He had brought peace, or what peace could be expected from his kind, to this arid place. He had struck down all who opposed him, whom, much to his mild annoyance, were rather small in number.

Once he had killed the vasto lorde Barragan, everyone had suddenly left him be.

He was king.

But what point was there in being king...

If you didn't have a queen?

He mused about this. How very...odd it was. His personality was mostly composed of soul reapers and hollows. He had never once devoured a human being. No, there was no trace of mortal fraility under his reaitsu hardened skin.


Why did he cringe at the thought of spending his time here alone? Why did the thought of companionship make his heart race? He could not even begin to understand it himself.

A bitter chuckle.

"Stupid humans. They have it so easy...

Ah yes, the mortals. They had a finite, short life span. An expiration date. While he was not neccesarily immortal per se, neither did he have a definition of life, or how long he would live. Oh yes, humans had it easy.

He looked up from his perch on the pillar as he heard footsteps. The sound had interrupted his musings, and such a thing was nigh unforgiveable. It was also the main reason many of his own kind had let him alone.

Content to kill the would be intruder/assailaint, he looked up.

Three adjuchas.

Child's play.

He suddenly appeared before them, his cloak swaying in the wind, moonlight casting his shadow over them. His voice crashed through the sky, reflecting off his claws, and adding gravity to his words, spoke solemnly.

"You shall not pass."

"Outta our way!" Shouted the largest, as the three upped their reiatsu, in an attempt at intimidation. "We want to see the shinigami! We want to see Aizen-sama."

"He is not here." Drawled the vasto lorde.

If that was all, he would have let them live. Then they made the mistake of stepping forward. Ichigo planted his feet firmly into the ground, and spoke but one word, as he left them embedded there, clawed feet digging into the sands.


When they didn't leave-

He pounced!

Stepping forward, in a lightning fast sonido unpo, his fist easily burst through the first's mask to drive through, and smite the beast a mighty blow in the gut, that knocked the air, and him, out cold, as he flew backwards.

The thinner of the trio was next to strike, and lunged forward, thrusting out with his rapier like pincers-

Only for Ichigo to smoothly spin on one heel, nudge aside the red eyes eyes roll back in his head. His entire body went boneless, and he wasdown for the count, joining the first in his slowed fall to the unforgiving ground beneath them.

The third watched this all in mute horror, as it had all taken place in less than three seconds.

"What speed...

'Is this the power of a vasto lorde?'

As if just now noticing the last, he suddenly whirled about, and lunged forwards. In an instant he struck, thrusting out his elbow right into its gut, yet just before impact, he uttered one word.


And then he devoured them.

The sound of clapping.


Cold eyes reflected annoyance.

It was that shinigami again.

He had brought company this time.

Sighing, he dropped from his handold, and landed in a crouch upon the sands. He rose, and displeasure was seen in his eyes. "Hmph. What do you want, shinigami?"

He flexed one hand, showing his claws.

"I told you to stay away from this place."

The man with glasses smiled lightly.

"I have come to offer something this time, Kurosaki."

The vasto lorde waved a hand dismissively.

"I have heard of your plans for Soul Society, and am not interested."

The fifth squad captain shook his head. "I have not come here to talk about that."

"I have also heard that you have strange plans for my bretheren." He went on, grinding it out as a deadly hiss. "If you intend to subject me and my subjects to servitude-

Ichigo was suddenly across the sands. His fingers formed a tri-point, from which black light began to gleam. Over the dull pounding that was the cero oscuras, his voice rumbled: "-Then I shall kill you here and now."

Aizen did not seem worried at all.

"Servitude? I merely ask for your assistance." The blast was beginning to swell now, and was mere inches from his nose. His eyes seemed to spark now, but not a hint of fear was to be seen. "You are free to come and go as you please."

The hand was lowered.

"And what is in it for me?"

Aizen smiled that deceptive smile of his, the one that had fooled so many, and would continue to do so.

"Whatever your heart desires."

Ichigo frowned.

"And I can leave at anytime?"

"Any time at all, Kurosaki-san."


His howl of raw agony sounded like nails grating down on a chalkboard.

It was agonizing.

He screamed for what felt like a hellish eternity.

After the pain, he forced his eyes open, and blinked at the ceiling. The ceiling was completely unamazing, smooth, and stark white. He knew this ceiling, had woken up to see it many times before. But he couldn't figure out why he was looking at it.

Wasn't he dead?

"You're awake." a soft kind voice said, and he bolted upright, turned his head to see a...

Woman smiling at him.

"I'm alive?" He murmurred, one hand touching his face, where his mask should be.

It was there, or rather, part of it was. It was still there, but now only part of it covered his upper left face. On his right ear, at the area where you would get your ear pierced, the whole edge was covered in the remains of his mask, from the top to the bottom. The top then curved up and attached itself to his face, running down his cheek a bit. But not far enough to be very noticeable. He brought his hand up and touched it with his fingers. Most of the time he forgot it was even there.

But when he did it still seemed so foreign to him.

"Yes you are." She murmured, and placed a cool hand on his forehead.

She had flowing teal hair with bangs that fell into her eyes, and a skull mask with curved horns was intact on top of her head. Her face was even more beautiful up close, large viridian eyes looking over his bloody, scarred body with the utmost concern the spots of blush under her eyes adding a bit of innocence to her persona.

He could not help but notice that she was impressively well endowed.

She extended her other hand to him.

"My name is Neliel. Tercera espada."

Ichigo blinked, then noticed the number tattooed on his hand, when he went to shake with her.

It was a large black two, in a gothic style.

"Kurosaki Ichigo."

Only then did he realize he was naked, with only a sheet draped across his lower groin region.

He turned a deep red.


Neliel tossed him an was a white jacket, black sash, and a white hakama which he hastily donned. Suddenly, he felt the strong desire NOT to expose himself like that ever again.

"'Kay then Ichigo, do you think you are up to visitors?" She asked, leaning back, having watched the entire time as he dressed himself.


"Hai. Aizen-sama wants you to pick out a fraccion."

Ichigo did not seemed to pleased about this.

"What in kami's name is a fraccion?"

Neliel giggled.

"You'll find out soon enough, Ichigo-kun."

She then turned to the door, as someone had knocked.

"Tell the new guy that we're having a meeting!" Came a harsh voice.

Ichigo found his hand straying the massive blade on his back-

Hold it, when the hell did that get there?

"Shut up." She replied brightly, taking Ichigo's wrist and pulling him off the table upon which he had sat. "We're coming!"

Ichigo had no choice but to follow Neliel.

This was a very strange day.

And so it begins! I forgot to mention i was gonna post this back in december, but i completely forgot about it. hehe. hope u like!