Shugo Chara

Angel of Darkness

Summary: The two worlds were at war. He just wanted to possess her and the Earth. She wanted to fight to save everyone she cared for. Does love really know no boundaries? Amuto.

ShellyCullen: Based off the song Angel of Darkness. Listen to it please! :)

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Angel of darkness
Angel of darkness
The world is in your hand
But I will fight until the end

Chapter One:

The War

The year is two thousand and twelve. The year everyone said the world would end, just as the Mayans had predicted such a fate, and in a way, the world as we knew it did come to a screeching halt. But it wasn't due to a failing economy or the combustion of the world, or any of the other issues everyone assumed would destroy our lives. It began with something more horrid; a war.

Okay, so maybe it did end in a fairly relative way, but no one could have really known what we were to be up against.

Our two worlds were in battle. The "Angels of Darkness" they called themselves, were discovered in the early two thousands. Everyone was fascinated by the new species, for they were not human.

They resembled us greatly, with all the characteristic properties obtained by a human; however, these many similarities we shared did not bring us together.

As years dragged on, the king of their planet, Johnson Dark, declared war on humans and demanded for us to give up and make him our king. We, as the humans who knew of great power, refused. "We will not bow down to one ruler," we told them. This outraged the king. He sent his men and women to go down to earth and fight until every one of us was dead. "Kill them all," he stated. "But save the last for me."

The war started on December twenty first, two thousand and eleven. We fought back to keep our independence, and we believed that the human race against one other planet could defeat such enemies; though, we were no match to these creatures, for the Angels of Darkness kept a secret. During our battle, as the sun disappeared behind the horizon, black angel wings appeared from their backs. This amazed us, and in our shock, they were able to summon such strength and finish the fight. That's when the world started to panic.

"Hide while you can. Escape! Survive!" The mayor said his last words as if pleading. Many people tried to escape, to live, but many were confused during the day for the Angels of Darkness were so similar, we could not tell them apart from normal humans. Only in the darkness, when their wings appeared along their backs, was the true identities revealed. That's when the world got tenser. We started killing anyone we saw. Neighbors, friends, unsure who was human anymore; wondering if perhaps the Angels of Darkness were also in control of shape shifting. Humanity was disappearing quickly and the end was coming.

Now, only a few humans survive, who walk through the day unseen; for the Angels of Darkness have won, and the world is doomed.

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