Can Never Have Yesterday.

Theme: Romance/Angst

Rated M for potty mouths, dark-ish themes, and lime/lemon (?)

Summary: Bella Swan, dubbed the quiet girl in school, was asked by Edward Cullen, one of the populars, to help him with Anatomy and Physiology. Bella agrees with the condition that no one is to know about it. Edward agrees. But things take a strange turn along the way…


AH (But they're still pale, like in the book. Sorry guys, I just can't picture Edward with tan skin LOL).

Chapter One: A Favor.

Edward Cullen. The Edward Cullen who I've despised since elementary school was standing in front of me, asking me for help? This had to be a dream, someone pinch me.

He stood stiff straight like he was uncomfortable with his left hand behind his head, and the other inside the pocket of his designer jeans. His eyes didn't meet mine. They were facing the ground. Strange. Cullen never acted like this before. He must be on something.

I gripped the strap of my overly large tote and began to walk pass him. School was over, which explained why he actually wanted to talk to me. I was, in the high school hierarchy, the quiet freak. Whatever. I tend not care about people's opinions. Hell, if I did then I would have just been like the rest of them. Plastic pricks.

Edward held my wrist as soon as I made it close enough to where he stood. It wasn't a hard grip that I couldn't shake away but firm enough that it made me stay still.

"Cullen what the hell?"

His eyes finally looked up against mine, "What do you say?"

"You've got to be kidding me right? Come on, aren't you supposed to be smart at this?" I asked sarcastically hoping he would let go already.

"If I was kidding then do you think that I would be talking to you right now Swan?" He said irritatingly. His eyebrows creasing above his green eyes, as he took a deep breath.

"Why me though?" I had to wonder, "Can't you pay a professional or better yet ask someone in your social group?"

"You think my friends know jack shit about A and P? Even if I do get another person, do you know how annoying it'd be for me? They never take things seriously around me." His eyes stared elsewhere again, "And as for paying someone. It's complicated. Let's just say Carlisle knows everything I spend my money on."

Ah, I get it. His Father, head doctor of Fork's Hospital and one of most renowned physician in the U.S, would be so disappointed if he found out Edward was failing a subject that would greatly impact his future profession. This wasn't at all about annoying me, was it? Ha! Cullen actually needed my help for once. It would be so awesome to just see him beg and by the misery scribbled all over in his face, I was almost positive he'd do it.

Still it would be rude to just ignore his request because I hated him inside school grounds. That's just the same logic others would've used on him and that certainly wasn't the type of person that I was. I relaxed for a minute while thinking over this and at the same time Edward released my wrist.


I can't believe I was agreeing with this and neither did Edward because his eyes were wide with shock.


"Yes, but with one condition—well actually two."

"What?" He questioned hiding the giddiness from his light expression.

"First, no one's going to know about this. Second, once you get an A average in the class then my job's done. Alright?" I emphasized condition number two.

"What. That's it?"

"Yeah." I answered still not acknowledging what I'd just gotten myself into.

"Wow I would've thought you wanted money out of this, or at least something material." He said comfortably with his lips curved into a smile.

"I'm not shallow or greedy Cullen, get that straight." I explained my tone cool and clipped, "I'm doing this because you need my help, not anything else."


There was an awkward silence for a moment until his cell phone rang. A soft melody trickled between us, a calm piano music. That was a surprise. Hmm, why did I think all he listened to were cheesy album covers that played inside Abercrombie and Fitch stores?


He wasn't paying attention to me anymore. Just to the person he was talking to and by the loud voice I had a good hunch it was Emmett Cullen. Of course popularity ran in the family. Big—emphasizing on the 'big'—brother Emmett was the school's quarterback and ever since Fork High has been regional champions year after year. Go figure, right?

"The field? At a day like this?"

Geez, what was I still doing here? I blew an annoying strand of hair out of the middle of my face and crossed my arms against my chest. I wanted to tap my feet as well but that would've just been melodramatic. I sighed waiting for their conversation to be over.

Edward looked at me. His eyes focusing on something I couldn't figure out. Then he murmured a goodbye and slipped the thin metal inside its leather case.

A few words, "My bad." He said, almost sounded apologetic.

I didn't answer. I only responded with my own question, "When are we meeting?"

It would've be too uncomfortable if he started acting nice now just because of this. I think he knew that as well because the uneasy emotion slowly faded into impassive. But his vivid green eyes didn't change. Still a light fire swayed from beneath his depths. It almost looked, beautiful.

Ugh. I shook off the thought in my mind.

"After school, your house?"

"Nah if Charlie catches us alone he'll have a fit."

Ah, yes. Charlie's face as red as a tomato. But I guess that wouldn't be the case with the Cullens. In fact, he'd probably praise me to befriend someone like Edward. My father adores Carlisle. God knows why. I don't see anything special about him or his family.

I wasn't about to let Edward know that little fact though. I can't take Charlie's nagging because it's much, much worse than Renee's. Nope definitely not my house. I can barely take Edward's condescending attitude in school. I'm certainly not having it in the only place I can feel comfortable at.

"Well your conditions exclude my house."

I thought for a minute and so did Edward. There had to be a place where no one would spot us…

Somewhere, but where?

"I got it. How about right here?"

"Here? You mean in school?"

"Yeah. Hear me out, you know how the Bio Lab is always empty after school? Well, I can ask the janitor to let us hang there for a couple of hours. No one finds out. Everyone's happy."

That wasn't such a bad idea. I mean the last place people would be after school was the actual school itself. I nodded giving him the satisfaction that he was right and then a small smirk appeared from his face.

"Alright Cullen. Tomorrow after school?"

I swear that smirk of his was getting wider and wider by the second. I ignored it as I walked pass him not even saying goodbye. I only waved my hand but I wasn't sure if Edward returned the favor because I didn't turn around to see his reaction. Rude, I know, but this was our relationship. If you even want to call it a 'relationship'.

It must be our culture, our society that makes Edward and I act in such way. I really believe that if we started acting nice to each other, genuinely mind you—not this crappy lending a helping hand kind of situation—then the world might actually explode.


Okay, maybe not as dramatic as that but somewhere along those lines.


I heard Edward's cell phone ring and again I heard that soft piano melody. I feel as though I've heard it before. When I was younger maybe?

Hmm. Yeah, it sounds almost like a lullaby. The type only a toddler could appreciate because their minds are so pure and innocent. But me? I couldn't relate to such a sound. I can only listen and think about the childhood days that moved way too fast for me to forget.

The melody grew fainter and fainter and as it did something in the back of mind wondered if I'd been wrong about Edward. Like I'd been wrong about what type of music he liked and that he was actually capable of smiling like that. Especially in front of me.

I'd been thinking so deeply about this that I didn't even realize that I'd made it outside.

It was raining. The clouds overhead were dark. A thick sheet that covered the sun at almost every waking moment. The cold droplets felt nice against my skin. Why hadn't I notice how hot it was inside that building until now?

I stood there for a moment until I couldn't hear the music inside my head anymore. The thunderclap, the strong gusty winds, and wet against my face took its place.

Then I began to walk. On the other side of the building was a sliver Volvo. It rushed pass me with incredible speed. Straight into the horizon of emerald trees that were darker than the sky above.

I walked slower after that because I was finally alone beside the muddy road.

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