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Chapter 8: From a Distance.


I leaned back against the chair as I watched the teacher pace back and forth, eyeing the classroom like a hawk while everybody took their test. It was eleven in the morning, precisely four periods had already passed since the incident with Mike and I still couldn't forget about it.

Usually events like that didn't bother me, but since Edward's reaction was far from what I had expected it to be—then I just feel like…

Like what Bella?

Telling him thanks? Oh and by the way here's the real kicker, Edward might just accept it and we'll become buddies.


I grabbed my test tightly in between my palm, placed it in the basket, and walked out in a faster pace than normal. Lunch is next period so that allowed me some leeway to clear my head. Besides it wasn't as if my presence was commonly found in the cafeteria.

There was a faint lighting that came from the windows. It had been raining for so long that the sound of it absent seemed surreal. I could almost trace the sun's outline behind the purple gray clouds. Maybe today might be a good day to lounge up on the school's roof.


But something in my peripheral stopped me in my tracks. Something that looked like a note poorly propped against the slit of my locker. My heartbeat quickened as I read the note inscribed 'From: Edward'.

Written there were seven digits and a simple phrase saying 'I need to talk to you.'

And wouldn't you know it that there was a trashcan right beside my locker. So then why couldn't I just chuck it? Chuck it with carelessness because obviously this is just one of Edward's petty games?

Do it Bella, or if not then pawn it to some other hopeless sap.

Anything—just get it away!

But I couldn't and even more stupidly I just felt content to place it my pocket, kind of hoping that with each step I took towards the rooftop would make me forget.

Once I opened the door, there was a lone shadowed figure leaning against the railing which prevented him from falling through.

"I would have called—you do know that right?" Okay, so that was a lie. Maybe he won't be able to tell.


"Yeah right."

Edward didn't look in my direction. In fact, he had that same lonely expression I remembered when he gazed through the window. The only difference now is he wasn't really focusing on anything…just the ground.

"Well you can't say that it didn't throw me off guard." I explained truthfully, "What the hell was I suppose to do?"

"I don't know." This time he stared in my direction as I walked closer to where he sat. "Flatter me, I guess."

"That's not something I do."

"That's not something I'd expect for Bella Swan to do either." Edward joked.

There was a faint smile now.

His trademark crooked smile. He looked better with it on anyways.

"So here." I reached out, handing a piece of torn paper. "I don't want people getting the wrong idea."

He smirked and at the same time the light beneath his earthly green eyes grew brighter. "Keep it, you are my tutor after all."

But I couldn't retract my hand.

"Grow up Bella, just because I'm giving you my number doesn't mean there's anything between us." Edward stood up and walked closer towards me, "We aren't in middle school anymore."

Suddenly being this close to Edward made me speechless, and I'll admit for second my thoughts flew from one ear and right out the other. It wasn't his tone of voice as much as it was his damn attitude paired with that mischievous grin which made it harder for me to concentrate.


"That's not what I was implying."

Edward took one step forward, "Then what is it exactly?"

"I'm just not comfortable, is all."

I could feel my cheeks burning and can only imagine the intense pink against my pale complexion. It was hard enough not to avert my gaze from his stare. Damn it, when the heck did I start feeling this self-conscious?!

"Again..." Edward's hands encircled my own, forcing the paper to withdraw against my palm. "…we aren't in middle school Bella."

"Then stop acting like we are." I pushed Edward away—and not with that sissy, girly push either.

"Like what?"

"Like we are in middle school moron! Like you're this fucking popular kid giving me your number out of the kindness of your damn heart." His expression flattened as he took another step forward, while I stepped back. "Because the reality of it is—I could care less."

You're scared aren't you? That someone might actually notice…

Shut up.

Green eyes sparkled against the dim atmosphere as a soft hearted laughter filled the room.

It's alright I don't bite.

"Bella it's not even like that." Edward reached for my hand again but I held it back before he could even get close, "I just wanted…well I don't know exactly. I just didn't think you'd react this way."

"Sorry to break it to you buddy but I'm not the type of girl to fall for your good looks and boyish charm." I replied angrily as I threw the piece of paper over the balcony.

His smirk reappeared. "Alright then."

For a moment I didn't know if he was going to try something funny. So I made an attempt to walk towards the ledge, where Edward was just sitting a few minutes ago, at the same time watching him from the corner of my eye.

Edward sat down as well but kept his distance of about two arms length away. His gaze diverted towards the school ground where everyone seemed to be spending their lunch period.

Had the lunch bell already rang?

"I didn't notice…"

"What did you say?"

"That everyone's already outside." Then another thought hit me, something that I should've asked when I first saw Edward. "Hold on, what were you doing up here already?"

"Playing hooky." He said with a half smile.


"I guess. Tanya's voice can drive a man insane." Edward leaned against the railing as he said this while closing his eyes.

A wisp of cool air brushed pass us allowing me notice the way his bronze hair dance alongside it. He looked so at ease and almost innocent as I stared at him from a distance.

It made it kind of impossible to believe that this person across from me could cause so much stress and frustration in such a little amount of time we've spent.

Damn it!

I shook the thought out of my head.

What the hell am I thinking?—Shake it off Bella!


"Are you scared of heights?" Edward questioned, his position still unwavering.


"I hear you fidgeting. It's kind of annoying."

I crossed my arms against my chest ignoring the comment. Edward didn't say anything else after that and to me the silence felt inviting. So I followed suit, copying his actions, I closed my eyes letting the background noises murmur into the distance.

It felt calming—even with Edward there.

- - -


Unfortunately I couldn't miss my next class. It was Trig, the only reason being is because I have a test.


"Where'd you run off to, Eddy?" Tanya asked with a tone of voice that sounded way too fake, "I didn't see you at all during lunch."

Away from you, isn't it fucking obvious?

"Nurse's office." I looked at her only from the corner of my eye. Hopefully that would've been enough of an incentive for her to stop talking to me.

Tanya's overly excited voice turned into a worried tone almost simultaneously, "Aw are you catching a bug?"

"It's brewing." I stated with a cough.

From the corner of the room I could see Alice giggling, well I guess not see, but her shoulders were shrugging so that was enough of a hint. She probably heard the entire conversation but unlike Tanya at least Alice could catch the humor in all of this.

"Oh boo! Please tell me you're still coming tonight?"

"We'll see."

Tanya made a motion to reach for me, the palm of her hand only a couple of inches away from my shoulder, until the teacher made his way in between us. His eyes sharp, dictating annoyance, as he handed each of us our test.

After that my nerves finally calmed and I was able to focus my attention towards the piece of paper in front of me. But realistically I could care less. This class, as well as my other classes, was just something to divert my boredom from making me do even stupider things—like, well, getting 'with the wrong crowd!' as my parents should say.

Oh yeah, that was another reason to it; living up to my father's expectations.

My father, Carlisle, that damn prestigious doctor. The man might as well be voted as the most liked citizen in Forks, Washington.

I pushed the thought aside while finishing up the remainder of the problems. The exam was easy don't get me wrong but things—material items, conversations, or people in general—tend to lose my attention fairly quick so it's hard to actually appear as if I'm focused. Which, I presume, is one of the reason Carlisle has it out for me.

He never pushes Alice or Emmett as much as he does myself, and towards the medical field to boot. I mean, how did he ever find the notion that I wanted to follow in his footsteps?

Esme agreed as well.

I sighed after turning my paper over and placing my pencil of the side. The teacher gave me an awry look, then his wristwatch, and then back towards me. I smirked knowing all too well what he was thinking.

Heh, I'd finish the test in ten minutes and he couldn't believe it.

Sometimes I couldn't fathom it either—the way I could comprehend things so easily, I mean. What made it even worse, as Carlisle would say, was my unconcerned attitude about the whole situation. But I just couldn't see the point in using my whole potential to do greater accomplishments.

Like…skipping menial high school years in exchange for Ivy League colleges or studying abroad.

I'd rather be bored with life in general than to pursue a something that doesn't appeal to me. And yeah, I can agree that having a mental state like this is selfish but…

Heh, I guess the simple fact of it is: I like to piss Carlisle off.

I smirked at the thought.

Afterwards, I could feel my attention slipping off again towards the window pane. Outside the sun continued to blur the dark clouds turning the colors into a light lilac shade. But the streets remained damp and the familiar scent of rain lingered.

What I wouldn't give to stay at the rooftop and away from this classroom filled with too many bodies. To be next to Bella, conversing with her about random things. After she cooled down on my suggestion of her keeping my cell number—we were actually able to talk.

Just talk.

And that felt like an accomplishment all on its own.

After class Alice waited for me outside the hall, playing as my little decoy to prevent Tanya from getting too close. It works, to my surprise. Alice may be little but she can put up quite a fight. She's the type to be accurate when it came to arguments and indifferent when she just didn't give a fuck.

She's no pushover.

Which makes me wonder how she and Jasper ever got along…

"What's up with you always looking so—"


"No." Alice stated, her tone clipped. "Stop interrupting! I mean, you look lovesick." She finished with a giggle.

If I was drinking something I'm pretty sure I would've choked. I tried to keep my composure because knowing Alice, she always had a knack for reading people by their facial expression.

"That's out of nowhere." The hands inside my jeans tightened into fists, "What makes you say that?"

"Just a hunch!"

"What's just a hunch?" Jasper questioned from behind. I didn't even notice him there until he'd said something.

"Eddy's crushing!"

"Oh really? That doesn't sound like the kind of thing he feels comfortable admitting." Jasper explained, his voice as calm as always. "Don't go jumping into conclusions. Am I right?" He nodded in my direction.

Alice's grin fell into a pout and she crossed her arms against her chest. Jasper consoled her by wrapping one arm against her shoulders and giving a kiss on the cheek—which standing this close, made me almost want to gag. But I chose to instead give an uninterested look.

From the corner of my eye I spotted Bella. Her small figure leaning beside the locker, carrying a bag that looked way too heavy for her to be holding. My hand ached to reach forward and my lips strained to ask if she needed any help.

I would've, I guess, at least offered if we were alone but not in front of an audience. Especially with Alice standing right beside me, that damn chatterbox.

Our eyes met for a second, so I turned to face Jasper and Alice and tried to make it seem that I'd been paying attention to the conversation. I nodded my head from time to time, which I presume worked because the discussion continued.

Why do you always want to be alone?

Whoa buddy, aren't you supposed to ask me about the weather first?

I grinned while shaking my head.

It's pretty cloudy isn't it?

- - -


Jessica stood in front of me with an expression that I couldn't quite understand. It was a mix of anger and something else…what is it?

Anxiety, I suppose.

"What the fuck is so damn special about you?!" Jessica bellowed.

Lauren, who was right beside her, continued to fiddle with her phone while catching my glance from time to time. She leaned against the bathroom walls as if pretending that nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

They were best friends after all, so it wasn't as if she was going to calm Jessica anytime soon. In fact, this was probably more entertaining for Lauren if anything. I ignored the thought and instead focused on the heated brunette.


Jessica took a step closer, "Mike's what you idiot!"

I didn't like it when people got too close to my personal space, particularly when they tend argue about a pointless concept. This was one of those moments and usually I wouldn't hesitate to shove whoever it was without remorse and fight back.

But with Lauren in the background—I just couldn't chance it. Her parents have too much power over this damn town and if she had it her way, I would get expelled from something foolish in a heartbeat. So I bit my tongue, uncurled my hands stiff, and tried to breathe—oh and think rationally.

That last one was a hard.

Okay, Bella just keep your hands to yourself and you'll be fine.

The last thing you need is another bad note to send Charlie off his damn rocker.


Jessica only seemed to get angrier from my lack of response. The next thing I knew her hand was raised in the air and in a matter of seconds colliding against my face. I manage to dodge her palm, thank goodness I was blessed with good reflexes, but her nails still dug against my skin.

On impulse I pushed back strong enough that she'd stumbled back to where Lauren was standing. I could feel the rush burning in my veins while my shaking hand rubbed the cuts on my cheek.

My vision started to get hazy.

The last thing I remembered was Jessica's figure charging towards me, and my body tense to brace her attack.


- - -

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