Hey there Zanessa - A Hey There Delilah Parody

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this song, especially Plain White T's just the idea.

I wrote this just for a bit of fun, not trying to offend anyone! Yes when i'm bored, my mind spazzes. It's all pretty normal if you ask me :)

I am infact a devoted ZV shipper! So me saying shiizz about them is not the case at all. K? :D

Soo peeps enjoy, again, this is all for a bit of fun!

Hey there Zanessa!

By Lkatt

Hey there Vanessa why don't you go call Zaccy
It's been a while since he's been with you and we think that's really slacky
Yes we do
The sun shines just as bright as both of you
I swear its true

Hey there Zaccy why don't you pick up your phone
I bet your girl is dying to see you and plus you are home alone
What's the wait? You don't have to picture her while you masterbate
Go and call her for a date

Ooooooooooh call her and wait and see
Ohh hes dying to plant his seeeeed.
Ooooooooooooh shes getting pretty hornyyyy
Ohh call her and wait and see. Call her and wait and see.

Hey there Vanessa, did you end up going with Zac?
I swear I saw some photos of Zachary feeling, up, your rack!
Way to go! You're a lucky bitch and that's fo' sho, and that's fo sho!

Hey there Zachary, did you wanna feel up her butt
On the red carpet of the oscars, you made a million guys feel cut
You both looked fine. Though as for the hand on butt that was not the time.
Not the time.

Ooohh we love seeing you together
Ooooh especially in sunny weather
Ooooh preferably in bathing suits
Oh t&c was so cute!

A thousand miles we've been apart
But that never broke- our- heart
And I love you still to-oo th-is day.
The media will make rumours of us
We just laugh along because
We know that we really are engaged.
Vanessa I can promise you
That by the time this text message is through
I'll see you in that Victoria Secrets lingerie
Love from Zacharayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

-fade out-