There was butterbeer all around courtesy of the Puddlemere team. They were celebrating three things tonight, their championship win, the retiring of their old captain Trevor Reins, and the crowning of the newest.

James Palay, the star chaser made his way around the crowd holding a booklet. He was headed straight to the one everyone had agreed would probably be their next captain.

"Hey future captain, sign this for Rein's goodbye card." He said good naturedl.

"They haven't decided yet." Oliver Wood said, sighing.

James waved him off.

"That's a really big card. I swear that thing could be made into a book." Oliver eyed it.

"Uh," James hesitated. " All the guys got to make a couple pages of their memories. And some previous captains wrote in it too"

"Oh then how come I didn't get a chance to make a page?" Oliver peered at James.

"Uh well um you're the soon to be captain. You know people don't like to think they are getting replaced you know."

"Nothing's official yet James. You could be the captain."

James gave Oliver a look which Oliver slightly looked to the side to avoid his gaze. "No it's been written, are you going to sign or?"

Oliver sighed heavily but signed it nonetheless.


Hermione snuggled into the couch with a book and a cup of hot chocolate. It was rare to experience this much peace in her hectic schedule especially when she shared flats with her two best friends, Harry and Ron. Hermione brought her cup of steaming hot chocolate up to her lips and lightly blew on it. Then just as she took a sip...


"Ginny it wasn't what it looked like."

"Then what was it? Because it bloody hell looked like Cho Chang was all over you. Oh Harry what tight muscles you have." Ginny said in a bad mime of a certain old class mate of theirs.

"Ginny you are overreacting, she was just being friendly." Harry tried to defend himself.

"Yeah well you don't see me kissing my ex-boyfriends in the middle of a bar when I know they are perfectly engaged."

"Well." Harry said uncertainly.

"Well what? You know what, you had your fun before our wedding, maybe it's time I had mine." Then before anyone could react, Ginny slammed the door and left, still angry at the image of her fiance's ex-girlfriend being "friendly".

Harry sighed then spotted Hermione. "You heard everything?"

Hermione nodded. Harry walked sluggishly to the couch, then collapsed on the couch.

"You want a sip?" Hermione offered, Harry gladly took the hot chocolate.


"Speech, speech, speech." The team chanted.

Trevor Reins stood up. "Okay okay."

Everyone cheered.

"These part twelve years have been unbelievable. Some were excruciatingly painful. Rookie Week." He said looking at the two beaters.

"Aye, Aye." Cody Cormac and Jeremy Print yelled.

"But every moment I have loved, even when you quaffle heads were as energetic as five year olds that ate two boxes of the flavor beans."

"You should know!" James Palay yelled.

Everybody laughed.

"Yes I would but I have to admit my four year old son has better manners than you Palay." Reins fired back at the hotshot.


"I loved being the captain of this team and it is my honor to announce the newest captain that coach and I agreed whole heartedly on." Reins smiled, while sad to go, was also excited to watch the team grow under new leadership.

"Oliver, Oliver." They chanted.

Trevor gave them all a confused look. "How'd the bloody hell you all know?"

"Seriously who else was it going to be? Cormac, Palay, or Wood. Like that was hard to figure out." Thompson Maine the newest staring seeker yelled.

"Aye." The whole reserve team, Print, and the Doyle twins agreed.

"Hey!" Both Cody and James yelled.

Trevor shook his head. "Yes well, Wood please come up here."

"Wo-ood, Wo-ood." The whole bar chanted even the spectators got into the chant.

Oliver stood up flushed before beggining to walk towards his captain for the last five years. This man had helped him adjust to the life of a pro-quidditch player. He had also let Oliver leave two years ago to fight along his old classmates... This was also tthe man that he revered as his idol and hero. Oliver could also call this man his friend... something not all players could say about their captains.

He would be sad to see Trevor go. The team wouldn't be the same without him but Oliver was going to do his bloody best to make Puddlemere a championship team again and send them to the Quidditch Cup but most of all, to make the man standing in front of him proud.


Hermione looked in distain at her empty cup. She only said a sip but Harry managed to chug the whole thing. However looking at the sleeping figure sprawled on the couch. with her, Hermione closed her eyes and gave a small shake of her head. She couldn't believe that this person would soon be a husband.

Hermione covered Harry with her blanket and carefully took off his glasses. She then motherly brushed his curls to the side. The famous scar in all its glory though it had fainted a little with age. She gave a chaste kiss on the lightning bolt that had caused her best friend not only his childhood but also his parents.

Looking at the clock, Hermione figured it was a good time to go to bed, since Ginny would wake her up early for the fittings. Afterall, Hermione was used to Harry and Ginny having splats, since well Harry is one of the greatest celebrities in the wizarding world and girls flocked Harry like vultures.


Oliver was patted on the back so many times he thought that he would soon be hunched backed. But he also noticed something funny when the guys did pat his back, it seemed that many of his team mates were smirking at him.

"Wood what's with the burrowed look?" Trevor Reins asked, sitting in the stool beside him.

"Have you noticed how all the guys seem to be smirking at me?" Oliver asked.

Trevor almost choked on his drink. "Oliver please tell me you know about the official Captain's initiation prank."

Oliver shook his head.

Trevor gave Oliver a sad look. "Well that's why they're smirking at you. The only advice I have is to wait and bear through."

Oliver gave him a horrified look.

Trevor laughed. "Here's a toast to you. Good luck Oliver because I'll guarantee you will need it." Trevor said clinking glasses with a paralyzed Oliver Wood.