Hello! Welcome to my second Chuck and Blair fic. This one will be slightly different, since it is more AU, set when they are older, and will be a multi-chaptered fic. What to know? What to know? Okay, Blair and Chuck are in their late twenties, they've long since finished college, as driven as they both are they are successful in their careers, and are married. They have everything that Chuck has ever wanted, but leave it to Blair to want more. Here we go…

The elevator doors opened and Blair quickly walked into the apartment calling for Dorota. Slipping off her jacket she handed it off to her, and walked through the foyer as she quickly scanned her phone.

"Is everything ready?"

"Yes, Ms. Blair."

"Mr. Bass is running late, which is unexpected, and I usually would put him on suspended privileges, but tonight it gives me time to change." Blair smiled to herself, running a finder down the length of one curl. "Double check dinner, and confirm my appointment with Dr. Khan tomorrow."

Dorota looked at Blair speculatively. She'd know Blair since she was a baby, and could read her every look. Since coming to work as head of the Waldorf/Bass household after they were married, she'd learned a great deal about Mr. Chuck. She had a feeling this night might not go as her charge planned. "Ms. Blair… Maybe you should wait…"

"Wait? Why?" She questioned sharply, cutting off any argument Dorota had with a look.

Running up stairs she quickly changed, having selected tonight's outfit last week. Checking herself in the mirror, she knew this was a look that would bring her husband to his knees.

"This will work." She whispered to her reflection.

Needing to make sure that everything downstairs looked as perfect as she did, she hurried down. Blair moved through the dinning room and carefully adjusted a fork, and a small smile broke across her face as she heard the elevator doors slide open. Chuck had just taken off his coat as she walked slowly into the foyer to greet him. Her eyes sparkled as she felt his slide over her figure, a figure that was not coincidently outlined by the lighting behind her.

"Mrs. Bass…" And with just those words she knew just how much he wanted her, how much he always wanted her.

She didn't respond verbally but slipped into his arms to give him her usual greeting. His lips sliding over hers, his hands moving, his body urging her towards the stairs and their bedroom, rather then her carefully set out dinning room… She pulled away as subtly as she could manage, trying not to appear as breathless as she felt.

"Darling… I have dinner…"

"You are dinner." He drawled, catching her writs and pulling her back.

"I've slaved… Please…" Her doe eyes fluttered at him.

Reluctantly caving to her wishes, he followed her into the candle lit dinning room. The table was set intimately at one end of the long table, their chairs set close together. She held his chair out for him, and he sat, leaning back to watch her as she took her seat next to his.

"Did I miss some inane anniversary… like the first time I caught you in a lie? Forgive me. I would have sent flowers."

"No… You don't miss much, do you?" She said with double meaning, knowing he had caught on to something being up.

"Not when it come to you…" Dorota came in filling his wine glass, and he lifted it taking a drink. "What are you planning?"

"Chuck, do you always have to be thinking I'm planning something?" She asked innocently, ignoring the eye roll Dorota cast her way. "Can't a wife just want to do something nice for her husband?"

"Some might… But you're you."

Her eyes narrowed for a fraction of an instant before the serene expression was back in place. Chuck smiled having caught it. There she was. His Blair. He loved it when her true nature popped out. She was trying hard to hide it tonight, so he relished his glimpse of it.

"Dorota!" She snapped. "Dinner!"

The rest of the meal passed well enough. She let go of her agenda and Chuck didn't try to challenge it while they ate. Once the meal was over the game was back on.

"Chuck. We've known each other forever…" She began over coffee.

Chuck's eyes narrowed, knowing when he was being cornered. "You've bought another Monet…"

"We've been married three years."

"This ought to be good…" He commented, once again slouching back in his chair to enjoy the show.

"Bass industries is at the top of its game, and I've made partner at the firm before I'm even thirty…"

"Why do I feel a noose tightening around my throat?" Chuck drawled leaning forward.

Whatever game she was playing, he was up for the challenge, but he didn't care what the stakes were, he didn't care what he'd have to hand over if he lost. Another month in Dubai, a vineyard in France near her Fathers, Handsome welcomed into their home… whatever it would be worth it, because it was the thrill of how she could still surprise him that really got him going. It was always just when he thought she couldn't surprise him anymore…

"I think it's time we added to our family…." Blair smiled slyly, leaning forward. "

"Please tell me you're talking about Handsome?" Chuck asked, knowing exactly what new addition she wanted, but trying to dodge it, as all the colour washed from his face.

"No… I was thinking something a little less hairy… A tiny little Charles Bartholomew Harold Bass the II…"


"No?" Blair jumped back, shocked by the finality of his tone.


"Chuck, don't you think this should be up for discussion…"

"No." He commented, getting up from the table. "Read your pre-nup."

"I didn't think you were serious." She clearly remembered the no procreation clause, but had signed it anyway, knowing she could get around it somehow.

"I'm always serious about contracts. We have one. You've signed it. It's done." Leaning down he placed a kiss on her now clammy cheek. "I have some work to do. I'll be in the study. Please, don't wait up for me."

He walked out of the room, and Blair sat in silence until Dorota's quick footsteps brought her into the room. She carefully approached Blair, like a rabbit approaching a sleeping lion.

"Ms. Blair, should I cancel your appointment for tomorrow?" Already moving to dial her phone.

"No!" She snapped, coming out of her stupor. " You should not cancel my appointment!"

Stalking up from the table she began to pace the room, muttering to herself. "He always has to make everything so difficult…"

Freezing, she turned, her eyes now deadly calm, so different from the rage of a moment ago. She fixed them now on Dorota. "Time for plan B."

"Oh, boy."

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