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Chuck slouched deeper into the chair that was situated beside her bed. His index finger pressed against his jaw, and not a muscle in his body moved. His soul concentration was centered on her. He watched the forced rise and fall of her chest as the ventilator moved the air in and out of her lungs. He took in the paler of her skin, wash white from the damage her body had taken in giving birth to their daughter. He listened to the steady beating of the hart, that despite all that her body had been through, refused to give out. He took it all in and used all his energy to force her with his stare to wake up. To come back to him.

The three days it took for her body to reclaim itself were the longest of his life. But come back to him she did. First it was seeing if she could breathe on her own, and as they turned the ventilator off, Chuck's hand grasped hers tightly and he hissed a single command into her ear. "Breathe, Waldorf." And after a pause that stretched across the still room, a tiny breath come out of her, followed by another and another, until Chuck lost count, and began to relax. Now all she had to do is wake up.

Stubborn as she was she made him wait another day before there was even a twitch to her fingers, and he leaned in to command her again, "Blair, wakeup." And for a heartbeat her eyelids fluttered open, just long enough to scowl at him, and then drift shut. The breath Chuck had been holding for the last few days escaped in a laugh, and he pressed a kiss to her forehead. Hours later her eyes opened and stayed open as they locked with his. Her first thought?

"You look awful." She croaked thinking even after all the benders she'd witnessed of his; she'd never seen him so unkempt.

"You're not so hot yourself at the moment…" But even as he said it he knew it was a lie. Seeing the life coming back into her made her was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

Her eyes shut for a moment as she took a steadying breath, her tongue moistening her lips, which didn't really help because it felt like her mouth was stuffed with cotton. Her eyes shot open as she felt an ice cube glide across her lower lip. Chuck was heart stoppingly close as he pushed the ice between her lips.

"The doctor said ice chips only for a little while…"

She nodded, loving the smell of him, and the feel of his hip next to hers as he perched on the side of her bed. As her body shifted into wakefulness, her mind woke up suddenly.

"The baby?!" She gasped, her heart thumping and sending the monitors beeping.

"She's fine." Chuck soothed, his hand stroking the hair off her forehead. "You scared the hell out of me, Waldorf."

There was no bite to his words, and Blair shifted in the bed. "It wasn't so fun for me either. By the way… I'm never doing that again. Ever."

Chuck smiled. "Good to know… especially since I've got a vasectomy booked for next week."

Blair looked up at him, and for the life of her she, for once, didn't have a come back. It seemed like everything was becoming clear to her since she woke up. Life with Chuck, and without him were playing in her head. And what she wanted never seemed so obvious before.

In her half conscious state she hadn't noticed him hit the call button, and soon a doctor was there, assuring her that while she'd given everyone a scare, she'd make a full recovery. Blair didn't care. She wanted to see her daughter. She looked to Chuck, but before she could even say anything a nurse was pushing a bassinette into the room. Her breath caught as she heard the tiny mewings coming from just out of her sight range. Her arms felt like they weighted a million pounds, but she was still reaching out for her baby as Chuck went to get her for Blair from the bassinette.

"I want to see her." Blair beseeched.

Chuck had lifted the baby and was walking towards Blair; he smiled at the baby for a moment before carefully lowering her into her mother's arms for the first time. For a moment the great Chuck Bass nearly choked on his emotion as he saw Blair's face light with rapture as she took in every inch of her daughter. She loved the baby as completely as she loved Charlie, and more dedicatedly than any mother he had ever seen.

"Gwendolyn…" She whispered against the baby's soft dark crown of hair.

Chuck cleared his throat, knowing that his moment of reckoning in this regard was at hand. " About that… I went in another direction…"

Knowing that tone, Blair stiffened, and cast sharpened eyes at him. "Chuck…"

Sauntering over to her, he once again perched on the side of her bed, and stroked a finger down his daughter's cheek. "I'd like you to meet… Blair Eleanor Evelyn Bass."

Chuck's eyes met hers and she could see the smile in them, and the smallest hint of a curve to that mouth that could drive her crazy. "I knew the second I saw her that she had her mother's fire… So I felt she should have her mother's name as well…"

Blair couldn't temper the warmth that flooded her as she looked down on her little Blair, and yet felt the need to at least attempt a reproach for him changing their daughter's name while she was in a coma. "That's a breech of contract, you know?"

Chuck smiled, knowing that she approved the name. "Sue me."

Blair rolled her eyes, before looking back at her daughter. As an only child who had loved being the only commander of her parent's scattered attention, she'd had a small fear that she wouldn't love her second child as much as her first, but she'd been wrong. Her daughter completed her.

"We'll never hear the end of unleashing the next generation of Chuck and Blair on the Upper East Side…"

"Hmm… Since when did we care what anyone else thought?"

"True." Blair smiled. "Now… what shall we call her? Charles is Charlie… what should little Blair be?"

"Bee sounds about right to me…"

"Bebe." Blair smiled. (Bee Bee)

Momentarily satisfied that her daughter was alive and perfect, Blair grew tired from the exertion of the past few minutes, but she still protested when Chuck moved to take Bebe from her arms.

"Shhh…" Chuck whispered. "I'll just take her to the nursery... You need to rest."

Blair settled back against the pillow, and just before she dropped off, a nurse came in to check her vitals. The woman smiled at Blair as she then adjusted the covers over her, much like Dorota used to when Blair was little. "Glad to see you're awake. That husband of yours was a mess. He must love you very much."

That was Blair's last thought before she drifted to sleep with a smile on her face.

He was IMPOSSIBLE! Was Blair's thought a week later as she was finally being released from the hospital. Chuck had insisted she stay in care for a full week, even thought she felt better, and worse, even though Bebe had been released days ago. It was killing Blair to be away from her and Charlie, and because of that she felt like killing Chuck. Her moment of euphoria after waking up had quickly dissipated as she gained back some of her strength and remembered all the very real reasons they hadn't been together before. Chuck was an ass. She made it clear to anyone and everyone who she saw that she'd been tortured into marriage, and she'd get the thing annulled the second she got the chance. Chuck remained remarkable quiet throughout her tirades, especially since she saved her harshest comments for when she knew he was within earshot.

But today, the day she was being released, Blair was just happy to be finally getting out of the hospital. The lighting was terrible. While she'd asked Serena if she could pick her up to take her home, it was Chuck, of course, who ended up doing it. Blair sat in the back of the limo anxious to get home and see her children again. Chuck had brought them to visit her every day, but it wasn't the same as being home with them. She was so caught up with all the things she wanted to do with them, planning their first trip as a family to the duck pond… Bebe's first shopping trip to Bergdorf's… that she didn't realize at first that the limo was blocks of track from her apartment.

"Chuck…" Blair began to accuse as they pulled up at a large classic stone building on the Upper East Side that faced the park.

He quickly got out, coming around to help her out of the limo. The car sped away at Chuck's signal, and Blair was forced to lean heavily on him given that she was still rather weak from her illness and all the bed rest. This was the same reason that she was unable to storm away from him down the street, as she would have at any other time.

"Welcome home…" He said with the smile he used when he knew he'd won.

Chuck led her into the lobby, then to an elevator that carried them up to the penthouse. As the door chimed open he guided her into a spacious foyer and apartment that was similar to the one she had grown up with… only this one made hers look like a studio in Chelsea. She was still taking it all in when she heard quick little footsteps thundering towards her.

"Mommy!" Charlie shouted, launching himself at her legs, and Chuck now supporting both of them. "We live here now! With Daddy!"

"Great…" Blair hedged a moment before Dorota came in and hustled Blair up to her new room to settle her in to rest. Tucked into bed Blair spent time with Charlie and Bebe, before the children were taken to bed by the two night nannies Chuck had hired. Blair was grudgingly relieved they were both at least fifty and not daddy bate material like some of the nannies Blair had seen.

Alone in the room, Blair had figured out pretty quickly where she was. The master suite. The ass put her in the master suite… with him. By the time Chuck showed up a couple of hours later, Blair had a fine angry buzz going for her.

"You have got to be kidding me?" She demanded.

"You're my wife… This is our room…" He said as he lounged against the doorframe.

"I will admit that we are married for the near future but you can forget staying in here with me."

"Don't worry, I won't make any husbandly demands on you… at least not for another six weeks…"

Blair was brought up short, and glared at him as he smiled his fox's grin. "I googled it."

"Sure, that you look up, but the time the harness locked you told me we could figure it out on our own." Blair derided.

Chuck smiled at the memory, lifting himself out of the doorway, shutting the door, and sauntering over to her. "Well, much like now, I had you right where I wanted you… why would I aid you in getting out."

"Because back then the leather chaffed, and right now you make me sick."

Blair's nose crinkled as he got into bed beside her, both of them now sitting, legs stretched out, and backs against the headboard. They sat there silently. For the moment neither one of them wanting to open up the bee's hive they needed to address.

"I'm sorry." Chuck began.

She could feel his head roll to the side to look at her but she kept her gaze on her folded hands in her lap. "You hurt me…"

"I hurt myself too." Chuck said, trying to think of the right words to fix this. Nearly losing her forever had shaken him. He didn't want any more distance. He wanted them. Chuck and Blair. He wanted Charlie and Bebe. He wanted it all, and he was desperate to make her see that. "I know I wasn't there for you with Charlie, I tried to support you in my way… I always knew how you were, what you were doing… And maybe that's not enough, but… I was barely holding on that whole time… thinking I was going to lose you… and never be able to get you back."

Hearing the break in his voice she finally looked over at him, and they both turned onto their sides to that they were facing each other. His hands crept up to frame her face, and he moved in to press his forehead to hers.

"I can make us right again, if you'll give me the chance. If you'll forgive me? I need you. I need us… I love you, Blair."

Her eyes glistened with tears as she looked deeply into the eyes that haunted her. She knew him, and every motivation behind his manipulations and strikes. Blair had known she had been taking a risk in omitting that she had gone off the pill to get pregnant, and a part of her had known he might run. When you play with calculated risks, you had to be prepared to take the fall. Right now, this was a risk with Chuck. No other person had the power to hurt her like he did, but she had never loved anyone with nearly the intensity of love that she felt for Chuck. They were magnetic, and she wanted them to be. The other week, after nearly dying, Blair knew she had to prioritize her life, and ask herself what she really wanted. She wanted Chuck. She'd always wanted Chuck… but now she had to take a leap, and trust that he wouldn't hurt her again. She really didn't have any choice at all.

"I want to try again." Blair said honestly. "I love you too." She whispered before capturing his mouth for a passionate kiss, and in that kiss, after all the months and years apart, Chuck and Blair were finally home.


"Where is he?!" Blair demanded stomping her foot. "I'm about to get married and he hasn't even shown up!"

"Easy, Mom." Charlie Bass commented as he meandered into the sitting room of the Hampton's home. "Flustered won't look good in the wedding pictures…"

"Finally!" Blair said turning her attention to her eighteen-year-old son, who was as usual, late. Forgiving him as she always did, she smoothed his tie and collar. "You would think you'd have been on time… It is your mother's wedding after all?"

Charlie rolled his eyes in much the same way his mother did. "Again." He grinned. "This is what? The fourth or fifth time I've walked you down the aisle? Then there were your two weddings before that? Excess does suit you Mother…"

"Shush." Blair shrugged subtly. "You know how much I love a wedding… Now, is your sister finally there or are we going to have to start searching the bushes?"

"One time… You know how she gets when she has a new boy in her sights …"

"Hmm…" Blair commented, thinking about how much like her father Bebe was… and her aunt Serena. Charlie however seemed to take after her… or at least Blair could name a handful of girlfriends he'd had, while she'd lost track of Bebe's boyfriends a while ago.

The music cued and Charlie smiled offering his mother his arm. Blair smiled back as he led her out in to the wide lawn. It was just past dusk and there was shimmering candlelight from a million candles set over the grounds. At the end of the lawn, at the base of a copse of trees, white linen and tulle was draped to make a sloping tent. Blair rolled her eyes as she saw Bebe scamper over from the caterer's tent, and stand in her place. Bebe winked at her mother with a wicked grin.

Then Blair's gaze shifted and locked to her groom. Like a magnet she moved towards him, until they were standing face to face. Charlie kissed her cheek before moving aside, but Blair had eyes for only one person now.

"Mrs. Bass…" Chuck smiled as he held out his hand.

Blair smiled, taking his hand and never tiring of this. After their second marriage, Blair and Chuck had worked hard at rebuilding their relationship, and it had been the road they'd expected. It led them back to each other. They still fought like crazy sometimes, and there had been several points where one or both had contemplated murder/suicide, but the good times out weighed the bad, and even the bad got their blood going.

They were a striking family. United together against everything else. Charlie and Bebe had already ripped across the Upper East Side high school social scene, and both had similar plans for university. After university? All of Manhattan.

Over the years Serena had wracked up an impressive amount of weddings, and one day, after hearing Blair bemoan that she had only had two weddings, to the same man, and the second one she'd looked like a mental patient after shock therapy. Within the day Chuck had proposed. This set the tone for many years of proposals and weddings. Blair nearly had a different engagement ring for every day of the week. Large weddings, small weddings, Parisian weddings, and island weddings… the only thing that didn't change were the bride and groom. Once again standing before a justice of the peace, Chuck looked at Blair, knowing he'd marry her a million times. Blair looked at Chuck, knowing that this was the only man she'd marry a million times.

Later as they say curled in a lounger watching the fireworks, Blair twirled her fingers around the hair at the base of his neck. The majority of the party had moved down to the beach, leaving the repeated newlyweds alone in a corner of the lawn. Like a cat with cream, Blair smiled at him. "I have to say, this worked out just as I expected…"

Chuck leaned back, smiling with a raised brow? "Did it now…"

"I knew you loved me when we were eighteen years old. You just had to learn how to behave yourself… And I knew I could domesticate the great Chuck Bass. Points for me!" She teased, bating her husband.

Grasping her hips he pulled her more tightly against him, and growled against her neck. "I wouldn't say I'm fully broken in…"

Blair gasped as Chuck's lips latched onto her neck.

Pulling back she moved to whisper against his ear. "Three words. Eight letters… Say them and I'm yours."

He chuckled at her words and the seduction behind them. "Easy... I love you… But did you really think this whole outcome was your plan?"

Blair pulled back to see the calculating twinkle in his eyes, and the smile that he got when his plan came together.


The End.

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