Harry Potter

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Summary: Two were chosen on that night. One was heralded the world's savior, worshipped by the wizarding world, whilst the other, a girl, the true savior, was cast aside by her father. Fem!Harry Lily dies, but James Potter lives…..

1980 October 31

It was a dark night. The shadows seemed to loom even more, on this, the day when the veil between the world of the living and the world between the dead was especially thin, nearly non-existent. One tall, menacing shadow glided along the street, the laps flickering as he passed.

One little boy, dressed in a costume of a wizard, approached the shadow, and cheerfully greeted him, saying, "Happy Halloween! Trick-or-Treat!"

The looming shadow turned, slowly, and the boy, no older than eight, found himself frozen in fear, as a pair of blood-red eyes pinned him to the spot upon which he stood. A skeletal hand rose, and pointed a wooden stick at the boy. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Two words and the little boy was gone, wiped out from the land of the living. From that moment on, he lived only in memory.

The shadow stood there for a moment, relishing his ability to end life, with less than a flick of his wand. He spun around, and resumed his course towards the home that only he seemed to be able to see. All the trick-or-treaters ignored the house, as though they'd never seen it.

From the glow of a lamp, briefly, the man's features came into view. The fearsome features of Lord Voldemort graced the streets of Godric's Hollow. Voldemort mused to himself how lucky the people of this tiny, muggle town were, that their lives would be extinguished, by his loyal Death Eaters, of all those who might've done it. It was a shame that they'd never know how lucky they were that their pathetic existences would be ended by wizards, who were too good for them, really.

Inside the Potter Residence

"James!" Lily yelled. Steps thundered upstairs, as her husband raced to reach her. Her disheveled looking husband of one year appeared in the doorway of the nursery that Lily stood in. She stood there, as he gasped for breath, taking in his appearance, and the fact that he had a toddler sitting on his shoulders.

"What?!?" James finally gasped out. "What?! I was having fun with Junior here-"

Lily sighed, and felt her head drop. There it was, the problem. James Junior, the result of a previous and very unsuccessful marriage between her husband and Felicity Wood, a Ravenclaw in their year at Hogwarts. After getting a divorce, James had managed to keep his son with him, and eventually began to court her. Then, they got married and had their daughter, Celyne(Pronounced Selene ) Lilith Potter, their daughter, though James paid no attention to Celyne at all. Before, Lily had been able to pass it off as a minor thing, but now, forced into hiding as both of their children fit the prophecy's description, she had been forced to recognize the true depth of it, as they were stuck together 24/7.


'Oops, should've paid more attention.' Lily mentally slapped herself, hoping that nothing mah=jor had happened whilst she was organizing her thoughts.

She focused her eerily striking green eyes on her husband.

"James, we need to talk."

"What?!?! Of course I love you and…..and……um…..Lily? What's her name again?" James looked sheepish, at having forgotten his own daughter's name.

Lily sighed. "Celyne Isabelle Potter, remember? This is exactly what I'm talking about. You focus so much on Junior, that you've totally forgotten that you even have a daughter. I don't know if this will work, I mean, with you ignoring her, I don't know…."

James was shocked. "What do you mean? You're not going to leave me, are you? Please, please, Lily, come on, give me another chance, I won't mess up, come on…."

A flash of thunder struck, illuminating the front yard. They all turned as a reflex, and James glimpsed a shadowy figure opening the gate of the white picketed fence, and slowly heading towards their cottage.

"Lily, take them, take Junior and Celyne, he's here, it's him!" James was frantic, and pulled out his wand, pushing James and Celyne into Lily's hands. She very nearly dropped them from surprise.

"James, you can't hole him off! This is You-Know-Who we're talking about! Let me stay and help!" Lily pleaded.

"No, go, I'll hold him off until you guys manage to get out."He paused, seeing the doubt in her eyes. "Go!"

Lily turned to go up the stairs, and paused, before turning, and kissing James on the lips, before climbing the stairs.

James sighed, and turned back towards the door. He thought grimly, 'For them.'


Lord Voldemort stood above his fallen enemy, sighing in regret that he would not be able to finish him off. 'But look at the bright side,' he thought to himself, 'imagine what his reaction will be when he's left with the corpses of his wife and children.' Grinning in what some might call a "slightly" diabolical manner, he ascended the wooden stairs, taking no care to silence his footsteps.

As the thuds echoed in the almost empty house, he heard crying, coming from the room farthest from the stairwell. As he slowly approached, he heard the mudblood-what was her name? Ah, yes, Evans, attempted to silence the children, though it seemed that it was the pure-blood brat that was making the most commotion, fussing and whining. No matter, it was the half-blood he was after.

He placed his hand, and ever so slowly, opened the door. The mudblood was trying to shield her precious brats from him. How amusing.

Lily was at her wit's end.

"Please, please, kill me instead, leave them alone."She sobbed, pleading vainly with You-Know-Who.

Voldemort sighed. She was rather talented, he grudgingly admitted, for a muggleborn. Perhaps she could be persuaded to join his cause.

"Get out of the way, girl, it's the brat I want, not you, get out of my way!" Voldemort hissed at the pleading girl.

"You'll have to kill me first." Lily drew herself up to her full height, and readied her wand.

Voldemort sighed in regret. There went another possible recruit, he sighed. "Avada Kedavra!"

The Mudblood's body crumpled to a heap on the floor, her fiery hair spilling around her head like a halo. Such a shame.

He moved on to the crib, smiling in what he believed to be a benevolent manner. He looked inside the crib, and saw a tiny little black-haired girl, with the same bright green eyes of her mother. Throwing a temper tantrum in the corner was the pure-blood, Potter senior's twin except for the hair-color, which was blonde, oddly enough.

"I only want one of you tonight," he hissed at the children. 'Surely, the pure-blood can't be the Chosen One, he's a pure-blood, and look at the spoilt ones in my order! No, the threat will come from the girl!'

"Avada Kedavra!"

A shot of green light lit up the room, and Voldemort idly noticed that it was the same shade of green as her eyes. Then, the little girl looked at him, and the spell rebounded off of her, leaving a small gash in the shape of a lightning bolt on the underneath of her chin, as she was lying down on the mattress inside the crib, being too young to be able to stand upright or sit up without support.

Voldemort's eyes widened in horror, as the spell struck him, and he let out a scream of primal rage, before he crumpled down into a heap, and his body burned into ashes. The house shook, and the glass lights shattered, and the glass left a gash in a "v" on the boy's forehead.

Downstairs, the shaking revived James, who rushed upstairs, and picked up Lily and Junior, before racing out of the house before it could collapse on them. "Lily? Lily? Come on, Lily, wake up, please!" James shook her body, hoping that she was merely unconscious, but his hopes were destroyed when she wouldn't wake.

Others had begun to arrive, and they moved the wreckage of the collapsed house around, trying to figure out what had happened. They'd already found ashes, and You-Know-Who's wand, so they all knew that he was gone, dead. The wizarding world was saved, and obviously, it had to be James Junior, as he was a pure-blood, and a boy. Of course he was their savior.

A hand rested on James's shoulder startling him. "Hey, James, are you okay?"

James blinked, and turned to stare. "Oh, hi Felicity, do you have any medical training? Lily won't wake up."

Felicity grimly took Lily's hand, and searched for a pulse, before turning to hug James, moving Lily's body out of his arms, so that she fell onto the dirt. "I'm sorry James." She whispered, but inside, her mind was running with plots to get James to marry her, so that she'd have access to the fame and money came with being the parent of the Boy-Who-Lived.

Dumbledore watched from afar with Sirius Black, who'd just recently apparated onto the scene. "I don't like her. She doesn't seem….right." Sirius confided to Dumbledore, who just sighed, saying, "It's James's choice. Trust him. If she helps him, who are we to complain?"

A prim looking woman made her way over to the two. "I can't find little Celyne! Has either of you two seen her?"

Dumbledore was shocked into silence, so Sirius answered for him. "What do you mean? Doesn't James have her?"

Minerva McGonagall was frantic, and all but shouted at the two, "Of course not! That was the first place I looked, and that, that woman has James wrapped around her little finger! He doesn't even remember that he had a daughter!"

"I'm sure that he's just stressed. He's been through quite a lot, you know, give him a day or two, and everything will be back to normal." Dumbledore smiled benignly, with the eye sparkles sparkling in his eyes joyfully. Minerva pursed her lips, and looked away, not sure what to say, before she headed off to search through the ruins for Celyne.

Sirius looked unsure as to what he should do, laugh, or cry. This man was the idol of the wizarding world. They were doomed.

Two Days Later

"James, you can't be serious about this!" Sirius cried.

The man in question nodded in response, as he stood with his new wife, Felicity Potter nee Evans, and his famous son, whilst his other daughter, was shunted off to the side, a house-elf pushing the battered stroller that Celyne lay in.

"Yes, I am serious, Sirius. We need to properly focus on Junior here, he's been through so much you know, and we need to properly train him, in case some of the Death Eaters feel like getting some revenge for their master by attacking Junior."

"But what about Celyne? She's your daughter as well. How could you even think of abandoning her like this? Think about what Lily would say!" Remus cried.

Dumbledore sighed, looking his age of one-hundred and fifty years for once. "I have to agree with Remus and Sirius, James. You've been through a lot. Why don't you go home, and think this over? I'm sure it's just the stress of losing Lily, and nearly losing Junior that's affecting you."

James shook his head, "No. Felicity doesn't like her, and I love her, Headmaster. Besides, we have to take care of Junior, and you all should be siding with me on this." He glared at Remus, Sirius, and Albus, before continuing. "I'm going to get rid of her, and there's nothing you traitors can do about it." James Potter Senior moved over to the cradle, and whispered some directions to the house-elf, before it disappeared with a pop, and James headed back to his family manor with his family.

Sirius turned to Dumbledore. "We have to find her! Who knows where that woman has convinced James to drop off Celyne!"

Dumbledore shook his head sadly, looking truly old and tired for the first time that the two Marauders had ever seen him.

"We can't. We don't know where James has left little Celyne, and we can't just go and kidnap her. James will come around eventually, I'm sure-and if he doesn't, Celyne will come to Hogwarts when it's she's eleven."

Sirius stormed out of the room, furious that he couldn't do anything to help his goddaughter.

Remus just stood there for a moment, and turned to Dumbledore, saying, "I hope you're right, Albus. For all of our sakes."


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