I do not own Twilight or the character's. Stephenie Meyer does though because she is brilliant to bring to

life a family we all wish would adopt us into it !!!!!!

Edward is writing about his difference is in day and night !!

I laugh softly to myself when I think of how people look at us and only see the package we

put out for them. They don't see or know the real us, of course , we work hard to keep it that

way.(LOL) But I wonder what they would say if they saw us behind closed doors?? Would they

still treat us with awe and respect. Or would we be the immorals and weirdos. Well, I know

how they would treat us if they knew our MAIN secret , but I'm talking about us personally

and our "family bonding". Oh well , since we don't let people- well humans that close , I guess

we will never find out!!

I guess I'll start with Carlisle. He's the moral , upstanding Doctor that is revered by this community.

They all know and frankly have been told , that he could be anywhere in the world, he is so

sought after, but he chose this town to live and practice in. It's so surreal that he is a

Doctor. Our kind are appalled that he treats "humans" , why bother when their 'food'?!! But ,

we feed on humans , we are .. well vegetarians (LOL) only feed on animals. We completely

perplex our kind. But if people, being humans, would know what we really are , they would say

monsters , killers and demonic blood-suckers. And hunt us down like they still do in some parts

of the world.

But lets see .. Carlisle...hmmm . He was born in 1640 , well as far as he can figure , and knew

he was around 23 years old , when he had been attacked by an old and very hungry Vampire.

Yes VAMPIRE!! When Carlisle realized what he became , he tried to figure out ways to

destroy himself , but none worked. He then hid himself from humans , so he wouldn't kill any.

But the burning in his throat only worsened because he refused to feed , then one night , he couldn't

take it anymore . But , he had found herd of deers , hunting them , and feeding from them.

That's when he realized , he didn't have to be a "monster", he could feed from , even

then his humanity won over his blood thirsting side. That's when he decided he could help

humanity and treat and care for sick. So, for centuries , he would do just that . Studying

everywhere in the world and treating everywhere also. But , most of that time he was alone. He

had met and befriended some other immortals, but most where the monster he never wanted

to be , so he would move along.

He was lonely. Immortality had its cost. If he did allow himself to become ' friends ' with humans,

well their short life span always made him loose himself in sorrow . He longed to have a

companion , someone who understood and would be there for centuries with him. When what

probably seemed like karma or whatever you want to call it , an opportunity presented itself to him.

The young patients Mother , had asked or demanded, that Carlisle save her son , only he could do it.

When he tells this story , from first time I heard it , to my re-birth date couple weeks ago, it's always

same. Like she knew what he was , and she wished for him to save her child no matter what. When

she died right after asking him , Carlisle looked to her child and saw that he too wouldn't make it

much longer. Carlisle wants , out waying most of his common sense thoughts , stole young man,

took him back to his home. He rationalized that he was dying , so why not try , and if he couldn't

control himself , then it wasn't like he was a true killer. So ,with those thoughts , Carlisle proceeded

to inflict the same type of wounds he himself had .

After three days of watching his young charge go through torment of changing , he vowed to

never do this again. Finally on third day , he opened his eyes. Looking around until they

spotted Carlisle. He had moved back to stand at end of his bed , the young vampire

looked at him ... "Father??" ... " Mother ??"... Carlisle shook his head ,sadly told him

they hadn't made it. But because of his Mother's love , he had with Carlisle's help.

Then he sat down and explained everything to him. Telling him that they would be together


And that's when I realized , Edward Anthony Masen Jr. , no longer exsisted. I was

now Edward Anthony Masen-Cullen. And I was looking at my creator ,

friend , teacher .. father .... and my future lover.

Hmm.... well ??