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Aro: My dear friend!! It's been forever since we talked. Oh , I'm so glad to hear from you! So , how is that

lovely wife of yours??

Carlisle: Yes , Aro, its been awhile since we talked. And Esme is doing wonderful , thank you for


Aro: Of course , of course . So , what do I owe this unexpected pleasure of hearing from you my dear friend??

Carlisle: Well , Aro old friend. It's ....well very difficult time for us here. Umm...we are having a crisis,

an extremely serious crisis. Edward and Bella , well , their almost in a comatose state!! And , I can't

find out why , or how to help them. voice cracks....

Aro: Hmm.... well... you will need to tell me everything. So we can come up with the answers. First, how long

has this been going on??

Carlisle: Well, its been almost 9 weeks..... I've searched , everything I have available to me. Our

history and humans. I just can't find anything that appears to be ........

Aro: 9 Weeks?!!! And why haven't you called on us before now?? Really Carlisle, I understand with your centuries

as a healer you would understand that their might be others that know answers you wouldn't.!!

Carlisle: Yes ,yes of course I do. But Aro, its my family, my children.....Oh dear goddess, I'm useless to

them. Please , old friend , help me ?!

Aro: Of course , of course all we can do will be done. Now , you must explain everything that has happened , up to

and including their present condition. Not with holding anything!

This is the part Carlisle knew was coming and had been dreading ever since he picked up the phone. But of course,

he realized Aro already knew about his family and their....um..activities. Our world was understanding to the fact that

we were sensual beings and being with another was highly exceptal , even when they were mated. But , we tried to

keep this knowledge from our kind. We were content with just us, never needing to find others for satisfaction. We

had everyone and everything in our family. So , to openly admit to others, well.... the whole family felt like it would be

open invitations to others. We of course knew Aro knew about us. You can't keep anything from him when he 'reads'

you, but since no one has ever made any comments about the 'depravaty' of our family...he hasn't let anyone (outside

his brothers) know.

Carlisle: Yes of course Aro. After hours on the phone with Aro, and everyone having talked with him also. The call

has ended with Aro promising to contact Carlisle as soon as they could have some ideas or more questions.


It's been 2 weeks since our conversation with Aro and we haven't heard anything from him. I continue searching , but I

can't find anything!! I feel so useless to them , US.! There has been a subtle change, both Edward and Bella aren't marble

like, they have well...softened to our ' normal ' selves. But , no movements , just laying there in their comatose like state.

Six months , SIX!! We continue to care for them , of course. We take turns sitting with them. Reading Bella's favorite books,

playing Edward's favorite music and his own. And talking to them!! , for hours upon hours. Alice, sweet little Alice , even

continues with Barbie Bella routine,LOL. Yes , we can still laugh, well...because we can all hear Bella's voice and having

complete recall , what her attitude and facial expressions would be. Night time is always longest part of our day. Well...

usually we had each other and our , umm....' family time ' . Now , we sit in their room talking and holding onto each other ,

literally. One or two of us , will crawl into bed with them and hold them too. It's just something we seem to need to do, and

of course , theres this need for us , hoping really, that they some how know we are there holding them.

Esme and I have of course , been holding onto each other even more, if thats possible . Both of us, as well as other 'children'

are at very edge. Wondering , waiting and scarred to well..death. Will we be together for much longer, will we seperate and

no longer want to be with each other? Ohhh....and the terrifying thoughts , of what if we loose them?? Will we want to

continue our existance without them?? Well.... I know my wife will not want to , and this well be my end as well. I can't....

well I can't think of that now. I need to find a cure or .... SOMETHING!! to help my family. Our Denali family is aware of

everything , I have spent literally hours on the phone with each of them. Eleazar has given several leads, but each one

ending with no help. He's been as anxious as I , looking into his books and memories searching. But nothing!

I have even talked with Siobhan and she ,and her family have not come up with anything either. Siobhan has told me she

is 'wishing' for an obvious happy outcome.!! I thank her , and let myself feel some 'hope' come from this knowledge. I have

seen , how her wishes come to pass . So yes, I have some hope now also. Of course , I wish our Romanian friends would

be easier to contact. I can't find them and they won't be found unless they wish it.

ringing of the phone:

Carlisle: Hello . Yes , yes Aro I was hoping to hear from you soon...... Yes I completely understand .....yes very

hard to find anything. But have you?! ......Yes , well slight change....softened , but still comatose like. .....yes

like we normally are......Yes yes , very hard on us all......yes the family is here....Ok, let me call them and then

I'll put you on speaker so we can hear.

Calling my family and asking them to come to my office. Everyone enters all looking at me with anxiety and maybe some HOPE!!

I explain Aro wants us all to be here for this conversation. Placing the reciever down after I hit speaker....

Carlisle: Aro , we are all here.

Aro: Hello all my dear friends.


Aro: Well my dear Cullen's, we think we might have the answer..... we all moved to edge of our seats ,staring at the phone ...

It's VERY rare and frankly it took us ages looking through our books to find it. He hesitated ....making us all more tense.

I'm going to come right out and say it...the way you all have ...um chosen to share each other and BITING ,to make your

experiences even more, well it seems this is the major cause. It's very rare as I said before. When mated pair make love,

they share this with each other and mingles their venom , its not something to worry about. But.....when more than one , mate,

decides to share their venom , well this is where Carlisle will be able to explain it better to you all I'm sure. But , the fact that

having more than just one others venom in their bodies ,is acting almost like a cancer!

Gasps and cry's of distress coming from us . I just slumped back into my chair, staring into my dear Esme's face, watching

her go from distress to horror in blink of an eye.

Carlisle: clearing my throat....Well....ummm....Aro ,what can be done? Please tell me there is something we can do??!

holding onto Esme's hand and watching Rose/Emmette and Alice/Jasper holding onto each other, waiting for ....well a miracle

that can save our beloved pair.

Aro: First things first , my dear Carlisle. I have to ask you all, if this a frequent action you ummm...do with each other.??

Looking about at each other, No, Aro, it seems to be really just Edward and Bella that has ummm....been ok with this practice.

Aro: Yes ,yes , just as I thought with them only being ones 'infected' as it be. Well.....our research as brought about a 'cure' it

seems for you Carlisle. But , it is very difficult and long drawn our process....thank you dear goddess! I thought, and watching my

families reaction , they agree.Now , let me explain it to you all. Don't become acceptable until you hear me out. Alice lets out a

gasp and starts to 'cry' leaning into Jasper even more. As we all turn to her quickly , she just shakes her head and lets Aro continue

with the explanation. Well my dear friends, you must all be agreed and prepare yourself . To ' cure ' this, they must be 'cleaned' out,

and have only ONE major venom in there system. Meaning, that one of you , will have to bite them for what seems to be certain amount

of time,every day. This will bring them out of there existance they are in now. BUT...... now this will bring shock to you all, but Alice.

This will also make them as if they are completely REBORN. They will not have the 'newborn' tendancies, but they will NOT have

any memories or recognition of anyone......

OMG!! WHAT!! , from us all ....NONONONO.....THIS CAN'T HAPPEN, NO ARO!! I sat there ,yes totally shocked and almost

immobile. I could hear my Esme groaning and sobbing ,as well as Alice and Rosalie. Emmette and Jasper , growling and trying

to calm the women. I pulled Esme into my arms and just held onto her.

Aro: Yes yes , truely unfortuneate ,but unless you want to have them stay in this 'state' .......

Do we?! I for one want my son and daughter returned to me . But... to take everything for them...especially Edward. His existance

for over hundred and some years. Could we do this to him....and what about Bella?....yes her existance has just really started , still a

child compared to the rest of us. But...is it right to take everything from her too?!!

Carlisle: Well, Aro, thats understandably alot for us to take in. seemingly going from parent into doctor mode....But , let me

see if I understand this. If one of us, only one , continues to inject our venom into both Edward and Bella , they would

awaken. But , not knowing any of us or any of our or their own histories?!!

Aro: Yes my dear friend. Exactly. I'm so sorry , but again , at least you have the reasoning and 'cure' if you will now. Dear ,dear

Carlisle. We will let you and your family go now to discuss everything. But please, let me know what your decisions shall be.

Carlisle: Yes , well thank you all my old friends. Yes ,of course, I will let you know everything as soon as we decide.

Thank you again dear friend. Peace.

Ending our phone conversation. I turned to look at my family and they anquished looks.

Well, my dears , we have some decisions to make. But, let us check on the children and then we need to hunt. I look

at them all to show them I need for some normalacies so I can gather my thoughts. They all seem to agree with me, or maybe

because its they know how my mind works , and just slowly leave to follow my ideas. Esme stays with me , waiting as she

always has through our years together. Sitting there thinking again, how can I or any of us take those memories from Edward

and Bella?! But really, can we all 'survive' without them??!! Exhaling , hoping it will calm me ,I stand holding my hand out for

love to take a hold of. Drawing her close , we leave my office to find the rest of loved ones.


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