Untitled: Because No One Cares

A Leah Story


A duffel bag, all of my earthly belongings fit into one duffel bag. Possessions aren't as important to me now that I am a shape shifter; it seems like it makes things harder to hold on to. So I packed some pictures, some toys from my childhood, my I-pod, and some other knick-knacks that would remind me of home.

I can't believe that I, of all people, was planning to start a new life in Alaska with my "favorite" bloodsucker family, ha! Well, it's not just them, Seth and Jacob are coming too, and actually they are the reason I am going in the first place. If I stayed here with out them, I may truly lose my mind (Though I would never tell them that).

"Leah", Nessie said, "You aren't even dressed yet?!"

"I am coming Ren, Geez, keep your shirt on!" I say closing the door to the Cullen's guest room.

It had been decided that after Charlie and my Mom's wedding that we would load up the "Cullen Vehicles" and disappear into the night Forks would be left a memory in our minds. After my bag was packed, I stared at the plum colored dress, thinking of my mother, even though she and I weren't as close as my dad and I, we were still close. I was going to miss her. I hated losing yet another loved one, but I would lose her anyway eventually. She needed this time to be in love and happy.

It had been almost seven years since Nessie's birth. She had become the closest thing to a "girlfriend" I had, mainly because as she grew older she needed someone besides her mother and her aunts to confide in. I needed a confidant as well, someone to be real with. She had a lot of compassion, Edward always compared it to the compassion Bella had with most people, I wouldn't know because I try not to associate with Bella. I have the tendency to hold grudges. I can't lie, I am jealous of Nessie, of all the lady leeches actually. First, they are all beautiful, annoyingly so, and second, they had all found happy blissful romance and it seemed I would never have that now.

Now, I was finally dressed and headed down stars. I saw Emmett and Rosalie take their seats. Edward and Bella in line, I had to admit the bloodsuckers clean up rather nice.

"Thank you", Edward murmured as I walked past him.

"Don't mention it" Does he always have to remind you that he can hear inside your head? Anyway, I took my place behind Bella, both of us standing up for my mother, Seth at my side, he and Edward both standing up for Charlie. I was surprised at how well Charlie had come to grips with the fact that his daughter and granddaughter were leeches. I laughed to myself remembering that day. Charlie had already come to terms with Jacob and his friends turning into big dogs as he put it affectionately, the next year they had no choice but to inform him of Reneeseme's nature. He looked horrified at first, but he tried his best to take it with a grain of salt. He laughed and said, "I guess I am living in a fairy tale." I corrected him and said, "it's more like a horror movie." Everyone shot glares at me, but it didn't stop the information from being true. There are no werewolves in fairy tales and I'm damned sure there aren't any vampires.

The wedding scenery was beautiful; I had to give Alice her props!! She turned Charlie's backyard into any bride's dream. Everything was covered in white and red roses. My mom loved nature, so it only made sense that the wedding be held outside. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky and only gentle winds, not even enough to move a hair out of place. When I saw my mom come down the aisle with the beautiful cream-colored dress with a plum ribbon tied at her waist to match both Bella and my dress, simple and elegant just like her, her beauty stunned me almost bringing tears to my eyes.

When the vows were being said, I saw the way my mother looked at Charlie. It was amazing that after the pain my mother felt losing my father that she could find love again. I knew she would be happy for the rest of her days.

A twinge of jealousy attacked my heart.

The reception is usually my favorite part of a wedding. I love the food, the dancing, and the happy atmosphere. However this reception was going from good to horrible in a matter of 10 seconds, which was the amount of time it took for Sam and Emily to grace me with their presence.

"Hey Lee Lee" Sam smiled softly

"Hey" I muttered. I could feel heat in the pit of my stomach, today was not the day for this. How dare they approach me here, today?

"We missed you at our wedding, Leah." Emily said. She looked like she actually meant it. She actually wanted me to be the bridesmaid at the event, however, the anger inside did not allow for that to happen.

"I'm sorry I had to back out on you, cousin, it couldn't be helped," I stood about to leave them, since they were making no movements to leave me alone.

"Also", Sam said grabbing my arm, I flinched away and growled slightly, I looked around to make sure I didn't disturb anyone. No one noticed. "We just wanted to say goodbye and that you would be missed." He looked down, he almost looked hurt, and he should.

"I will miss you both" I said quickly excusing myself. In actuality, I already missed them. I missed Sam as my boyfriend and Emily as my best friend. I missed my old life, the life that I was supposed to have; I missed the life I could never have.

After all the wedding guests left, Edward, Rosalie, Alice, and Bella brought their cars around front. A few of the cars would be left to Charlie and my mom as part of their wedding gift, they were also left with the Cullen's house.

My mother stood at the window by herself amongst all the commotion.

"Mom," I said resting my chin on her shoulder and taking a deep breath.

"I know, Leah," she said smiling at me, but I could see the sadness in her eyes. "You will be in my thoughts, I wish you only happiness, and I love you more than my own life" with that she hugged me as tight as she could and I let my tears fall.

After sitting with my mom, Seth came and took my place, she held him close. I went to retrieve my bag and gave it to Alice to place in her car.

"You didn't pack any clothing did you?" Alice asked looking at me sternly, "because I have that handled for everyone . . .and that includes you." She smacked my arm playfully trying to lighten my mood.

"Alice!" I snapped, "I didn't ask you for any clothes . . . however, I figured you would so I didn't pack anything accept my sweats."

"Why keep those?" she laughed, "You should trash those horrible things."

I frowned and hunched "They are the easiest things to change into after I phase." Alice dropped the conversation taking my bag and plopping it into her car.

"You happy your mother and Charlie will be living here?"

"Yeah, I guess" I smirked. "She won't mind the smell."

"What are you doing?" Jasper asked Alice looking horrified.

"I thought Leah should ride with us, since we like similar music, she will be more comfortable." I frowned at Jasper; we usually are on decent terms. Why was he acting like such a jerk?! My hands shook slightly and the heat in my stomach grew.

"She can ride with Edward and Bella," Jasper said bluntly.

"No, Jacob and Nessie are riding with them." Alice said slightly annoyed. Jasper stood silent thoughtfully, "Well…maybe… she could drive this!" That's when Esme drove up in the white BMW; also, it is when my jaw hit the floor.


They bought me a car! It had to be MINE, who else would want a car with personalized plates that said LEAH on it.

"I can't accept that" I had gotten better at accepting gifts from the Cullens, especially if the gift came from Esme, Leech or no, she was good people.

"Of course you can, Leah, dear!" Esme smiles at me "Are you really going to want to depend on us to take you everywhere?"

I knew I would be physically able to run most places, but I could see what she was getting at. I hopped into the driver's seat. Just as I did, Jasper appeared placing my bag into the trunk. Nessie took her place on the passenger's side as Jacob and Seth sat in the back seat. I smiled to myself and started the engine.


We pulled up to our new home. The house is secluded, for the obvious reasons, very trendy and modern, I also couldn't help noticing the amount of land and trees around . . . that was perfect, tons of running space.

"Way to keep up Miss Lee!" Emmett yells, " You drive good for a puppy!"

"You drive bad period!" I yell back with a smirk on my face. After some meaningless joking around and stretching we carry all of are belongings into the new house, they all rush to find their respective rooms, I fallback I didn't see any point in racing vampires, I already knew they were faster than me, I would take what was left. I looked around the living room pictures were already up. Wedding pictures of all the couples, baby pictures of Reneeseme, and pictures of Jacob, Seth, and me. I pick up the picture frame we were so little, where had the time gone. I laugh a little.

Nessie's and Jacob's room s were right beside each other Seth's room was on the other side of Jacobs. My room was down the hallway across from a vacant room . . .I love it privacy.

"We are going to have visitors in two hours", Alice announced excitedly.

"Who are they", Esme asked.

"Nahuel and his Aunt."

"How did you see them, I thought you couldn't see half-breeds?" Emmett asked.

"I didn't see anything, they call my cell phone and I gave them directions" Alice said slightly annoyed

I smirked everything doesn't always have to be known via a freaky super power does it, ha!

"You never met Nahuel did you Leah?" Nessie asked sitting down next to Bella. "He is very nice, a little quite, and very knowledgeable about the world."

"I would be knowledgeable too, if I lived a century and half" I said under my breath.

" Leah!" Nessie looks at me shocked, why I don't know.

"I'm just saying" I say as a shrug my shoulders with a devilish grin.

" Well I think you two will hit it off" Nessie says as optimistic as ever.

"I will be on my best behavior" It seemed like I always was now a days, no need to stop now.

"It's been like five minutes Seth!" I frown at him and he pauses, and then continues hooking up the Nintendo Wii.

"Why should I wait?"

"Don't you think you should unpack the rest of your things first?"

"Hmm.. . I guess so, I just got a little excited, do you see the size of the TV it is insane!!"

"Yes, Seth it is a very big TV" I say starting down the stairs; I hear two knocks and a welcome. I turn the corner to meet the visitor and BAM!

BAM is the only way I can explain it. It felt like had been running really fast into a brick wall and I finally hit it, BAM breaking all of my bones, rippling through my whole body and taking me over, but I liked it, strange. I had to fight with myself not to jump this stranger, I wanted be as close possible as soon as possible. I was at him staring, I blink and try to redirect my focus, and it is not going to happen.

His eyes are warm yet questioning.

"Hello, I'm Nahuel, a pleasure to make your acquaintance", he extends his hand I stumble forward and offer him my hand.

"Leah. Nice to meet you."

Bella closes the door and clears her throat. I am actually grateful she broke my focus.

"Nahuel, where's your Aunt?" she asks

"She decided to come at a later time." He responded which allowed me the opportunity to hear his rich creamy voice again, I allowed myself to place his voice deep down in my memory for use later.

"Where is Renesmee ?" He asked his eyes looked worried and anxious. Wow! I wonder what that's about? He is almost holding his breath waiting to see her. As if on command she appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

"Nahuel" she said and hugged him briefly" It feels like it's been a lifetime."

"It looks as if it has," he says addressing her appearance, "You look as breathtaking as I imagined"

Right then, my heart sank into my stomach. What kind of cruel joke is this? I have finally imprinted, only to find Nahuel's heart would never be mine, he was taken, by RENEESEME!