A Little Over a Year Into the Future

Neah and Nate are the entertainment of the house. They look as if they are three years old and think at about the same speed as a normal seven year old. Rosalie was the only one who still tried to treat them as infants.

"Rose you know she can feed herself?" I said standing by the counter. I knew that this was going to go nowhere fast. She had the wrong baby if she thought that Neah was going to be complacent with her feeding her. Neah was a blood lover, even though her little body needed human food as much as it needed blood she always preferred to drink the blood first. Rose attempted to stick the little spoon in her mouth and pushed it away with her hand.

"Rowes no!" She shook her head.

"But you have to eat the human food too, or else you will get sick again." Last week Neah had caught a horrible fever and Carlisle was beside himself trying to bring it down. It had finally started to break and he thought it was because of the human food they had started demanding she eat.

"Neah, the human food does seem to make you feel better!" I said trying to help Rosalie, but I knew this wasn't working. I went into the refrigerator and brought out her "juice" cup. I sat the iron cup on the stove allowing it to get warm.

"She should really eat first!" Rose commented.

"She will eat if you give her the blood with it. It's only a little bit, but it is obvious the child is thirsty!" Rose rolled her eyes and tried the spoon again. This time Neah pushed the spoon across the room with her mind.

"No, no Rowes, no, no!" She slammed her little hands on the top of her high chair. "Cuppie!" She tried to obtain the cup from the stove but I knew it would be too hot for her to touch so I grabbed and held it down to the counter with all my strength.

"Neah eat your food first!" With that, Neah went off; she let out a high pitch scream that probably alerted everyone in the house of her frustration. Her little body began to shake uncontrollably and in a matter of seconds, she phased into a little vicious looking light grey wolf. She growled at Rosalie and approached her slowly as if she were getting ready to attack her.

"Oh my God was all I could say!" I dropped her cup on the floor and all of its containments spilled to the floor. Neah licked the blood from the floor. She was beginning to calm herself, I was going to wrap my arms around her to get her relax enough to phase back, but then Embry opened the back door and she went flying into the forest.

"NEAH NO!" I screamed I started running and phased without thinking twice. I let out a howl that stopped the little wolf in her tracks. She looked at me and her eyes widened. She had never seen me this way.

I focused on her thoughts, her little throat was burning, and she couldn't get us to understand. She didn't just want blood she needed it. She felt a little better now, she was just confused about what was happening and what we had become. I saw myself through her eyes this huge white wolf standing in front of her, mommy she thought, so big so powerful.

Neah can you hear me? She didn't respond she was still studying my structure. I concentrated on sending my thoughts to her. Neah can you hear mommy?

Mommy you're in my head!! Her voice sounded so much older it than the little baby I saw in the kitchen only a few minutes ago. She rose to her hind paws and hopped around the sight would have been amusing if I wasn't concerned for her well-being. It wasn't normal for a young child to have the ability to phase.

Neah, I need you to relax so you can change back. I tried to relax my thoughts and put her at ease. She calmed herself and rested her head on her paws. Ten minutes past and she finally figured out to become the little baby to which we had all become accustom. She sat in front of me crying.

"Momma Ow, Momma Ow!" I remembered my first time phasing back and how much it hurt. I phased backing and picked her up in my arms. I kissed her little hands and feet. I held her close to my naked chest, trying to apologize to the curse I had given her.

"It will be okay, momma's here!" I rocked her back and forth. Nate would be next, the fever was already in him, it would only be a matter of time. I sat there with her for what seemed like hours trying to silence her tears. The daylight was being to fade. Nahuel came out to find us. He held a robe for me and wrapped our now sleeping daughter in a blanket. It was only then that I let my own tears fall; he held both of us in his arms.

"I know Leah I know." This meant that the Volturi was right and that my children's powers were amazing. Too amazing.