Chapter 1- What Just Happened?

The "Check-it-out" girls had just finished rehearsing their sketch for the next show when Marshall approached them.

"You girls were great once again," Marshall applauded.

"Thanks!" Sonny and Tawni replied in unison.

Marshall called the rest of the So Random! cast over and showed them a flyer. It was for the Annual New Year's Eve party that the studio always hosted.

"Yes!" Nico exclaimed. "Now I can finally meet the girls from that new mystery show; Undercover," he said as he thrust his hands in the air taking on a gun shape such as Charlie's Angels. Grady looked at him and smiled; it was obvious he was looking forward to it also.

"So, what is the point of this party? Sonny asked.

"Most of the parties that the studios throw are pretty lame," Tawni answered, "but the New Year's Eve one is actually a lot of fun! We get to hang out with the other stars of the studio, and we can bring a date. It's basically a way to ring in the new year and hope our show's stay on top."

"Yeah, and we get to wear costumes!" Zora blurted.

"Costumes? On New Year's Eve?" Sonny asked curiously.

"We don't wear costumes," Tawni snapped, "but Zora treats New Year's as if it's Halloween. I love it because I always get a kiss from someone at midnight. The only bummer is that we have to deal with the Mackenzie Falls cast all night."

First of all costume? Wait, okay, that makes sense for Zora, she's quirky, but date… and … kisses… and Mackenzie Falls? This is a bigger deal than I thought.

"Sounds like fun," Sonny retorted nervously.

"Let's go get some fro-yo," Grady suggested, noticing the tension in the air. The whole cast left the set and headed to the commissary for some grub.

Everyone was buzzing about the New Year's Eve party. The So Random! cast was full of excitement (except for Sonny who was nervous with the thought of it all), so excited that as they were making their way up to the yogurt machine Sonny wasn't paying much attention and rammed right in to the back of a figure; that of Chad Dylan Cooper.

"Hey watch where you're goi-" Chad began, until he turned around and realized it was Sonny who had hit him. "Well, well, well, look who it is, a member of Chuckle City. Are we not paying attention to who we're running into?" he asked conceitedly.

"Sorry, Chad, I wasn't paying attention," Sonny answered shyly. She was also trying to figure out why there was such a line for yogurt and why Chad was in line; he usually just jumps ahead of everyone. It must have been obvious that something was eating her up because Chad gave her a puzzled look and said "are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, perfect, great, wonderful…" Sonny lied. She wasn't going to show Chad Dylan Cooper that she'd let anything get to her. "What do you ask? You don't care," she said mockingly.

"Well, I would agree with you there, but I'm just making conversation while these idiots ahead of us take forever to fix this yogurt machine! " he raised his voice and turned around to make sure the repair guys heard him. "They said about ten minutes ago that it would be just a few minutes. I don't have time for this; I have things to do." He turned to back to Sonny and said "Besides, you normally would say something snarky back at me, but instead I got an apology from you. Weird."

Sonny wasn't sure why, but that ticked her off. Again, she thought maybe Chad was trying to talk with her or was genuinely concerned, but no. He was just killing time, waiting for his yogurt. She decided she didn't want to be stuck next to him in line, and with that she grabbed a soda and decided to head back to her set… but she didn't make it there.

"I'm so sorry! Sonny exclaimed, wiping soda off of some guy that she just smacked into, causing her soda to spill all over him.

"It's okay, no big deal," he replied. Sonny looked up at him and realized how adorable he was. He had dark hair and blue eyes… kind of like Chad's… not that she ever thought about Chad's eyes. The guy grabbed a napkin and wiped some soda off of her nose. "I'm Blake," he said. "Blake Rhodes. I'm the new lead for "Undercover."

"That's right, the studio's new mystery show. Well I'm-,"

"Sonny Munroe," he cut her off. "I've seen So Random! several times. You're hilarious!"

"Thank you," Sonny blushed. "I'm also very clumsy, as you may have noticed."

"It' okay, I think it's cute," Blake responded. He pulled out a business card with his name and number on it. "Call me sometime."

"O-kay," Sonny responded bashfully. As she was heading back to the set she realized that almost everyone in the commissary was watching them. She didn't realize it, but that includes a somewhat jealous appearing Chad Dylan Cooper.

"Who was that?" Tawni grabbed Sonny by the arm to get the gossip as they walked back to the set.