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Sonny, Chad, and Tawni were hanging out in a corner of the room. Nico and Grady had gone to find some "la-dies" as Nico said, and there was no telling where Zora had gone.

Sonny looked up at Chad, who is about half a foot taller than her and said, "I just want to thank you for being so nice to me lately. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but I consider you a friend."

"You're welcome," Chad said, blushing. "I guess we can be friends; as long as you don't tell anyone," Chad chuckled.

"Sonny gave him a playful push, "Oh you know I wouldn't tell anyone; I'd be too embarrassed," she remarked jokingly.

Chad amusingly glared at Sonny, but she knew it wasn't a hateful one; she was finally learning how to read him.

Just then, the disc jockey tapped on the microphone to make an announcement. "Ladies and gentleman, only two more songs until midnight."

"Oh!" Tawni whined, "I don't have anyone to dance with! This will be my first New Year's party alone!"

"Excuse me," someone tapped on Tawni's shoulder. She looked up to see a very handsome guy. "Wanna dance?" he asked her, flashing his pearly white teeth.

"Sure!" Tawni answered, taking his hand and giving Sonny a little wave.

Okay, this is a little awkward, Sonny thought. Just Chad and I standing in this corner while everyone else is dancing.

She turned around and noticed that both Nico and Grady had found dancing partners. Even Zora had found a younger guy to dance with.

Well at least I won't have to worry about kissing anyone. She had finally let that nervousness go.

Then the dj came back on, "Last dance before the ball drops- guys, choose your girl."

"Um," Chad started. He looked nervous. "Do you want to dance? I mean, why should we be the only two just standing around?" he tried to cover up his anxiousness.

"Sure," Sonny responded quietly. "Wait we don't have to kiss at midnight though, right?"

Although, if I did have a kiss tonight, I definitely wouldn't mind it being with Chad. I mean, even though we have had our problems, ultimately he is a nice guy; and c'mon, he's so hot!

"Oh, of course not," Chad said, baffled. Then he took her hand and lead her to the floor. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close. Sonny draped her arms around his neck.

Sonny looked up in to Chad's bright blue eyes.

Sonny's Thoughts: He really is adorable. Even though he can be conceited and arrogant, he also has a softer side; one that most people other than myself have not seen. Sometimes I cannot stand him, but then other times I am so attracted and cannot pull myself away.

Chad looked down in to Sonny's beautiful brown eyes.

Chad's Thoughts: Wow, I am feeling electricity with her now. It's almost like a love/hate thing we have going on, but she's the only girl that really challenges me and I kind of like it.

Their gaze was broken by the chanting of the other party guests. "Ten, nine, eight…" they counted down the seconds until midnight. Sonny and Chad joined.

"Seven, six, five…" Chad was moving closer to Sonny.

"Four, three…" Sonny moved in toward Chad.

"Two, one… Happy New Year!"

"Happy New Year Chad Dylan Cooper," Sonny said sweetly.

Sonny pulled him toward her to give him a hug, but Chad pulled away. Sonny looked disappointed.

"Happy New Year Sonny Munroe," Chad replied. Then he grabbed her hand, held it to his chest, rested his other hand on her cheek, and softly kissed her lips. And Sonny did kiss back.

"Wow," Sonny gasped. "I didn't see that coming."

"You amaze me," Chad said cunningly, "as much as I want to hate you, I just can't. You're too sweet, and sincere, and stubborn and…"

Sonny reached up and put her finger to his lips. "Time for talking's over," Sonny laughed, stealing his line. "I feel the same about you. Sometimes you make me mad, but you seem to pull through for me, and when no one is watching, I know you care."

Chad put his arm around Sonny's shoulder and a big grin came across her face. "So, I could really go for some egg salad right about now," Chad teased, giving her a little squeeze.

"And some frozen yogurt?" Sonny added, squeezing him back.

They both looked at each other and smiled. Neither were sure exactly what was going to happen, but they knew that things would definitely be good between them from now on.