Silver, Not Gold

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Title: Silver, Not Gold

Author: IsaacSapphire

Fandom: Supernatural (American TV show)

Wordcount: 100 on the dot

Rating: K+

Pairing(s): None explicit

Warnings: none

Reviews: Constructive criticism and praise are always welcome. Heck, flames are ok too.

Synopis: A drabble about Dean's ring...

Timeline: Nonspecific, but after the pilot

Spoiler warning: none

A/N: I'm sure I'm not the only person to wonder about Dean's ring. A less melodramatic view worked out into a drabble rather nicely.


He's honest in his own way; it's not gold, but it's there. As such, it's neither here nor there.

One girl asked if it was a purity ring. He laughed and showed her how impure he was.

It's truth in advertising. He says it on his hand, "I'm not going to be here in the morning. I'm not going to be here tomorrow. I belong to somebody, something, so don't think you're getting more than a taste."

He started wearing it during the four years, sixteen seasons, forty-eight months that Sam was gone. It's a warning for himself too.