I got bored working on my other story so I started this one. I got this great idea as I was working on my other story. My boyfriend wants to get his driver's license too but he doesn't have a car and I'm too paranoid to let him drive it. My dad said he can give him his old Honda, that be cool.

It had been a year since Sam and Joon had been living on their own. Everyone they knew had a driver's license and a car. They both had to take buses to get to places. Sam had to take a bus to work and back and when he needed to get things. Whenever Joon needed more paint or other art supplies, she would call Sam or Benny. Sometimes Ruthie got her things too she needed just to spare Benny and Sam.

"I wish I could drive," said Joon.

"Why?" Sam asked.

"Don't you get tired of waiting for the bus and sometimes it never comes or it breaks down and if we had a car, it be a lot quick to get to places and back and you wouldn't have to worry about carrying all that art supplies on the bus for me," said Joon.

"But cars are expensive," said Sam. "How are we going to get a car?"

"I'll call Benny and tell him I want to get my license and I want a car."

Joon picked up the phone and called Benny.

Benny was in the kitchen cooking when his phone rang. He went and answered the phone and took it with him to the kitchen. He had a long extension phone cord. "Hello?"

"Benny?" Joon said.

"Hey Joon what's up?"

"I want to get my driver's license and I want a car."

"Joon, driving is a big responsibility," said Benny. "When you are behind the wheel, you are held responsible for accidents when you are at fault and cars are expensive to maintain and don't forget about the gas and the oil change, the tune up, needing new tires, and new windshield wipers."

"You can fix it when it needs it," Joon pointed out.

"I will charge you."

"Ruthie told me you didn't charge her for the labor when you fixed her car," Joon pointed out.

"That was different. That was my apology for turning her down for a relationship," Benny said.

After Joon had moved into her own apartment, Benny decided to try having a relationship with Ruthie. It lasted maybe six months and then it was over. Their interests were just different and they both wanted different things in their life so it made them incompatible but they stayed friends and in touch. She still went to the poker games.

"But I really want to be more independent. I don't like to keep having to call you or Sam or Ruthie to get me things," said Joon. "Besides Sam has been having bad luck with the Spokane Transit Authority. He was late to work three times so far this month and late to get home one day because the bus broke down. First it was the steering wheel fluid spraying out, then it was the breaks that went out, and then the engine was over heating-"

"Okay Joon, I will think about this okay and let you know," Benny interrupted.

"Okay thank you," said Joon.

"Okay see you soon, bye."

He hung up and went back to his cooking. He really should think about rather Joon could drive or not. He only said that to get her off the phone. He wasn't up for arguments.

"No Benny you can't be over protective of her," Benny told himself. Then he started to have a conversation with himself in his head. "But I don't want Joon to get in a car wreck and be held responsible. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. She's mentally ill."

"Benny will you relax, she isn't a child, she is an adult. She wants to be more independent."

"But what if she has one of her outbursts on the road and goes into road rage, she would also be held responsible for that. What if she starts hearing voices and starts screaming and takes her eyes off the road during one of her breakdowns?"

"Benny will you stop being so paranoid, Claudia drives, Jennifer drives."

"But they aren't sick."

Jennifer was an old friend of Ruthie's who had moved to Spokane last summer and Claudia was married to his friend Eric and pregnant with their first child. Claudia was deaf so she didn't speak and she only spoke in sign language or read lips. Jennifer had a undiagnosed condition so it made her function differently and view the world differentally than other people. Sam was different too. He was eccentric and had a reading disability. He probably had a undiagnosed condition too.

Joon was happy Benny would think about it. She hoped Benny would let her and help her. She wanted to get her license and have a car so she have more freedom.

"So what did Benny say?" Sam asked.

"He said he would think about it. I bet he will say yes and help me get a car and help me get my license. I will study for the test and ace it."

"Joon," said Sam.


"Maybe I should get my license too so I can drive. You wouldn't have to do all the driving."

"Okay. That be great," said Joon.

About Sam having bad luck with the transportation system, that was actually based on a real experience with my boyfriend in 2007. The bus broke down one time, and then another power steering fluid was spraying out, the light rail caught on fire, and other buses broke down on him and it was all in the same year. I just thought it was funny because he was having bad luck with Trimet here in Portland. Boy would I be mad at my boyfriend for being late to getting to my aunt's and uncle's house to see me back when I was still living with them but once he told about his "bus problem" I got over it and forgave him. He had a valid reason to be late. It wasn't his fault and he didn't plan it.

Can deaf people drive? I'm not sure. After all they can't hear so would the DMV still let them drive?