Hi I'm back with this story. I had a horrible writer's block so I was stuck but when I decided to change the scene, things picked back up. I am stuck on my other stories again, Ass Burgers, and Everyone Hates Barney.

Uh oh have I made Benny autistic lol? Oh well everyone has some traits of it. I'd rather give all the characters traits and all my OCs. It's easier that way.

Sam loved the shoes. He and Joon would go outside together and bounce in them, Ruthie would join in too and they all bounced in them. It wasn't necessary for them to wear protective gear. They had great balance.

Eric invited all his friends to his house for the fourth of July. Ruthie told Jennifer about it but she said she would think about it.

"Mike might be there, I think Eric invited him, they are they thinking about doing poker there also before the fireworks," said Ruthie.

"He might leave when he sees I'm there," said Jennifer.

"We'll if you want to come, it's at Eric's house on July forth, I don't know when it starts but give me a call that day and I'll tell you."

"I'll let Jason know."

"Peter too?"

Jennifer didn't answer thinking it was a reminder to let him know also.

"Let Peter know too," Ruthie said again.

"Okay I will."

Ruthie took Sam and Joon to the firework stand. The whole tent was set in the parking lot of the supermarket. They all walked around and found some fireworks they liked. Ruthie bought forty dollars worth of fireworks and Sam and Joon got cheaper ones that didn't cost more than ten dollars. They all paid for them and went back to their apartment.

Joon put on her moon shoes again and walked around in her art studio with them on. Sam was worried she would fall and get paint all over the floor. "Joon, I don't think that's a good idea to wear them when you're painting," said Sam.

"Why not?" Joon asked.

"Because you can fall."

"I'm not Jennifer. Put these on her and she's a walking disaster. She would probably fall into my paintings or knock my painting off the easel," she Joon..

"What about Jason?"

"Him too."

"I think they just need more practice," said Sam.

"Ruthie said she was never good with her balance. I read that people with autism have poor coordination skills and gross motor skills," said Joon.

"It's a shame about autistic people," said Sam.

"At least they don't have to hear voices in their head."


Benny was at work working on Jeanne's car.

"You should invite the gal to my place for the forth of July," said Eric.

"No I'm sure she has other plans," said Benny.

"Just call her anyway and see."

"I'm can't. I'm busy with Sam and Joon's car and I don't have time for a fat lady," said Benny.

"Don't find excuses," Eric said. "Just call her, you have her number. You can give her a good work out."

"What if she doesn't want to change the way she looks?"

"You won't know unless you know her," Eric told him. "Let's go in your office."

Benny stopped what he was doing and Eric grabbed his sleeve and pulled him into his office.

Eric grabbed the phone off the hook and handed it to Benny. "You know the number?"

Benny opened the filing cabinet and looked under E's and found her name. He took out the sheet and looked her number up and grabbed the phone from Eric. It was beeping so he had to hang it up and then dial. He heard it ringing and then "Hello?"

Benny felt nervous inside. He couldn't get a word out.

"Hello?" Jeanne asked.

Benny was speechless.

"Just say 'hi'," Eric whispered.

Benny barely got the word out when he heard a click.

"She hung up so I guess it's a no," he said.

"Were you this nervous around Ruthie?" Eric asked.

"No actually," Benny said.

"Then why are you nervous with this gal?"

"Maybe because Ruthie wasn't fat," Benny said.

Eric rolled his eyes. "Stop using that as an excuse."

"Well she is, I would be lying if I said she wasn't," Benny pointed out.

"Just call her again and this time say "hi," I'll help you out," said Eric.

"But she hung up on me."

"Because she thought no one was at the phone, just call her and told her you just called and you couldn't get a word out and just ask her to the forth of July."

"But I don't know how," Benny said.

"Okay when she answers, say "Hi Jeanne this is Benny calling from Benny's Car Clinic.""

"And?" Benny asked.

"And I was wondering if you are interested in attending to go to my friend's house with me for the fourth of July."

"But wouldn't that make me sound like a freak?" Benny asked. "I am asking her over to a stranger's house and she might think I am a stalker or something."

"Just call her and don't you worry. Even if she thought you were, she would still have to come by to get her car when it's finished," said Eric.

Benny went back to work. It was no use for Eric. He couldn't hook him up with another girl. He had tried to hook him up with other women back when Joon was still living with him but he used her as an excuse to not have a relationship. Now that he didn't have her anymore, he was using Jeanne's weight and finding other excuses to not ask her out. Benny was one complicated friend he had.


On the fourth of July, Ruthie, Sam and Joon were heading over to Eric's house. "I want to drive," said Joon.

"There will be too many people in the car," Ruthie said. "The rule is you are to drive with one other person in the car and I am sure Sam would like to come but he be so sad if he couldn't go."

"Call Benny, Sam can ride with him or I can drive his car," Joon suggested.

Ruthie picked up Sam and Joon's phone and dialed Benny's cell number.

Benny was working on Sam and Joon's car at his shop when he heard his cell phone ringing. He stopped what he was doing wiped his hands off using a baby wipe and picked up his cell phone. He opened the flap and pulled up the antenna and said "Hello?"

"Benny?" Ruthie said.

"Hi," Benny said back.

"Joon wants to drive over to Eric's but she can't if Sam comes along so I was wondering if you can drop by and take Joon or Sam?"

"Sure, I'd love to," Benny said. "How's the driving coming along?"

"It's going great," Ruthie said.

"Is she doing better with her driving?"

"I'd say so."

"So when will you be over?" Ruthie asked. "We were about to head over to Eric's house."

"Oh, I was in the middle of working on her car so if I quit now, it be longer for her car to get done. Tell her that."

"Joon, Benny is working on your car right now so if he quits now to come here, then you will have to wait longer for your car to be finished," Ruthie informed her.

"When will he be finished?" Joon asked.

"When will you be finished?" Ruthie asked Benny.

"Uh another three or four weeks if I work on it everyday," Benny replied.

"No I meant today," Ruthie corrected.

"Oh, uh I was going to wait till evening to head over there before it gets dark," said Benny.

"Benny is going to head over there before it gets dark," Ruthie informed Joon.

"What time?" Sam asked.

"What time?" Ruthie asked Benny.

"Before it gets dark," said Benny again.

"Before it gets dark Sam," Ruthie informed him.

"But it is before dark and that's all day so that doesn't tell us what time," said Sam.

"You're a Jason," Joon teased.

Sam and Jason both took things literal. That was one of the things they had in common.

"Sam wants to know what time because before dark lasts all day you know," Ruthie told Benny.

Benny laughed. "I don't know what time but maybe around six or seven."

"Around six or seven," Ruthie told Sam.

"So does Joon want me to come now or is she going to let me work on her car?" Benny asked.

"Joon, do you want Benny to come here so you can drive or do you want him to keep working on the car?" Ruthie asked.

"He can work on the car, the sooner the better," Joon replied.

"She wants you to keep working on the car," said Ruthie.

"Okay, I'll keep working on it and I'll be at Eric's soon," said Benny.

"Okay, see you soon, bye," said Ruthie.

"Bye," and Benny hung up and went back to work. He had his shop closed that day for the holiday so it was just him there alone.