Jazz: A new story I've been thinking about... first is... What If.... Pai was a Mew Mew?!

Pai: NANI?!

Disclaimer: I don't own Tokyo Mew Mew

The sexy lavender haired Alien, by the name of Pai teleported into the green Mews room, or as Kisshu called her, 'Pai's crush'. He looked around, then walked over to her table. Pai picked up Lettuce's pendent, and looked at it.

He looked around, then turned his back to the door.

Pai kissed the pendent, "Mew Mew Pai, Metamorphosis!"

A glow wrapped Pai's body, just as Lettuce stepped in. She froze up, her eyes staring at the glow around Pai.

His clothes faded away, and Lettuce's Mew outfit appeared on him, but in purple. His ears went away, and two porpoise ribbons hung in front of his face. He turned around, coming to face Lettuce.

"...It's not what it looks like!" Pai yelled, his face red.

Lettuce fainted.

"Pai-san! Stand still!" Lettuce said, her face red.

Pai was standing in front of her, blushing, while Letuce tried to put two mango's down the top half, to make him more women-looking.

She stepped back, and looked at the Alien Mew.

"There.... you look more like a Mew." Lettuce murmured.

Pai crossed his arms, "Gah, now what?"

"Theres a Chimera Animal at the park.. you need to defeat it."

He cursed before walking down the stairs, and outside.

Lettuce was sat in her room waiting, soon the door slammed open, and Pai stepped in. His hair was all messy, cuts were all over his arms, and legs.

"What happened?!"

Pai fell to the floor, "Kisshu.... is now obsessed with porpoises... HE KISSED ME!" Pai screamed.

Lettuce let out a small giggle, and Pai glared at her.

"G-gomen ne Pai-san."

"Whatever," Pai muttered, "How do I change back?!"

"Ano... think of being a Alien again?"

He closed his eyes, then the outfit disappeared, his Alien outfit appeared again. Without a word, he stood up, and nodded at Lettuce before teleporting away.

Lettuce sighed, "I geuss he'll find out he still has the porpoise ribbons soon."

Pai appeared in living room of the Alien ship, Taruto stood there with his mouth open, the glass of milk falling to the floor.