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Kisshu floated around Tokyo, after being kicked out of Ichigo's. He flew over to a small toy and picked it up. It was pale-ish pink and had blue eyes.

He gave it's paw a small sequeeze, tilting his head to the side.


Kisshu's mouth dropped open a bit, the toy's tail flicked.

"Mew..." He murmured, then the small toy was crushed to his chest, as he started hugging it.

*Few weeks later*

Kisshu sat lazily in his room, holding Mew. He had asked Pai what it was and Pai said it was something from a show called 'Pokemon' or something like that.

He opened one eye as Taruto and Pai teleported in.

"Kisshu..." Pai murmured.

The said Alien, raised an eyeborw.


Kisshu's eyes widened, "NO!! YOUR NOT TAKING MEW-CHAN AWAY!!" Kish yelled, hugging the toy close.

"NOW!" Pai yelled.

Taruto leaped at the green Alien, pining his arms down. Pai grabbed Mew and teleported away.

"IIE!!!" Kisshu screamed, knocking Taruto off.

In the next room, smashing could be heard. Kish quickly teleported next door and horror was written all over his face.

Pai had hold of an hammer and Mew was laying on the table, all broken.

"MEW-CHAN!!" Kisshu yelled, rushing forward.

He picked up the broken toy and held it close, sniffing.

"Such a tragic death." Kisshu sniffed.

Pai sweatdropped, "Baka."

"OOH!! MEW-CHAN!!" Kisshu yelled happily, looking at the doorway.

Pai whipped around and Mew, the real one, stood staring at him. Pai gulped nervously.

"H-hi." Pai stuttered.

Mew screamed and leaped forward, attacking Pai, while Kisshu sat there with popcorn laughing.