Author Note: So really my delve into fanfiction so far has been limited to my favourite pairing: R/Hr. I've decided its time to look at something different and this will be my first non canon pairing: Cedric and Hermione. From Cedric's POV Fourth Year. Enjoy!!!

Familiar Faces:

Chapter 1: Unfamiliar feelings

He is supposed to like Cho. She's pretty and smart. She likes him. Shouldn't that be enough? It used to be. Until he met her. Now he knows what it is really like to actually like someone. The fluttering heart; nervousness and attraction combining together to give off that lovely yet horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. Smiling unexpectedly when her name, her face or anything connected with her is brought into conversation. And the dreams. Vivid, wonderful dreams which left him squirming and hopeful.

Then there is the feeling that comes attached to liking her. A sensation Cedric wished would go away, an unpleasant squirming sensation in his stomach that told him she was out of bounds.

Lying in his bed he sighed. He used to like Cho. Well he thought he liked Cho. It'd be easier if he did, he knew they appeared the perfect couple and it would be wonderful if it wasn't all pretence. Pretence for him anyway. He tossed in his bed and thought about her. Those alluring brown eyes, the sun kissed skin and that curly mess of chocolate hair. He smiled as he drifted to sleep.

"Hermione…" he murmured as he slipped into a peaceful dream.

The TwiWizard Tournament. Offcourse the handsome and talented Cedric Diggory would enter. He didn't really have a choice. To do what was expected of him was in some ways his curse, a burden placed on him by his doting parents who assumed their boy would always excel. As he walked down to the great hall he pondered whether or not he really wanted to enter the Tournament. Making a pros and cons list in his head as he walked he came up with the following

Pro: eternal glory, respect of his peers if he won, money

Cons: taunting of peers if he lost, potential death

Clearly the cons won; but did it really matter, did he even have a choice? If he didn't enter his father would be disappointed and immediately jump to the conclusion that something horrible had happened, only something horrible would stop Cedric from following his 'dream'. If he didn't enter his friends would tell him not to worry about it, but really they would blame him for wasting Hufflepuff's only chance at glory.

"Honestly Ron, you'd think by this age you would know how to eat properly…"

Cedric froze on his way to breakfast and slowly turned around. It was her. She was sitting with Harry Potter and their friend Ron Weasley. He couldn't help but smile at her and tried his best to pass it off as good-morning acknowledgement. She smiled back, as did Harry but that wasn't important, and he felt his heart flutter in that unusual, unfamiliar way. He had to quickly look at the other side of the room so she didn't see his blush and realising that Cho was looking at him, smile plastered on her pretty face, he distractedly winked at her and sat down at the Hufflepuff table. A new train of thought entered his mind as he snuck another glance at Hermione: entering the Tournament could be what got her to notice him so that he finally stood above Harry Potter in her eyes.

That was a pro that would outweigh any con.

Studying in the library at Hogwarts was not what Cedric would call a fun filled Saturday but there were attributes of it that weren't that bad. A certain bushy haired female Hogwarts student spent a LOT of time in the library. Cedric liked watching her, the way she bit her lip when she was concentrating and the light that entered her eyes when she got an answer correct. She was intoxicating. He even forgot that Harry Potter was sitting next to her. He let out a small growl at the thought of Harry with Hermione but quickly caught himself.

What was wrong with him? He genuinely liked Harry and he'd never felt jealous before. Cho always spoke to other boys, mostly to Harry, but he never growled at the thought of them being anything more than just friends. In fact he wasn't a growler at all. If he missed the snitch he was upset but he always remembered it was just a game and he never lost his cool. She just stirred something within him. Something that Cho never could, that even Quidditch couldn't.

"Hey Cedric,"

He'd been so busy staring at Hermione that he didn't notice Cho standing right beside him.

"Hey Cho," he quickly collected himself and turned to face the girl next to him. She was pretty, he couldn't deny that. Again he kicked himself inwardly for not liking her the way he knew he was supposed to. She was smiling at him so sweetly but he felt nothing, no twinge or pang or anything that would indicate feelings other than friendship.

"So I heard you entered your name into the Goblet of Fire?"

He smiled at her and nodded, willing himself to keep up the façade that they were going to be Hogwarts next big item, "Yeah, I figured I might as well enter. We'll see how I go I guess."

She grinned at him and leaned in closer. He wasn't an expert in the opposite sex but he could tell she was attempting to flirt with him. Hand on arm. Classic hair twirl. Sit back and wait for the excessive compliment.

"Oh I'm sure you you'll be the Hogwarts Champion Cedric. You're so smart and brave," she gushes, blushing as she says the last part.

He sighs to himself and looks at Cho. It's too hard to keep up the pretence that he sees her as more than a friend. Honesty is one of his best qualities, or so his been told.

"Thanks Cho, means a lot to have a good friend like you. We are friends aren't we?"

Her smile faltered but she hid it pretty well and nodded. She got the hint.

"Well I have to go to….lunch. I'll see you later Cedric," and with that she turned and walked away. A sad smile played at his lips. He'd done the right thing. He knew it was better than leading her on, he just hoped he hadn't hurt her.

He turned back to watch Hermione and noticed Harry watching Cho walk out of the library. The smile turned from sad to genuine. Maybe Harry and Hermione really are only just friends. His heart skipped a beat as he turned back to his homework after stealing one last sidelong glance at Hermione.

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