It's not the best and it's not even proof read but I did this late at night because I couldn't sleep until I got the thought out.

Nobody ever spares a thought for the young Harry who had no parents to squeal with glee at his first steps, to cry at his first day at school and to hug him for his first a+ report card. I thought about it and it made cry. Everything belongs to JKR.

It was a hot summer's day and a small seven year old boy with jet black hair and astonishingly green eyes sat by himself at the back of his class. He wore round broken glasses and clothes that were too big for him and on his forehead was a curious scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.

"Today we will write about our mum and dad." Said his teacher in a voice that was falsely cheerful as she begun handing out sheets of paper. "Be sure to write their names, your favourite thing about them and what you do on the weekends.

"Yes, Harry?" she asked as the black haired boy at the back timidly put his hand up.

"I don't have parents." He said quietly and the whole class burst into laughter led by a very large pig-like blond boy who happened to be Harry's cousin, Dudley.

"They put him up for adoption!" he shouted loudly.

Harry felt tears fill his eyes.

"That's enough!" cried the teacher angrily. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley had warned her about Harry Potter. 'He is a big nuisance at home,' they had said, 'always trying to cause problems.' They complained. She ignored Harry's quiet sniffles and went back to her desk. Harry was left with nothing to write about.

Twenty minutes later the teacher called up pupils to the front of the class to read out what they had written.

"Samuel Jenkins." She said and a short curly haired boy stood up.

"My mum and dad are called Dylan and Jillian. I like them a lot because they always give me big presents for my birthday. On the weekends we go to the zoo or something to the park or sometimes we go swimming and sometimes we go to our friend's houses." He sat back down. Harry looked at him and wondered why his aunt and uncle never took him to the zoo or to the park.

"What did you write?" The teacher asked when Harry had stood up for his turn.

"Nothing." He said quietly.

"Speak up!" She said tersely.

"I didn't write anything." He said but nobody heard him because the bell went at exactly that moment and all the students hurried to get out of class.

As Harry was walking out the door Dudley pushed him forcefully to the ground and walked off laughing towards his father who was also laughing in his car. By the time Harry had found his glasses, which had fallen off, and stood up Uncle Vernon's car had driven away and Harry began his forty minute walk home.

"Where have you been?" Aunt Petunia asked angrily when he finally walked in the door, and not waiting to hear an answer shooed him away. Harry walked glumly to his cupboard under the stairs. He climbed in and shut the door behind him, greeting the spider that scurried off his pillow as soon as it saw him.

Dudley ran down the stairs, jumping on each one so that the dust fell into Harry's eyes, screaming "Dinner! Dinner! Dinner! Dinner!"

When everyone was seated at the table Harry asked the question that had been bothering him all day.

"Why don't I have any parents?"

Uncle Vernon choked on his wine and Aunt Petunia dropped the fork that she was feeding to Dudley.

"They died in a car accident." Uncle Vernon said harshly, regaining his composure as Dudley began hitting his fists on the table demanding Aunt Petunia to continue feeding him.

And that was that.