Chapter 1 – The Kidnapping

At Danny Fenton's house or Fenton works, as the big sign on the door said, it was quiet for a change. This was mainly because Danny's parents were out at some kind of haunted skiing trip in Alaska with Jazz, while Danny was in his room doing some summer homework with his best friend Sam and his other best friend Tucker.

"What's with the English home work Mr Lancer set us? It's so hard!" asked Tucker while annoyingly tapping his pen on Danny's desk.

"I don't know but please just hurry up, we just need to finish it quickly or were never going to get it done in time for the new opening of Doom VI!" said Sam crossly. Her mother had made been asked by Danny's and Tucker's parents to make sure they all had done homework before they went to the opening. So she hid all their money in her family vault and threatened to buy herself a new dress with the money.

"Finished!" Announced Danny

"Yeah so have I." said Tucker

"Finally!" Sam said. She had finished hers at the beginning of summer. "Quick, let's get to my mum before it opens!" she said and they grabbed their home work and ran as fast as they could to Sam's house.

After they had got their money from Sam's mum, who reluctantly gave Danny and Tucker their money back, they ran as fast as they could to the new game store. When they got there, they found about 25 people queuing outside waiting for the doors to open.

"I knew you guys should have done your homework at the beginning of summer like me!" said Sam irritably.

"No way, were not complete and total losers" Said Tucker

"So you're calling me a complete total loser now!" shouted Sam, completely ignoring the fact they were in public.

"No I meant…"

"Quiet." Whispered Danny, only loud enough for Sam and Tucker to hear. He pointed to the shop doors and it looked like someone was beaconing at him to go over there but he couldn't see them very well because it was dark. So instinctively, he went to go over to him but the person pointed and shook his head at Sam and Tucker who had started to follow him.

"It looks like I have to go alone." He said but Sam thought differently.

"Don't go, I don't like the look of this person, whoever it is. I could be another trap."

"Don't worry. It's not like anything can go wrong." He said as he flash his eyes green. He walked slowly up to the shop which he saw was an old charity shop that was closed for the night. As he walked up to the doors the person opened them. Once he was inside the shop, the person pressed something on the wall and the shops metal doors came down with a clang but this didn't worry Danny in the slightest he could just fly intangible through the doors or the roof but he started to act like he was scared just in case.

"So were not disturbed." Said a raspy woman's voice. She sounded like she hadn't spoken in a long time.

"What are you doing" Danny said in a mock scared voice

"Don't toy with me Danny Fenton... or should I say Phantom" the woman said in a smug voice.

"What are you talking about, let me out of this place." He said still in the mock scared voice.

"Playing dumb will only add to your pain Phantom" She said. She created a sapphire blue ecto-blast and in the split second before she threw it he saw that she had a beautiful face, but on that beautiful face was a cruel smile. He dived into the box of assorted furniture and said no longer acting scared and transformed

"Is that the best you can do?"

"Impressive, but just wait; you will be locked up somewhere even the likes of Vlad could never escape." She said after she threw yet another ecto-blast at him, but he still avoided the blast. He tried to fire some back at her but she would always lazily dodge just short of it hitting her, like she was toying with him. She did nothing but throw ecto-shots at him which he barely avoided. After awhile of battling he threw a weak ecto-shot which she flicked away with one of her hands. But that didn't matter to him, he charged at her ready to wail at her. He flew at where he thought she last was but there wasn't there.

"Enough of this game," she said as she threw something from the other side of the room. It was so fast he didn't see it coming it hit him on the chest and she spoke to him. "It's time for you to serve your true master Danny." Then it exploded.

Danny woke up to find himself inside a holding cell with a human guard asleep in his chair, "But this isn't the Amity police station" He thought to himself as he looked around, It looked like he was in a ware house because there was boxes piled against the wall, "The box ghost's dream house". There was only the one cramp cell and the guard wasn't in uniform, just a pair of black trousers and plain blue shirt. "It's time to get out of here." He said to himself as he went intangible and flew outside to the ally next door.

"That was too easy" he said and then he realised that he was in a part of Amity Park that he had never been to before. But wait, he had been everywhere in Amity more time than once and he didn't recognise this part of it.

He started to explore the streets and found a news paper stand. The main headline was 'Teen Titans Stop Cinderblock In His Tracks' but that wasn't what he was looking at, the date was the day after his 'kidnapping' and the name of the newspaper was called the 'Jump City Times'. He was stunted. First his ghost sense had not worked and now he was in Jump City.

He brought the newspaper and read through it, most of the articles were about these 'Teen Titans' and one even had a picture of the gang: the one in front was a short green boy about 13, the girl next to him was pale in a purple outfit with a blurred yellow projectile coming out of her hand. The other girl was slightly out of view and her hood covered her face but she wore a black leotard with a violet cloak and coming out of her hand was some kind of dark energy. The boy's right at the back was the most interesting. The boy on the left was about 15 and very fit and strong with a red, black and green costume, which made him look like a traffic light, and a mask covering his eyes. The other boy was a huge with blue and white robotic armour covering most of his body and even covering some of his head.

He eventually threw the newspaper away and sat down on a bench just thinking about what to do. "Well I can phone Sam and Tucker but I have no more money." He mentally kicked himself for wasting his money on a news paper.

He was about to just ask someone for some money or a phone when he heard a cry of pain. As he ran towards the source of the noise he realised it was a mugging and quickly ducked behind a dustbin and turned into Danny Phantom with a flash of the two rings. He flew into a dark alley invisible and found a poor man getting mugged by four other big brutes. Still invisible he sneaked up on the first man and twisted his arm round and put into a half nelson and tucked him in an open skip. The others were perplexed; one of their team mates had just been thrown into a skip by someone or something. "Is that you Raven, because if it is we have a special surprise for putting my brothers in jail." He said with a smirk. "Wasn't Raven one of the names of that 'Teen Titan group?" he thought when he punched the guy that had said that and chucked him at the wall. He definitely heard something crack. Turning visible he turned to the other two men and said "So who's next?". As he would have guessed the men picked up the others and ran as fast as they could out of the alley. As he turned around he saw the man that was being mugged was still there and was bleeding profusely. Danny picked him up and turned invisible going, where he hoped, the hospital was.

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