Chapter 10 – Final Exit

Sam's POV

What the hell just happened? One minute we were getting our asses kicked, then the next we were blown half way to Steele City! As we all fell through the air, I used the new feature in the Fenton Peeler, thanks to Cyborg, and started to slow down my decent and speed up my flight speed. The others also did the same, but as we all became conscious of those around us we realised that we were two short. Danny and Raven! Where were they?

I saw the big blue dragon in the distance and the dark shadow that was the bitch that caused all this trouble. I sped toward it as fast as I could, determine on giving her a piece of my mind, but within seconds of me flying towards it, the dragon, the ghost and my friends, just simply vanished. I still flew over to the spot when my visor spoke to me; "Ghost portal in use near your position. Please proceed due west." I did as I was told, and when I reached the ghostly green portal it was only small enough to fit my arm.

It didn't matter though; I got a good look at the location they went. The Far Frozen, ay? My visor took a few snap shots to provide me with a 3D model and linked it to the map of the ghost zone, again thanks to Cyborg. I flew over to the others who were still recovering from the last defeat. I cleared my throat to get their attentions before going into commander mode.

"First things first, Danny and Raven are missing and we need to get them back. Robin, I need you to get some backup to fight the villains while we're away. Cyborg, you need to find the nearest Ghost portal, natural or manmade I don't care, and then hack the Fenton's computer network and upgrade all of the titans wepones to use ectoplasm. The password is 'molecule by molecule'. Beast Boy, you need to come with me to get some friends of mine. Starfire and Tera, help Robin. Titans Go!" Everyone except Robin did as they were told, going to various points. Robin looked confused and said;

"Hey, you aren't the..." I cut him off to say

"PMS is a bitch Robin; our friends are in danger so do as I bloody say!" He actually saluted me and used his glider to fly over to his motor cycle. Feeling in control, I turned to Cyborg.

"Find any of the Portals?" He nodded and showed me a map with four small red dots. I picked the nearest and newest one I could find and Beast Boy and I set off.


Raven's POV

I woke up with a major headache. My hands and feet were bound with blue plasma like orbs. I couldn't move them at all. I tried to use my magic to phase through them, but it was useless. Danny was beside me and still unconscious. I looked around and saw that I was inside some kind of cave lit by lanterns hanging along the walls, not somewhere on earth though, my mind told me. I struggled against the bonds to crawl over to the entrance, even if it was to see where I was, or what dimension. I got about a few feet in, when I heard a noise from behind me.

I turned my body, with difficulty, to face a now conscious Danny.

"Hey, what are you doing...?" I cut him off before he finished with a "Shhh! We need to get out of here. I can only teleport when I know where I am. Now come on, let's crawl outside." I whisper thought. He nodded and started to crawl on his belly, almost like a... Worm? He quickly caught up to me and whispered;

"I think this is the only time the eighties has actually came in handy for me." I smiled and we started to crawl quickly. I got into the rhythm of the old dance and became faster; we covered twenty meters in few minutes, and eventually got to a corner. I smelt the fresh air beckoning me behind the wall of stone. A final push and I got my head round and I saw snow. Wait, snow? Danny was quick to follow and saw what I saw. He swore out loud and asked me

"Do you know where we are?" I shook my head "Look at the sky, its green isn't it. We're in the ghost zone. Shit, now how are we going to escape?"

"You're not." Came a voice, we both froze as the voice spoke again

"How dare you try to escape. Why would you do this to your dear old mother? All I want is for you to become a pair of soulless murders who do my every whim. Is that too much to ask?"

"Piss of witch, we're not your children." I spat

"What a shame. Now I'll have to brain wash you." I felt a hard pull as we were both pulled violently past the place we woke up and deeper into the cave.


Sam's POV

I passed the next floating door with Beast Boy beside me. He was coping well for someone who was in a complete and total different dimension for the first time. The first stop we had was up a head and I could smell the thing I was looking for. In seconds a small green dog came bounding up to me, with a spiked collar and black ears, and he sniffed me, realised I wasn't Danny and transformed into his huge form and started to growl. I moved slowly next to Beast Boy and whispered;

"Beast Boy, you need to communicate with him. Tell him Danny's in trouble and that we need his help."

"O... Ok, hold on." And Beast Boy transformed into a common Labrador, if you could call a green dog common, and started to bark to Cujo with his tail in between his legs. They barked at each other, Beast Boy looking even more scared with each bark, until he transformed back. He looked scared out of his wits, which was not good for a super hero. He managed to mutter something along the lines of "He'll help us, but he wants to finish the... demon... who captured his master" before fainting. Cujo transformed into the cute little dog and licked Beast Boys face. What the hell did that dog say?

We made our way round the Ghost Zone and recruited some of the ghost zones best and worst, including Johnny Thirteen, Dora, Amorpho, Ember (It was a long shot, but who knew?) and Wulf. Finally the green wonder woke up and realised he was on Cujo in his monster form. His face went as pale as Raven's and he franticly transformed to a monkey, jumped off and cowered behind me.

"What's up with green?"Asked Ember, Beast boy transformed and got on the defensive;

"Hey, if you knew what that dog was saying, you would be scared too."

Ember just shrugged and started to play a few power chords. I called over to Wulf and told him in, very basic, Esperanto to open a portal to The Titans Tower. He did what he was told and got a portal the front room. We walked through and found Titans East and the rest of West waiting for us.

Robin looked at me and then at the 'gang' I had rounded up. He raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything. Cyborg, it seemed, had enough ecto-weaponry to fuel an army, and was having fun blasting everything his hands could find with green goo to stop any ghosts from getting in the tower.

"Boo-ya. Now that's what I call messing up the place. Whoo, now let's go and kick some major but."

"I couldn't agree more Cyborg, but we need to brief one more time before for the newbie's." I said pointing at the ghosts behind me.

The others agreed and half an hour later, we had a plan. And a pretty good one I must say.


Danny's POV

Being brain washed isn't the first thing I would want to do on a second date, but it seemed like that's what was going to happen. Marthzia had us strapped into some kind of chair, both complete with brainwashing head gear. Oh and guess who's company name it had printed on the side of it? Dalv. I'm so going to kill Vlad when I get out of here.

"Good, so you're already starting to think of murder. Good. Just keep focusing on the killing and it won't hurt as much."

"Wait, what?" I heard Raven say, but her comment was cut short as the first wave of electricity hit our brains and agony insured. The White hot pain was scorching the very inside of our nerves. Every part of us was screaming to be put out of its misery and give up. The whole thing lasted about thirty seconds, but every second was like an hour and by the time it was up, our heads felt like they would explode.

"Had enough? No, well then... It's time to turn it up!" just before I blacked out I heard a dial turn then a button being pushed. After that, all I remember was a black corridor and a ball of flame.

I woke up, still in my chair, but utterly exhausted. Marthzia was still at the control panel, and Raven was also just waking up.

"Two minutes you've been out. Ready to continue or have you had enough and want to come willingly?" We both shook our heads and braced ourselves for the third wave. It came slower this time, but hurt even more than the last. Finally I started to scream, each breath I took was as harsh and scorching as the last.

Then, suddenly, the pain started to ease. A little at a time, until it felt like an annoyance. I managed to open my eyes and see that Marthzia was looking at us with glee. I made out that I was in pain to throw her off. The sensation stopped and I pretend to be knocked out.

Marthzia came over and checked my pulse. It seemed like she was satisfied and went over to Raven. She gasped and clapped her hands together.

"Well done Raven, you've just taken your first step into becoming the world's best daughter. Looks like your brother may need to have an extra dose when he wakes up though." I took this as my cue to gently open my eyes and scream, making a show so that Marthzia would believe that I'm her slave. I stopped and slumped back into the chair

"Mo...Mo...Mother?" I asked as I 'woke up'

"Yes son, can you hear me? I'm hear Danny, talk to me." And for the first time I could hear her human side. I faked a cough and she got rid of my bonds. I got out and gave her a hug, just like she would want to. Raven joined us, but she seemed different, and then she said something that I thought she would never say:

"Yes mother. We should start to build our empire. Starting with Earth."


Robins POV

The plan was set and I believed we could do it. All we need was that crucial moment. I was hyped up and ready to go. The reinforcements that Sam had brought along were a lively bunch to say the least. I just hoped that they could deliver.

Beast Boy almost fainted when he was told to be a translator for the dog and the wolf man. When Cyborg asked what was up, all he said was

"You really don't want to know."

I think he was alright now, but he still needed some time off after. I think we all needed some.

Sam was being a real trooper and with all the upgrades and weapons she had on her, but I was afraid that she was going to get hurt. She was the only human with no special training and all the amour in the world couldn't protect her from getting hurt.

It seemed like it was now or never and at nine hundred hours the next morning, I insisted we got a good night sleep before hand, we set off. Wulf opened us a portal to the Far Frozen cave and we found our way round.

It was all very easy to navigate; almost it was suppose to lead us into a trap. We turned corner after corner until we found a bracket with a torch. We followed the torches and after a while found our way into a clearing. It was lit by more brackets and in the middle of the room was Danny and Raven. Sam went to rush for them both, but I stopped her.

"This is a trap, I can feel it."

"I don't care." Sam pushed past me fell straight into the trap. Danny and Raven got up and hugged Danny. Raven then ripped her off Danny and put a knife to her throat.

"You should have listened to the traffic light my dear, but now it's too late." I was fuming at the comment and had the mind to start the fight then and there, but we needed to stall. It was a part of the plan.

"No please don't hurt friend Sam, Raven! It is not nice to kill a friend in the coldness of human life force." Said Starfire, not realising what had happened to Raven and Danny.

"Raven, please kill Sam." Said Marthzia, ginning like the mad woman she was.

Danny, acting as quick as ghostly possible, swung his hand out and knocked the knife out of Ravens hand just as the knife had gotten half way across her neck and wrestled her out of Ravens grip. A small cut was made, but it was still letting a lot of blood out. Danny flew Sam over to us, where Cujo started to lick the wound. It stopped the blood from flowing and started to scab over.

"You horrible son; disobeying your mother like that. You're going to be punished when this is over."

"Enough chit-chat," Shouted Ember "Let's get this concert going!"

She struck a chord and sent Raven flying, but not for long as she stopped mid air and did spin while throwing a huge black barrier towards us. We all managed to stop ourselves being crushed, but that gave time for Marthzia to release the dragon and about a thousand of her sapphire blue minions. She knew it was either her or us this time. No rematches.

I took the offensive straight away and started to attack the oncoming horde of blue with my new ecto-staff. I started to slash at all those around me and managed to knock a few over before being quickly over whelmed.

I managed to use my staff to propel myself onto a nearby floating rock. Terra and I started to bombard the little blue minions with ectoplasm covered rocks and watch them become crushed as they fryer to phase through them. This worked until they started to grow smart and throw ecto-blasts at us causing us to abandon that idea and go to for another offence.

Using all the bird-arangs I had, I froze as many as possible, before we charged through them causing them to shatter. We managed to get rid of a fair few before we had to go back to defensive measures.


Beast Boys POV

Having to work with a demon dog is not nice I tell you. Not nice! We both transformed into our monster forms and started to rip and tear the little blue demons apart, but every time I went to claw one, it seemed to go right through it. Demon dog, as I've nicknamed him, turned to me and licked my face and hands.

"Eww... Gross! Why did you do that?" I asked the huge mutt.

"Do not worry. I have coated your body in ectoplasm; you should now be able to hit Marthzia's familiars."

I nodded and swiped at the nearest blue familiar, and although my claw met no resistance, the familiar turned into a puddle of goo. The rest were getting closer; so, feeling lucky, I jumped up in the air and transformed into a baby whale, squashing everything under me. I then turned into a octopus and started to use all eight legs to chuck the little blue familiars at the shield Marthzia was using. Each didn't do anything but disintegrate into green goo as soon as it hit the side of it. The mutt barked in approval, as it started to charge at the shield, bringing as many blues as he could with him and slammed into the shield, making it shake.

He did it over and over again, each time bringing at least twenty familiars with him. Finally, after an almightily push, the shield broke and Marthzia gave a deafening scream and all her fimilures popped, turning into little green orbs and started to float to her. She began to absorb the orbs and a blue haze formed around her, it seemed that she was absorbing their power! We had to stop her before she grew too powerful for us, but every time we got near, Raven would stop us. The only thing we could do was attack the dragon. I turned into a rhino and charged at it, and with the help of Cujo, gave it a harsh blow in the stomach.

It roared and blew fire at us, but didn't move from where it was. It seemed to be determined to stop us. We all attacked it from different sides; Ember and Terra from the sky, with shockwaves breaking rocks at the vital moments and causing the fragments to hit the dragons soft under belly. Starfire and Robin were on it's shoulders trying to slash and hack its way through, and finally me, Wulf and demon mutt providing a distraction while Danny and Sam fight off Raven.

Within minutes the dragon was down, but not by our choice. Marthzia drained the dragon of it's power and caused the dragon to disintegrate. I looked in horror as Marthzia stood. She was radiating with power, her very skin was alive with dancing symbols and her eyes were no longer eyes, but black orbs where her eyes should have been. She spoke to us with gravely tones, almost like her vocal chords were being ripped out and then grown back.

"You've caused me enough trouble. I will turn you all into my slaves and you will be my army against this universe."

She raised a hand at us and a blue beam he size of a bus came crashing at us. Most of us got out the way, but Ember was caught fully in the blast. When the beam was gone, she was bleeding and unconscious. Marthzia laughed a cruel, harsh laugh and fired again. Again, and again she shot at us, until it was just me and Wulf left conscious. Wulf was vital towards our plan, so he opened a portal and escaped till he was needed.

I transformed back into myself and, with open arms, fell into unconsciousness.


Danny's POV

I watched as all my friends and allies were beaten. Sam and I couldn't stop it because Raven was constantly blocking our path and trying to fight us. Sam was coughing up blood and every so often that would leave her an easy target for Raven. I had to keep her busy when this happened and try to constrain her.

"Raven, we you're friends. We're the good guys, please listen to us!"

"You are no friend of mine. You are the brother that betrayed mother and I. How could you, we were going to rule the earth together!"

Sam coughed up blood again, and this time Raven noticed.

"Your allies are weak, brother. You must come with us. Your friends, as you call them, will serve as our army! It is futile to try and win. You WILL come with us." And with that she threw Sam at the wall using her magic. Sam landed with a hard jolt and didn't get up. This pushed me over the edge.

I rushed over to help Sam an gently slapped her to wake her up. The Fenton Peeler in wound itself and I checked her ribs using a technique Jazz taught me. One was broken and dangerously near her heart. I snapped the bone, using intangibility, so it wouldn't penetrate the heart and then healed it using some of the unused dog sliver. It didn't mend totally, but it was the best I could do.

"What a weakling. I hope she's dying slowly." Said Raven, tears were in my eyes as I shouted at Marthzia

"How could you! You've just made Raven murder one of her friends! You... You... You crazy bitch!" I flew at Marthzia with all speed that I possessed, not even Raven was fast enough to stop me. I turned my fist icy and smashed I to her as hard as I could. She stumbled back, a faint trickle of green blood escaping the comer of her mouth. It seemed in the form she was in now we could hit her with anything, but it did it really matter much as anything we could throw at her wouldn't even annoy her.

I went to hit her again, but a hand on my shoulder stopped me.

"So much for not trying to hurt her."

I turned to see my 'dad' and Portia behind him treating Sam.

"You," Shouted Marthzia "How dare you come here! I thought I told you never to come here. And you brought that failure of daughter here too!"

"Dear, you are not well. You need help. Please, come with us and get help."

"No. You are a testament to all that has stopped me become what I was destined to be, ruler of the ghost zone and of this world. You shall be the first to pay!" She threw another bus sized ecto-blast, but we both managed to dodge it with the skin of our teeth.

"You don't happen to have a way of containing her, right?" Whispered Balthazar

"Yeah, I do but it's all the way on earth."

"Crap. Well I'll see if I can distract your mother, you go and talk to Raven using the link. I'll make sure your not disturbed."

We split our separate ways and I went over to Raven

"Raven, what happened to you? I need you here, not with Marthzia. Raven fight it!" I heard a quiet muffled voice in my mind as Raven started to attack me. "Raven is that you? Fight it!" The voice was growing louder, until I could make out the odd word or two.


"Good! Keep saying that!"

With relief, that I knew not all was lost, I parried Raven, getting a fist to her midriff. The voice grew louder and I had a plan.

I turned invisible, closed my eyes and felt inside me for that cold core. I reached out and touched it, my body loosing all the body heat I had. I opened my eyes, everything a slightly bluer colour then before, and looked for Raven. She was zooming toward Sam and Portia. I called out to her and her head turned in mid flight.

"Come and get me then."

She turned around and copied what I did earlier. She flew at me at breakneck speed. That was what I was hoping for, she smashed straight into me and froze on impact. I made sure that her whole body was frozen so to weaken her enough for The voice to break through. The ice hit the floor and the voice grew so loud that I was sure she had broken through. I stood the block of ice up and unfroze her head.

"Danny, let me out. We need to be with mother!" She called, I thought quickly as the voice in my head weakened. I closed the space between us and kissed her. The voice in my head grew until it started to give me a headache. The voice grew quieter, but Raven started to kiss back and soon we had to part for air.

"Good to be back Danny, now let's kick her butt."

I unfroze her and we made our way over to Sam, Portia and the rest of the Titans/ghosts. Were all awake now, and all looked really to fight

"Sam! Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I think. Are you sure that, that's really her?" Sam said pointing to Raven.

"I'm sure. Anyway, did you get the cage set up?"

"We did, but Wulf was going to open a portal to trap Marthzia once she was weakened."

"Have you got anyway of contacting him?" Asked Raven

Sam flinched at the voice then replied "Yeah, we were going to just shout now, while he was behind her, but he isn't here."

"Do you know anyway of contacting him from in here? Did Robin give him a communicator?"

"Hold on, yeah I think he did. We could contact him on that!"

"Ok, you get hold of him while we go settle a score with 'mother' over there. We'll shout when it's ready."

Sam nodded and everyone but Sam and Portia set off. It looked like Balthazar was getting his ass handed to him, while trying to dodge the attacks his wife was sending at him. We all joined the fray with ecto-beams, star bolts and anything we could get our hands on, just trying to weaken her enough.

"Have you gone insane! The woman I married is still in there!" Said an angry Balthazar

I turned to him and explained the plan to him.

"I don't like it, but if it's the only way..." He said as he gave her a punch to the jaw. She was slowly starting to weaken, but also getting the better of most of us. Ember and Robin were the fist to be beaten by her and then followed by Starfire and Beast Boy. After a while it was just me, Raven and Balthazar left. With one final punch from Raven, Marthzia stumbled and fell. It turned out that I didn't even need to shout as, a portal suddenly appeared the moment she started to fall.

[Line break, fool!]

Ravens POV

We were all standing at Jump City train station. There was a beautiful sunset on the horizon and it was time for all of us to part ways. Danny and Sam had stayed the whole summer and they both enjoyed kicking back with us. Me and Danny had really hit it off, but we realised that it was only a summer love, so we knew that we needed some time to clear our heads and think where this relationship was headed when we were away from each other.

"Please guys, do you have to go?" Beast Boy asked Danny and Sam

"Yeah, I'm afraid we have to. I'm sorry that we have to leave. It's been a blast guys."

"Wait Danny. Sam already got one of these just before we rescued you guys, but here's a Titans Communicator. If we ever need you, or vice versa, just use this." He handed me a black and white oval with a screen on the front.

"Just speak the name of any Titan into the microphone at the bottoms and it should call them.

"Thanks, guys. Well it looks like we have to go. I'll hopefully see you next summer!"

"Wait, just before you go; how did you escape the brain washing and I didn't?" I asked

"Balthazar told me that he did it. He said 'I did it because I knew Marthzia was going to try and trap for you, so I did is so you could stop the trap being sprung.'

"Wait a second, What happened to Marthzia and Balthazar? When we got back they were both gone!" Asked Beast Boy

"Balthazar actually came to me while I was meditating and said that he was getting Marthzia some help from a psychiatrist. Some ghost called Penelope Spectra." I said

"Well it looks like this is our train Sam, let's go."

We all exchanged hugs and watched our new friends get on the train back to Amity Park. We all waved as the train left the station A small tear came to my eyes as Danny poked his head out of one of the windows. We kept waving till it had gone round the corner and out of our lives. Well out of our lives for two weeks anyway.


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