1. Gone

Beep, beep, beep. I slammed my hand down on my alarm clock. Im going to smash that thing one day, I thought to myself. I never knew one little object could be so annoying. Firstly, it wakes me up. Secondly, it has that annoying beep, beep, beepring to it; I mean who wants to be woken up by that boring sound, isnt the morning meant to be all bells, songs and all that crap. And thirdly, well I didnt have a third.

I sighed, it was going to be one of those days. It wasn't going to be bells and songs. Quil was gone; for the moment (he would be back tomorrow).

He and the pack were running a boarder around Canada - they are extremely bored because the only vampires that have come though here in the last ten years were the Cullens. I vagely remember the British coven that came though here ten years ago. The coven that came and never had a chance to leave. Im against killing and all but not the re-killing (as I call it) of bloodthirsty vampires. I've hated them ever since the British coven, killed my uncle. Uncle Jared and his wife Kim. I remember them they were sweet. It was a horrible year Quil was depressed, hell everybody was depressed. Kim was cooking dinner for Jared when Byron, the leader of the British, strode across their distent, forest house bloodthirsty. Jared, of cousre, tried to avenge his late wife, and getting bitten in the attempt and died from the poision. Though it was a painful death, I dont think Jared was planning on living much longer. That coven of four Byron, Gabby (?), Nick and Jamie didn't live much longer either, though I don't think they were planning on it.

I know Quil couldnt live without me and vis-versa. Quil always told me that and I always repeated him. Quil was always remind me of how much he loved me, I loved him too, more then he knew. Quil imprinting on me was the best thing EVER! I'd always known he had (I always had the reminder; he told me everyday on way or another).Quil always told me he loved me (how changes over the years). I had been in love with him since I was ten but he, of course, told me I was to young; it was good though, I could tell him anything (like that for example) and he wouldn't make fun of me or make me feel stupid. He just said, "When your older, hon, we'll be together." Well I was fourteen now - whats two years when you've waited twelve? Nothing and I knew that. Our relationship was already changing which was good. I whimpered, I hated it when he went on one of these trips, he did about twice a year. I'm not putting up with this by myself this time, I thought to myself. I quickly got dressed into this cute little outfit, and ran down the stairs, not quite being able to avoid my parents. "Claire?" my mother called as I tryed to sneak out the front door. Damn it. "Yes?" I called back, reluctanly. My parents were good, I never had too many rules but I was at that stage where I didn't really want to talk to them. "Where are you going? It's only eight. Dont you want breakfast?" mum asked me. I sighed and closed the front door; which I'd managed to half open before I was caught. I walked into the relentively large and white kitchen. "Mum, Im going to see Aunt Emily and no, I dont want breakfast." That last part was a lie, I did want breakfast but Aunt Em could make food way better then mum. Mum shrugged turned her attention back to her abandoned Sultara Brand. I pretty much ran out of the house, escaping mum.

I slowed down as I made it around the corner, then walked to the bus stop. I had to wait five minutes - much to much time for thinking. I was actually remembering, which right now would have -if I weren't in public- make me burst into tears. I remembered when I was four, I was chasing Quil around playing Tigy which he had regrettably taught me. Well Quil, of course, let me catch him and then he hugged me so tightly it could have hurt (I dont remember). After I blocked that weird but kinda sweet memory, more came, like a roll on a tape. Quil and I swimming in the beach playing Life-Saver, I drowned; he saved me (I played some weird games). Another was a couple of weeks ago Quil and I were at the park mucking around and Quil took my hand without thinking about it and never let it go for the rest of the day. His hand was so warm and comfortable. I'd never loved anyone more.

I heard the bus pulling into the street which interuppted my memory clash. I was dropped off at the end of Uncle Sam and Aunt Emilys driveway. I stumbled up the driveway. I didnt bother knocking on the door -I never did, I pretty much live here.

"Aunt Em," I called into the little house.

"Claire, I'm in the dining room," she answered. I walked into the dining room and was surprised to see Renesmee and Lucus, her and Jacob's 1 year old son.

"Hey Nessie," I said, surprised, "Hey Lukey". I probably shouldn't be surprised to see them here. Emily and Nessie had a... understanding relationship. Well, with her wolf gone she would turn to Emily. We got along great (we had been thrown together alot when we were young), I never did mind her company. Unlike me, Renesmee had only known Jacob had imprinted on her since she was 'fourteen' (thats when they got together, kinda of like me and Quil -me and Quil soon anyway). Edward and Bella had been strict about that.

"Claire," she acknowledged me politly. I went to sit down next to Aunt Em. "Breakfast, Claire?" she asked me. Em knew me well, I always come over hungrey. She never found it rude - to my pleasure - she felt like it was a complinment. We just sat and spoke about the wolves and ourselves. I got eggs and bacon for breakfast - yum. I was bored that day so I volunteered to look after Aiden. Aiden my cousin, Aunt Em and Sam's 10 month old baby boy. He was so cute, he had short cute brown curly hair and dimples in his cheeks even when he wasnt smiling. "You must be bored," Aunt Em said after I volunteered. I smiled, I was never really up to baby-sitting -I was always busy with Quil. "No its just that I'm probably beening the worst big cousin," I replied. So thats what I did on my last day of loneliness.