"Danny isn't that Anna over there; she wanted to see you about....something earlier didn't she?" Jez lied.

"Oh yeah she did"

Claudine narrowed her eyes "About what?"

"What?" panicked Danny

"What did she want to see you about" said Claudine slowing down her words as though he didn't quite get it

"I don't know I'll go and see" Danny ran over to where a couple of the teachers had gathered including Anna

Jez now alone with Claudine, tried a smile but Claudine wasn't having any of it

"I don't know what is going on with you two but when I get back from the Ladies I want Danny waiting for me. Clear? She leaned toward Jez, he leant back "Nothing's going on!" Claudine raised her eyebrow

"Honest, everything's fine!" He looked over her shoulder "Oh Lauren is waving me over, gotta run" patting Claudine on the shoulder he hot footed it over to Lauren

"What is going on with you and Danny, you keep running after him!" grinned Lauren "Confess!" she laughed tickling Jez

"Get off! He laughed "Alright I'll tell you, it's doing my head in anyway" He explained everything

"You'll never do it you know, this is Claudine after all"

Jez rolled his eyes "Thanks babe you've been a great help! Want another of those awful drinks?"

"Yeah why not"

"Where's BB and Lola?"

"Still on the dance floor, BB keeps trying to escape but Lola keeps dragging him back, it's been keeping me entertained all night!" she laughed

Meanwhile on the dance floor Lola was dancing up a storm "Come on BB" she shouted trying to get him to twirl her around

"Lola I can't do it anymore if I don't sit down now I'm going to fall down!"

Just then Danny appeared, BB immediately pushed him toward Lola

"Here, you dance with her"

Lola grabbed hold of Danny pulling him towards her

Lauren laughed as BB limped over to her

"Oh here sit down BB"

He fell down onto a chair "Never again" he groaned

Jez arrived with some more drinks "What's happened to you?" he said looking at BB who was nursing his sore feet

"Lola is what happened!" he grabbed hold of a drink taking a gulp

"Oh my god, look at them" Lauren pointed towards Lola and Danny who were trying out one of their routines unaware they had attracted a crowd of people watching them.

Jez looked on impressed "Wow go Lola and Danny. Oh oh..."

Jez had spotted Claudine pushing her way through the crowd toward Danny "DANNY!"

Danny spun round before he had a chance to run Claudine caught hold of his arm dragging him away from Lola who was still spinning, blissfully unaware that she was dancing on her own. She stopped expecting Danny to catch her; she fell straight to the floor with a look of confusion and embarrassment on her face.

Claudine marched Danny towards two men from the newspaper one who was busy scribbling in a notepad while the other, the photographer checked his camera. She stopped directly in front of them.

"Excuse me, can you take our picture now?" she demanded

The photographer looked up "Sorry!"

"The picture for the paper I've been waiting for ages"

"Well we've taken quite a few photos, I think we have enough really"

"No you've missed me, I mean us out, we are the hottest couple here, obviously!"

He smiled weakly, Claudine wasn't going away

"You're very persistent..." he paused waiting for her name

"Claudine" she looked at the man with the notepad "That's C L A U D I N E" she spelt out

He began writing "And your boyfriend?"

"Err she's not..."

Claudine cut Danny off "That's Danny"

Lauren woke the next morning with a mouth which felt like she'd been eating cotton wool,

She dragged herself out of bed and downstairs just in time for the newspaper to fall from the

letter box. She picked it up unfolding the paper, she sniggered.

"What are you smiling at?"

"Oh dear Danny looks like you're in big trouble" she handed him the paper trying not to laugh

"What" He peered at the paper mouth hanging open "Oh no I'm a dead man!"

They both turned to the stairs just as Claudine's high heels came into view. Danny edged toward the

front door, she spotted the paper immediately now back in Lauren's hands, she held out her hand to

take the paper. She smoothed the front page eager to see herself looking fabulous, slowly her face

turned from excitement to fury when she looked at a huge picture of Danny and Lola with the

headline Britannia Highs' Hottest Couple Dance Up A Storm she slowly put down the paper and

turned toward where Danny had been standing, where now there was an open door.

Claudine took a breath


That's the end, had no idea where I was going with this, as you can probably tell!!

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