Jazz: Just another kawaii Pai/Retasu fic..... That I started at half 11 at night...

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The rain lashed against the windows, the window rattling them, making the green Mew shiver under the bed sheets. She hated storms, when she was alone.

She tensed when she felt someone in the room. She slowly peeked out from under the covers, just as lightening lit up the room, and lit Pai's face up. Retasu screamed, hiding under the covers again.

Pai slowly pulled the cover off, before pulling the shaken Mew into a hug. Retasu snuggled into him, nuzzling her face in his neck.

It was three years after the epic battle with Deep Blue. When the Chimera Animal, went after Ryou, Retasu was too late. The Chimera Animal, killed him. Zakuro got killed by saving Minto, and Kisshu didn't wake up. Taruto, and Pudding saved Ichigo, and Masaya from the attack from Deep Blue.

Only Pai, Retasu, Minto, Ichigo, Masaya, and Keiichiro survived. Retasu had moved away, but she heard somewhere that Minto had married Keiichiro. Pai had stayed on Earth, after he was not welcomed back on his home planet.

"I'm here Retasu." Pai whispered, gently rubbing her back. Retasu nodded, loosening her grip a bit.

Pai gently laid her back on the bed, and tucked her in. She looked up at him, with her big blue eyes. He smiled lightly, stroking her smooth cheek. Her eyes slowly closed, as he leaned down, gently laying his lips over her's. She kissed back softly, then he laid down beside her, slipping his arms around her slim waist, and pulling her close to his body.

Retasu laid her head, under his chin, getting closer to him, before closing her eyes again, and falling into a peaceful slumber.

"Sweet dreams Retasu-san." Pai whispered.