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Safaia, it was her birthday, and she was going to get to meet one of the worlds hottest Aliens. She sat in the small office thing where he worked.

The door opened, and a smexy Alien stepped in.

"Kisshu, will be here soon." Pai said, a blue eyed, and blond haired girl, clinging onto Pai.

She nodded then Pai walked out with the girl.

She looked up when she felt someone enter the room.

Kisshu stood there, his trademark smirk right across his face. His shirt was half undone, showing a bit of his toned chest off. She blushed slightly but was smiling.

"Hello." Kisshu said, in his mega smexy voice.

Safaia smiled, "Hello Kisshu."

Kisshu sat down in front of her, in the chair, grinning wildly.

"I heard it's your birthday."

She nodded, "Yes... it is."

"What would you like?"

Safaia's voice went quiet, "A.... a kiss."

"A kiss huh?" Kisshu murmured, "Ok."

He leaned forward, kissing Safaia on the lips gently. She closed her eyes before kissing back. Kisshu pulled away, and smiled.

"Happy birthday Safaia-chan." Kisshu said, licking his lips.

Safaia shot up in bed, looking around. It was dark outside.

"Wha... but... wasn't I with Kisshu?" She murmured, confused then sighed, "I guess it was a just another dream."

A card on the side caught her eye, and she picked it up, looking inside.


You fainted when I called you Safaia-chan, hehe, so Pai told me to bring you home.

Love Kisshu X

She smiled, and held the card close.