The Guyver4 Fanfiction

DISCLAIMER please read all before moving on to read chapters.

I do not own the Guyver, it is owned by Takaya Yoshiki, the original creator of the Guyver franchise. I do not own any characters from any of the Guyver Animes, OAVs, Mangas, or Live Action Movies. Some of them may appear at times in my fanfiction, but I promise that I am only borrowing them. I do own my own original characters, even though they are set into the world of the Guyver.


This is the Guyver4 Fanfiction. The first place where ANY Guyver4 appeared. Believe me, because there weren't public webpages back in 1994 when I started to write this fanfiction. It was released for its first time by downloadable text files from a on a mIRC channel. The Guyver4 Fanfiction was uploaded to its first ever website when I was going to University and was able to have a webpage on the University site in 1996. When Geocities first opened its free to the public webpages, The Guyver4 Fanfiction moved to one of them. When Fortuncities opened its doors to the public, The Guyver4 Fanfiction again moved into a new home.

It took five years to write and post the twelve chapters of The Guyver4 Fanfiction. And I am sad to say that I could never finish writing the thirteenth chapter. Even though I knew exactly where I wanted the story to go. It has taken me over ten years to get the first chapters rewritten. And this is the first place that I am posting the rewrite. The rewrite is also going to be posted up on my Guyver4 Fanfiction webpage, as soon as I can manage it.

To all of my fans that have been waiting to know what happens in Guyver4's life, I am happy that I am finally getting this rewrite out to you. I hope that you aren't going to be disappointed in the fact that some of the characters have changed, their backgrounds had to be modified from the original fanfiction. And there are a few characters that had appeared in the original version of the Guyver4 Fanfiction that will not appear at all in the rewrite.


I have recently learned of the new reworked Guyver Anime that has been released, and am very happy to hear about it. I have seen it, and now have a more complete picture of the Cronos structure. I have never been able to read any of the Guyver Mangas, so any character that appears in the Guyver4 Fanfiction is very likely to deviate from their Manga version to great degrees.

Again, I have heard from sources that there is about to be a Guyver4, created by Takaya Yoshiki himself. Apparently all that is known at this time is that Yoshiki is using the Guyver2 Female concept apperance from the OAV for this FEMALE GUYVER4. Well, it is about time. I thought of doing exactly that in 1994. Fifteen years is a long time to wait for the creator of the Guyver to catch up. MY Guyver4 might be 15 years older than Takaya Yoshiki's, and there may be more than just their # and the color of their guyver unit that they will have in common. But I promise all of my fans, Takaya Yoshiki did not steal ISIS, and I didn't pester him into choosing to create a female guyver of his own. This is not going to effect ISIS at all. As The Guyver4 Fanfiction will continue on in the Alternate Universe setting that it has always existed in.


The Guyver4 Fanfiction was Written by Guyver4, Anita E. Singley 1994-1999
Rewritten by Guyver4, Anita E. Royer 2009