The Cullens and the Whale!

A/N Ok this is a special one-shot for my friend who wants to see this happen lol so if you get offended by the Cullens dying do not read and if you don't like it just remember i didn't force you to read it LoL

The Cullens had taken Bella to the cliff top over looking the La Push beach, it was the nearest they could go to the beach because of the treaty and Bella wanted to see the beach again. The weather was rainy as usual but this did nothing to discourage their enthusiasm, especially Alice's. They had sent the morning on the cliff top just watching the waves coming in and the far away sea animals gracefully swimming through the waves. The werewolves were away at the proximity of the vampires to their treaty land but allowed them stay there as long as they came no closer to the border.

"I love watching the waves when it's raining, i don't know what it is about the sea that i love. i just love it." Alice said with her usual enthusiasm.

"Do you love it as much as shopping?" Bella asked with a smirk.

"Of course not Bella. Don't be silly but i still love it." The Cullen's smiled at Alice, it was sometimes amusing to just let her ramble on and listen to what came out her mouth.

"So, Rose, what's your favourite water animal?" Alice asked.

"Ummmm, i don't know a dolphin." Rose answered cautiously.

"Oh wow, dolphins are cute but i like whale's for some reason. Did you know i can speak whale?" Alice was literally bouncing on the spot as she waited for the other's answer.

"No Alice we didn't." It was Edward to answer Alice's question this time.

"Well, listen, wo-o-waurgh, does anyone know what that means?" The others all looked at each other in astonishment that Alice actually thought she could speak whale. But before any of them could answer her....

It looked as though a whale jumped out of the water and lander on all of the cullens, pinning them down to the floor. Of course them being vampires this did not kill them as it would a vampire. "Alice, did that by any chance mean whale come here or something along those lines." Came the muffled question of Emmett from under the whale.

"No, i don't think so, but can somebody get this whale off me and back in the water" The only problem was that before they could get from under the whale it spontaneously combusted and unfortunately for the Cullen's the flames from the whales engulfed them. Killing them pretty much instantly.

The End

Ok that was for my friend cap'n awesome so if you didnt like it go to her profile and tell her,it was her idea lmao it was funny to write though haha :D Please dont eat me for writing this haha :)