Author's note: I wrote this poem on the last week of February during the middle of my Public Speaking class. One of my classmates was making a "How-to" speech about how to write a poem and I was inspired to write one. This poem doesn't really have anything to do with Star Wars, but while I was submitting this, I remembered Anakin Skywalker in Episode III so I thought that placing it in here would be very fitting.

My Crimson Sunlight

My crimson sunlight…

Red as blood –

Bright as day

Dark as night.

Such a bright morning…

Tainted by crimson –

The color of bloody war –

What have you done?!

The crimson sun comes once…

When the red has been shed –

You fool! Foolish pride –

Anger's folly! Jealousy's bane!

My crimson sunlight…

The bloody crimson war –

Dark at day –

Black as night.

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