Cover For Me

A "Misunderstandings" ficlet.

Setting: Bridge of a Whitestar, some time after "Into the Fire."

"Good gods, this is a boring patrol," sighed Ivanova.

"Well, then," said Marcus, "time for another Adronato lesson? Verb conjugations, or some irregular noun declensions?"

"Oh, joy," said Ivanova. "And I thought Russian was bad."

"Well, I'll take that as a resounding 'yes.'" Marcus continued in Adronato, *you know the rules – no English from now on.*

*Yes,* said Ivanova, her Adronato not yet up to the "snappy comeback" level.

*Good. Well, then, today's lesson will be food vocabulary. As you know, food is a noun category in which all declensions are irregular...*

They continued the lesson, with the Minbari crew, polite as always, pretending not to listen.

Ivanova stood up, stretching. *Well, I need a break. Can you cover for me?*

Instantly, ten Minbari eyes shot down to the floor, in their equivalent of blushing with embarrassment.

Marcus snickered. "Well, if that's really what you want...."

"All right, what did I say this time..."

"Well, translated word for word, 'cover for me' happens to mean 'mate with me.'"

Ivanova shot him a look that would melt steel, and strode silently off the bridge. Marcus's smirk faded instantly.

The Minbari crew member nearest Marcus commented on this situation. *From some, silence can be more foreboding than words.*

*Well,* Marcus replied, *at least she did not order continuous fire.*

The crew member smiled, but was very, very careful not to laugh.