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The secret

Chapter 1

"This is beautiful, Doctor." Luna commented quite dreamily.

She was sitting in the TARDIS with a souvenir she had obtained from her latest adventure with the Doctor. It was a bronze ornament shaped like a tear drop with a mosaic pattern set into it. As she examined it, the Doctor was busy steering the TARDIS down the time vortex. Luna could fly the TARDIS too but wasn't as experienced as he was so only piloted it every now and again. Once the Doctor was happy that the blue box was sailing happily down the vortex, he came and sat next to his current companion. She smiled, mesmerised by the alien object in her hand. It made the Time Lord smile. Luna was fascinated by all things science and was very intelligent so made it easy for him to teach her things as she could catch on quickly. She had been travelling with him for a long time and was very comfortable being around him. But in their time together, the Doctor had discovered a fact about this amazing person which changed his perspective of her and made sense of why she had an amazing brain.

The Doctor met Luna when passing through London. He had just landed when he stepped out of his faithful ship and saw Luna stood staring at him. She was on her way to work when she heard the siren of the TARDIS. She wasn't scared but completely fascinated by this sight. Then as the Doctor stepped out she had a feeling she was in trouble. They stared at each other for a few seconds then Luna ran away. The Doctor tried to catch up to her but she gave him the slip. But Luna's curious nature got the better of her and she managed to get inside the TARDIS. Her mind was sent in to over drive as she tried hard not to touch anything. Of course The Doctor caught her but was impressed by her intelligence. He told her who he was and about the TARDIS. She was awestruck that time-travel existed and wanted to know more. But she left without even thinking to ask if she could join her new friend. However, they eventually teamed up when a lizard-like alien appeared and tried to take-over the people in the law firm that Luna worked for. After it was over, the Doctor took Luna with him. She quickly showed she was resourceful, compassionate and brave. She listened to every detail the Doctor said and followed his requests. All she wanted was to show she was trustworthy before getting too adventurous. However, her immense curiosity often led her away from the Doctor and in to trouble. But her quick-thinking would keep her from getting even deeper. In many ways she showed very similar traits to the Doctor. This made the Time Lord smile.

As they started to relax, the TARDIS gave a huge jolt, throwing them from their seats. Luna's head nearly collided with the console but she was able to save herself. The Doctor scrambled off the floor and looked at the screen.

"Luna, flick the dimensional stabiliser." He called.

Luna responded immediately. She had only been in one other emergency while being with the Doctor but knew exactly what to do so was able to follow his instructions.

"We're crash landing aren't we?" She asked.

He didn't say anything but the look in his eyes said everything. This was the first time that Luna had ever been in this sort of emergency. The last time was because the TARDIS was under attack and the Doctor had to get them away. During that, the Doctor knew what to do. He did this time but he could only do so much.

"Brace yourself." He told her.

She spotted the railings at the side of the console so she crouched near them and wrapped her arms around one of the bars. It felt like they were in an earthquake, trying to throw them both in to the wall. It got worse and worse. Luna closed her eyes tightly as she could feel herself loosing her balance. She was sure that a piece of the blue box would fall on to her head. With her eyes tightly shut, she couldn't see what the Doctor was doing. Then she felt him. He had an arm around her waist and was holding on with the other. He was bracing himself whilst protecting Luna.

Then, with a huge jolt, the TARDIS settled. Everything fell silent and stopped bumping. Luna opened her eyes and saw that it looked like nothing had happened. The Doctor stood up and started to examine why they had crashed. While he did that, Luna decided to go and see where they had landed. She stepped out and found herself in a city she'd never seen before. Letting curiosity get the best of her, she started to wander away from the safety of the TARDIS. Suddenly, she was ambushed. Someone grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth and pinning her arms. A man a few inches taller than her with mousy brown hair stepped in front of her and held up a hand gun. She stilled with fear as they cuffed her. She got a good look of the other man. He was about as tall as the Doctor with very dark hair.

"Right," The shorter man talked in a London accent, "Let's get this bitch to the base."

Luna tried struggling as the taller man put her over his shoulder and carried her to a jet black land rover.

"DOCTOR!" She screamed so loud, her throat was sore afterwards.

Luckily he heard her and ran outside just in time to see the land rover drive away.


He threw his coat on and sprinted off to rescue his companion.

At the base, the men dragged Luna down a flight of stairs and roughly pushed her in to a cell. It looked like it had been dug out of a cave. The front wasn't iron bars but clear, tough plastic with air holes. Luna watched helplessly as they locked her in then left her there. She felt all the fright and shock hit her like a ton of bricks as she crouched on the ground and sobbed. She was being treated like a criminal without actually doing anything. It seemed her only hope lay in the hands of the Doctor. So far he hadn't let her down in helping her out. Meanwhile, the two men went upstairs where they met their two female colleagues.

"So, what do you reckon?" One asked.

"She looks and claims to be human but I think we need to examine her." The cockney said.

They could see what he meant. Luna had long light brown hair and bright blue eyes. Her face was a gentle pink and everything about her was human. But her captors had a funny feeling about her.

"Scanning her now" Another said.

An infrared beam of light filled the cell Luna was in and scanned over her body. She barely felt it; all she got was a tingle down her spine which she shrugged off.

Outside, the Doctor had his sonic screwdriver out and was scanning the area for any trace of Luna's DNA. She couldn't have gone far. Then success, the screwdriver started bleeping like mad when the Doctor fixed on one direction. He followed the signal until he came to a building. The signal kept beeping and seemed to suggest he was right on top of wherever Luna had been taken. But how was he supposed to get to her? Suddenly he heard his name being called by a familiar voice. He stood up straight and turned to see the recognizable form of Captain Jack Harkness.

"Doctor," He called, "It's good to see you."

"You too," The Doctor grinned, "How did you know I was here?"

"Well, I saw the TARDIS so I know you had arrived. Then I found it was locked which meant you were out somewhere. What were you doing anyway?"

"I was looking for my friend. She was kidnapped by two men in a big black car. My sonic screwdriver has tracked her down to this exact point but as though I'm standing on top of her."

Jack's face seemed to drop as though he knew who had taken the Doctor's latest companion. He swallowed and admitted to the Time Lord that he had a strong idea of where she was. Surprised, the Doctor insisted that Jack take him there. Of course the captain agreed.

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