Epilogue: From Rented to Owned

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Epilogue: From Rented to Owned

Five Years Later...

Naruto sighed heavily, kicking the front door shut behind him. It had been a long day. It was the first day of his new class, and the preschoolers were all ready for their first taste of school. Last year, Naruto remembered like it was yesterday. He had no idea what he was doing or how to do it, this year he was prepared. He handed out chocolate to each kid, put out the paint for finger painting and threw on cover clothes and said a prayer. Regardless of trying to explain to three parents as to why their children had blue hair, it went rather well. The tiring part was trying to get every ounce of paint cleaned up. How had the paint gotten in the toilet in the restroom?

"Bastard, I'm home!" Naruto called through the small house. He faintly heard some sort of recognition in the form of a grunt. He followed the sound of clicking keys.

He turned to find Sasuke in their living room in the corner, sitting at his desk. Two computer monitors were glaring him in the face and he was glaring right back.

"You alright?" The blond called, eyeing his partner.

Sasuke turned away from the screen, his trademark eyebrow raising curiously. "You look like a clown threw up Skittles all over you. Did you give them sugar again?"

Naruto laughed, remembering he was covered in blotches of paint. He remembered the small red hand print on his forehead. "I give it to them at the start of the day, that way when nap time rolls around, they sleep like angels. Then their parents pick them up just as they get up. I got this."

Sasuke sighed, "The new studio we opened...seems my mother got a hold of the contractors and changed the layout inside. There is pink everywhere and now that she changed the layout so much, we don't have room for the instruments for rent."

Naruto laughed, "Well, maybe it will bring in more female students. At the other three lesson studios, there are only four girl students total, and I think they were all forced. Just send Itachi over there with my dad and Kakshi and they'll have it back to new."

Sasuke glared at Naruto. "When we put up the first studio, the three of them managed to destroy an entire wall and then I had to help my father repair it."

Naruto winked at him. "Come on, you looked sexy all sweaty and irritable."

"Did I throw a hammer at you that day?" Sasuke pondered out loud.

"Yeah." Naruto bit. "That wasn't exactly sexy. But having the bed all to myself for two weeks was epic. As well as your make-up gift."

Naruto still remembered coming home from finals week in a tired and bitter mood to find a brand new home entertainment system sitting in the living room. There was even a brand spankin' new video game console, too. Naruto practically escorted Sasuke back to their shared bedroom before dashing down the stairs to enjoy his new goodies.

"Oh, my mom said they're doing the dinner tonight instead of Friday like usual. Apparently they're all four going to some play. Damn thing has to be good if your father agreed to go."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. It was true, but he wasn't going to say anything bad.

"Oh yeah, word on the street is your brother is dating." Naruto wiggled his eyebrows and laughed. "That poor soul."

"I didn't hear about that."

"Listen more closely." Naruto pushed.

"I don't want to hear the word on the street."

Naruto threw his head back and shook his head. "Its a saying, Sasuke. I heard it from your mom, alright."

"She didn't tell me..." Sasuke noted.

"Well duh, I'm the favorite."

"I picked up the tuxes today." Sasuke remembered. "You have to make sure they fit."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "I get it, I get it."

"You didn't get it last time." Sasuke reminded.

"I think Kiba enjoyed my high water pants at his wedding."

Sasuke gave Naruto a look, and the blond threw his hands up. "I know! Temari will kill me and we don't want an angry bride. Check."

Naruto was about to sigh against the wall before he remembered he'd probably stain it. He walked over to Sasuke and sloppily and tiredly leaned over him. It made him laugh. Naruto always felt like his day was complete if he could make Sasuke laugh.

"I don't want to go to dinner tonight." Naruto whined, making Sasuke rolled his eyes. He brought his arms up to wrap around him, and felt paint collide with them. He didn't want to know how it wasn't dry yet and he didn't want to see the inside of that idiots car.

"Why don't you want to go?"

Naruto pulled back and proceeded to get comfortable and he made his way into Sasuke's lap like a attention hungry cat.

"Think about it!" Sasuke grunted when Naruto dropped down a little unceremoniously in his lap. "Itachi might be bringing his new special friend over tonight. I mean, what if its that friend of his Kisame?"

"I doubt it." Sasuke tried to reassure, but it was a possibility.

"We really need to face the fact that your dad might flip his ever loving mind if you brother comes home with another guy."

"My parents did fine, and so did yours..."

Naruto looked at him and shook his head. "Sasuke, I'm an only child. My parents had to come to the conclusion when they decided it was just going to be me that I was going to fuck their life plans up one way or another. Plus, the fact that my parents are far more lax than yours plays into this more, they aren't the ones pushing the family name to continue."

Sasuke shrugged. He already knew that, but he could care less. He was sorta hoping dinner would go south so they could just come home.

"Oh, Kakashi and Iruka are coming this weekend. Se we really need to leave the country."

He watched Sasuke's face form into something akin to a grimace and deep hate. He still couldn't stand Kakashi, and Kakashi still loved harassing him.

Naruto phone rang and he rolled his eyes, pulling it out from his back pocket. Sasuke glared at him and Naruto waved him off. He understands that's how he broke the last two phones because he sat on them.

Naruto glanced at the caller ID before huffing and tossing the phone on Sasuke's desk, who gave him a curious look.

"Remember how you had that really kick ass student? The one whose band got that indie contract?"

Sasuke nodded, remembering the sense of pride that brought him.

"Remember his crazy stalking mother?"

Sasuke sighed, remembering the sense of annoyance that brought him.

"I got one now, too." Naruto sighed.

"I thought you used my last name and your last name at school."

Naruto snorted, "Do you know how hard it is for kids to pronounce "Uchiha-Uzumaki"? They usually call me Mr. Double-U."

"Well..." Sasuke smirked, making Naruto frown. "You can just go by Mr. Uchiha. Then I can come in and tell her that that's my name you took and you are mine."

Naruto sighed, leaning forward and giving Sasuke a quick kiss on the lips. "Your possessive factor still needs to step down a few notches."

Sasuke looked at him curiously. "You came into my studio when that mother was there, shoved your damn tongue down my throat and then proudly announced to her that I was yours. Please tell me how I need to take it down?"

Naruto laughed at him as he slid off his lap, turned to head up the stairs and shower to get ready for dinner. "Because you're so damn determined to slap that Uchiha name on me, I'm surprised I have yet to be branded. Talk about owning me, Sasuke."

"Branding, huh?" Sasuke asked aloud, receiving Naruto face slapped across the room onto his face. He pulled the shit off his face, chuckling slightly.

Sasuke jumped up from his chair when he saw Naruto bend down to rip off a shoe and wrapped his arms firmly around him. Naruto was half laughing, half murderous.

"I'll brand you, you asshole!" Naruto smacked him in the back, Sasuke knowing damn well there would be a mark.

Sasuke kissed his cheek with a smirk. Naruto turned his face, though his arms were mostly still trapped, and glared even worse than Sasuke. It was only cute because he had been practicing so hard.

"I can always brand you the right way." Sasuke said suggestively, beginning to nibble on Naruto's ear.

The blond snorted. "I thought the cheesy sex lines were my department?"

"Then we can role-play."

Naruto laughed louder, kissing Sasuke's cheek. "This inner pervert of yours is relentless."

Sasuke shrugged, one hand trailed down Naruto's back till it rested on his ass, fondling it lightly. The blond laughed so hard he actually hit his head on the wall when it was thrown back from the force. He leaned forward and stole Sasuke's lips in a kiss before wiggling his way out of the death hold. He shoved him in the chest and turned towards the stairs. Naruto began racing up them, calling after Sasuke.

"Come on, bastard, we don't have all the time in the world!" His feet landing with heavy thuds.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and began his own speedy climb, calling after him. "Contrary to popular belief, moron, we actually do."

Sasuke was hit with a surprise tackle at the top of the stairs, knocking him sideways with a bang. Naruto was laughing on top of him.

Sasuke wiggled and adjusted himself under Naruto. He ran his hands up under his undershirt that he still wore and began to trace invisible shapes on the smooth bronzed skin.

"All the time in the world, with just us, huh?"

Sasuke nodded, his hair rubbing against the carpet.

Naruto smiled, accepting the kiss Sasuke planted on his lips. "This whole owning opposed to renting thing isn't all that bad then."

Sasuke smirked, slapping his ass softly and rolling the two of them over. "Now let's get to that branding, shall we?"

Naruto scowled when Sasuke laughed in his face and ignored the punch to the ribs. He jumped up, trying to make a dash for the bathroom but Naruto grabbed his ankle and brought him right back down. The blond quickly rolled over himself and crawled to Sasuke who was chuckling, backing up to try and avoid him. He backed into the tub then, and Naruto caught up to him. Naruto went up on his knees and raised his hands in what looked to be retaliation. Sasuke grabbed his wrists and pulled him down, their chest colliding with a few shared groans. The blond finally relented in his attack and rested against Sasuke's, his arms coming around to around Naruto in a peace agreement. The blond felt a small kiss to his neck, and pulled back to face Sasuke, who then kissed his lips. Naruto smiled into that kiss.

"I love you." He managed to muffle out.

"Love you, too." Sasuke responded, kicking the bathroom door shut.

Sasuke still had to make sure that random woman realized Naruto was taken, after all.

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