Hey guys

I'm in the middle of rewriting a Max Ride fanfic at the moment, but I've never posted anything on this particular archive before, so please give me some feedback!

The idea for this oneshot came to me when my friends we discussing a 'Twilight' YouTube video. The James Predofile one, I think. I'm not entirely sure I got the physiscs in this right, so if I messed up anywhere, please let me know! Also, this isn't beta-d as my normal beta hasn't read the series. I wanted to stick this up now, so forgive me if there are a few mistakes, I'll get one of my Maximum-Ride-fan friends to check it through as soon as I can.

And, of course, I don't own MR. I do, however, own the idea of the hand mirror. Nah, only kidding, some higher power has it all....


"Angel, shut up!"



"Iggy!" twelve-year-old Max bellowed, coming to a grinding halt in the doorway and shaking her wings before tucking them into her back and running down the hall, her best friend and right-hand wingman, Fang, following. "Iggy, quit yelling now! We could hear you thirty feet up!"

"Really? Awesome!"

"It's not funny, Ig. Why were you telling Angel to shut up, anyway?" As Max spoke, four-year-old Angel ran down the passage, waving a hand mirror and letting her white chicken wings unfold behind her as she went, so she occasionally lifted a foot or so off the ground.

"Hey, Ange, don't wave that around, it's glass and could smash! Do you remember what happens when glass smashes?" Angel stopped suddenly, fear entering her bright blue eyes as a day at the School came back to her. She had been forced to run through a window to test the thickness of her skin. It had bled for days, and even now Angel hated anything to do with delicate, potentially sharp, objects. Although theory seemed not to apply to mirrors, since they were obviously so -


"What- oh, I see." Fang spoke for the first time that day and bent down to examine the mirror closer. Where the light from the skylights hit it, the metal and glass shimmered and sparkled, refracting and sending rainbow beams through the air.

By this time, Iggy had entered the hallway, followed by Nudge and the Gasman, who were still covered in ice-cream from the eating competition they'd been having when Iggy's temper burnt out and he decided Angel's high-pitched laughter was too much for his sensitive ears.

"Wow, that's pretty." Nudge started, watching the rainbows and marvelling at its beauty. "Ig, do you want to feel it? It's all shiny and silver, kind of like that nail polish we saw that girl wearing on that show the other day. I bet it doesn't feel like nail polish though-"

"Nudge, shut up, my ears hurt enough already." Iggy interrupted, but allowed Nudge to guide his hand down the mirror nonetheless. It really was magnificent, and the entire flock simply stood and watched – or felt – the simplicity of a small piece sunlight and hand mirror that was more commonly used to look round corners.

Then when the sun set they went to eat the rest of the ice-cream.