Sorry guys this is a very quick blah ending but I really want to focus on other stories and this was never meant to turn into such a long read.

I didn't really have anything else planned for these two anyway and I guess I can always come back and change the ending if I get the chance but I doubt it!

Mark couldn't believe the changes in Shawn after he took him back. Every time they went out Shawn never strayed from his side. He was always attentive to him and barely looked sideways at anyone else, let alone first with them. And gone were the days of walking into the locker room to find him flirting with the guys there too. He had done a complete 180 and it took a while for Mark to believe that it was a permanent thing.

Shawn could see Mark was struggling to trust him, but knew it was only with time that Mark would realise that he had changed and wasn't the same inconsiderate ass he'd been last time they were together.

It had taken losing Mark for Shawn to see just how great he'd had it, and there was no way he was going to risk losing the man he loved ever again.

And so when he happily allowed Mark to beat him (and allowed Mark to think he'd kicked his ass) at Wrestlemania and saw how happy Mark was to have retained his winning streak Shawn considered it his final evidence that he'd changed for good. The old him would have just super kicked Mark and stole it from him.

"Lets go out and celebrate babe" Mark said as they changed back in the locker room after the show.

"Oh I had a celebration in mind – but it's for just the two of us" Shawn replied, stealing a kiss.

Mark grinned "We can have that kind of celebration later. I meant go out and have a few drinks, party and the like..."

"I wasn't talking about celebrating in bed – although we'll do that too. I was thinking something a little more life changing…" Shawn revealed cryptically.

Mark looked at him with confusion until Shawn got down on one knee before him and took his hand. "Mark I love you with all my heart. Losing you made me realise just how much you meant to me, how I could never be completely happy without you in my life. And so Mark, I'm wondering if you would make me even happier by marrying me tonight" Shawn looked up at him with a smile and Mark smiled back.

"Yes I will" he said simply and pulled Shawn into his arms to hug him tightly and then kissed him passionately.

The two then wandered off into the night holding hands to find the nearest register or chapel and when they went back to their hotel an hour later they were married.

Everyone was happy for them of course, everyone except for Vince. Vince was heard cursing and smashing things in his office for hours after being given the news.