I hope you guys like it . . . it isn't much, but it's just a little more romance than one kiss per book!!! Tell me if you think is sounds like Jace at the end!!

Picking up her sketchpad, Clary started doodling, something she hadn't done in over ten years. The images were mostly runes, runes that just popped into her head, and she wanted to write down, even though she probably wouldn't remember what they meant. It took her a while before she got the jitters out of her system. Exhaling, she looked back out the window of the institute, thinking of Simon. He was, after all, her best friend. He had wanted her to like him since, what, eighth grade? She couldn't seem to think of him any other way than her best friend.

Her mind wandered to Jace. Her brother Jace. She'd always wanted a brother, but she loved Jace a different way. The way a wife loves a husband, or a girlfriend thinks she loves her boyfriend. She'd just liked him at first, even with his jerk side, but then she'd found he was actually kind of okay. Sighing, she watched the sun set. If only—

No, she made herself stop thinking. There wasn't going to be any possibilities. Only this one time that she ever wanted anything to be different, it couldn't change. If there was a way of changing her DNA so that she wasn't a shadowhunter, wasn't his sister, then she would, but she couldn't. There was no such possibility. She looked out at the trees, the New York streets, then closed the blinds.

Laying on the bed, she couldn't help but let her lids close. There was nothing that could possibly keep her awake. At least, she thought one last thought, at least she still had Jace. Even if this felt as if they were separated, never to be together again.

Clary awoke, looking for the world terrible. Her hair felt plastered to her head with sweat, but she couldn't remember dreaming of anything horrible. Jace, tall, unemotional, bronze hair hanging in his eyes Jace, was standing against the wall, looking forlornly. He didn't say anything, at first. He seemed to be contemplating what he was going to say.

"Do you remember that night? When I first kissed you?" he asked, leaning off the wall a bit.

"Of course," she said, tugging at the material of her pajama top, which was a light blue tank top.

"Well, I was thinking. Simon had been there, coming out of the room. I wonder what would have happened if he hadn't been there." What was he talking about? Jace was never like this!

"I—I don't know. Jace, it's early in the morning," she couldn't help but glance at the clock, "Three in the morning exactly. What do you want? Or can I go back to bed."

"You complete me," he said, unhitching from the wall. He sat on the edge of the bed, looking at her with those golden eyes. She could see the pupils dilating as he talked. She couldn't even hear what he was saying,too preoccupied with his face. Suddenly he leaned in, too close, so close that he was in her personal space bubble.

"Are you listening to me?" his voice was soft, not angry in the least.

"Um, I—" he obviously didn't care what her response was, because he kissed her. She remembered that night, up in the greenhouse, when he had at first been resisting, but then softened. Here, it was soft. Her own lips parted under the slight pressure. His mouth moved, ever so gently across hers. She automatically twined her hands into his hair, yearning for him to be close to her, closer than he had been before. His arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her to his body. She felt her heart beat wildly in her chest. If only—

She awoke, sweating. So that had been a dream! She sighed, pathetically. It was true. Jace never was that nice. She did see him leaning against the wall though, yawning ever so slightly.

"I came here to wake you up, but you looked like you were making out with your pillow, so I didn't want to disturb you. Good dream?" Jace smirked.

Clary scowled in his general direction, rubbing her face, "I need a shower."