"Jace," Clary told him once she was in some clean-cut jeans, and a t-shirt that was hugging her in all the right places, reading 'My crew does it better', "Why exactly did you wake me up? We're not really going anywhere . . ."

"I was just coming to let you know that Simon called," he shrugged, looking out of the window.

"That's all?" Clary asked, looking at him as if he was nuts, "You woke me up because Simon called?!"

He shrugged again, not bothering to look at her. She snorted, exasperated, "Okay, so what did he say?"

"He'd call you back," Jace responded. Are you serious?!?! Clary couldn't help but think. What a self-centered egomaniac, that's also part pervert and . . . well, he's kind of hot, and the way his hair swirls around his face when the wind picked up— no, she would NOT think about that. Could not. No, more like should not.

"Whatever, I'm going to go out to get breakfast," she rolled her eyes.

"I'll come with," he offered. Her heart would of beat at the opportunity, but being the part-stalker that he was, never leaving her alone because she 'obviously couldn't handle it' was getting quite annoying.

"No, it's okay. Just some donuts and a—"

"I'm coming." Jeez, so . . . finalized.

"Whatever," she sighed, walking out of the room. He didn't say anything, and she couldn't help but feel the awkward part of the situation set in. Her brother, who had promised to be just that, was walking with her, down for . . . donuts?? Weren't they supposed to be fighting?? Like normal people? She sighed, looking down at her shoes as they made their way to the elevator. Sneaking a look at him, with his black t-shirt and jeans combo, make her heart skip. Maybe, if she told him that she REALLY liked him just as much as he liked her, then they could be together. It wouldn't matter to her . . .

"I'm sorry," she said as the elevator door was closed.

"For what?" He sounded bored, as if he had had enough of this conversation already.

"For—for being not very patient, and you know . . . snapping at you." There were many times she'd done that. Many.

He just smiled. What was on his mind? "I, um, wanted to tell you about something . . ." Would that get his attention.

"Mmm, sure, go ahead." He still stared at the elevator door. They were slowly moving down now. Clary stayed silent. It took a while before he noticed she wasn't going to say anything, and turned, his eyes searching hers. Her mind went blank, and she waited for something to pop into her head. What was she going to say?


"Oh, um, about this whole brother sister thing," she paused, taking a deep breath. Should she tell him now? That she really liked him?

"Yeah . . ." he pushed lightly, trying to catch her eye again. Okay, so she'd gotten up the courage to say THAT much, what about the rest. Maybe if she said if really fast, it would be hard for him to hear since he liked to say things really slowly.

"Well, I've been thinking about us, and you, and I decided that I don't really care whether we're brother and sister because I really like you. You're one of a kind, and I think I should have just said that earlier, but I didn't because you were so sincere about just wanting to be my brother, and I hope that doesn't demolish the relationship that we have now because I would rather have something than nothing." Even though she'd hoped that he might not have heard all of it, it still seemed to go into his head.

He didn't say anything at first, but then he was looking at her with those golden eyes, and she couldn't quite remember why she'd been so afraid to tell him that, because he was looking at her with all the love in the world. Her back was already up against the wall of the elevator, and he approached her. She gulped, not quite remembering if she could remember to even move her lips if his touched hers, but that was such a lie. His mouth met hers, and she was already kissing him, her hands twined into his silky hair. He smelled so sweet, and his hand was around her back, pulling her to him. She could feel herself give in to him. Who cares what happens? It's just me, and him.

Clary was already shrugging off his jacket, feeling that this was going even better than she'd thought. The only thing in her mind was him. His smell, his muscles, oh, and how he was holding her to him as if he might lose her! Jace. He was kissing her, letting her pull off his t-shirt, and then was kissing her down her neck. Wow! Jace. Then, he started to take off her shirt, sliding his hands on her stomach. She couldn't help but do the same, feeling the groves of his pec's and abs. Jace. His hand was slipping to her back, about ready to snap off her bra. Maybe that wasn't the best idea . . . whatever, her mind told her. She fumbled with his belt, unbuckling it. Wow, Jace . . .

There was a cough. Wait, the elevator had stopped already? Looking around Jace, whose shoulders were suddenly stiff, she saw a someone with dark hair, shaggy, and black, Shadowhunter clothes. The eyes were blue, staring, not at Clary, but at Jace.

Aw, crap. Alec.

"Uh, Jace? What are you—" his eyes slid to Clary, and widened, "Clary?!"

"Oh boy," she muttered, "Isn't this pleasant?" Jace smiled, just a tiche, but was entirely focused on Alec. At the very least, Jace hadn't managed to unclip her bra. At least.