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It started out simple. Ordinary patrol around the city. The rate of crime had taken a steep fall, but that didn't mean there weren't any criminals out. Besides, Raven liked the night time patrols. It gave her time to think, as well as some peace and quiet that the Tower didn't always provide.

Heading down Franklin Avenue, Raven stopped a pair of thugs who were trying to break into a small business. After apprehending the crooks and dropping them off at the nearby police station, Raven continued on her patrol. The stars began to shine and the storm clouds over Jump City drifted away. A full moon graced the sky, shedding some light on the otherwise dark city.

In the pale moonlight, two lovers walked along the Jump City beach. They kissed, then glanced out at the ocean. Hand in hand, they nestled together, happy as can be. Their lives were perfect, so long as they had each other. "I love you," they whispered in unison. There they sat, entwined in each others arms.

Raven was just completing her rounds and heading home. Hours of gliding through the city, quite uneventful except for the for the attempted break-in. Yawning, Raven decided to take a nice, soothing stroll along the beach before she went home. She didn't notice the two lovers, at least not right away. To her, the beach was completely empty, except for a blob in the distance. Nearing ever closer to said blob, Raven noticed that the blob was shaped like a human. Or two humans, rather, making out. Foolish, Raven thought, don't they know how late it is? Deciding to scold the two, Raven silently made her way over to the oblivious lovers. When she was close enough, Raven opened her mouth, shut it, and her eyes went as wide as flying saucers.

There, on the beach, was Beast Boy, green changeling of the Teen Titans, making love to a stranger. Well, a stranger to Raven. The woman had jet black hair, which caught the moonlight and reflected it perfectly. She looked to be about 6'3, just a few inches taller than Beast Boy. Breaking the kiss, the girl said, "I love you, Beastie," to which Beast Boy replied, "I love you too, mon belle ange." Since when did Beast Boy know French?

Raven stared, the shock of the sight paralyzing her. Unable to move, unable to speak, only able to stare. Gathering up her energy, Raven teleported herself to the Tower. Tears flowed from Raven's eyes, her lips quivered, a sharp pain began to swell in her chest, and she was confused. Why am I crying? Why are my lips quivering? Why does my chest hurt? Why am I so sad?

The relationship had between herself and Beast Boy had grown since the Malchior incident. When Terra had betrayed them, Beast Boy and Raven grew apart, farther than ever had been before and since. Whereas Beast Boy loved Terra, Raven never fully trusted her, and eventually became jealous that she was getting most of Beast Boy's attention. After Malchior, when she hugged Beast Boy, Raven felt comfortable and safe in his arms, even if it had been for a few minutes. She started paying more attention to him, and if either of them were having problems, they'd usually go to each other for guidance and comfort.

They remained that close until the time of Trigon's coming. Knowing that she'd end the world, Raven had strayed far away from Beast Boy, who occasionally tried to get her to talk, with little to no success. After Raven told the Titans that Trigon was her father, Beast Boy put his arm around her and she felt that, just maybe, they could defeat Trigon.

When it came time for Raven to fulfill her destiny, Beast Boy was the most worried for her. He gave her a penny for good luck, a penny that she would keep forever. When Trigon succeeded in reaching Earth through Raven, Beast Boy flew into Trigon's ear and caused the demon a great, painful headache. This also caused him to get covered in demon ear wax. When Raven questioned him during the partying if he'd do it again, for some odd reason or another, he replied, "For you, Raven, I'd do anything."

She defeated Trigon and the Titans were happy. None more so than Beast Boy, who enveloped her in a hug that nearly rivaled Starfire's hugs. Since then, they had become best friends. They both had changed, and Beast ?boy proved himself to be quite the capable leader during the incident with the Brotherhood, when she had secretly feared the Brotherhood had captured the green changeling.

None of these thoughts helped to explain why she felt like curling up in the fetal position and crying until she fell asleep. "Why do I feel like this?" You know why, Knowledge replied. You know what you're feeling. The pain of.. "Don't you dare finish that sentence," Raven growled. Oh, but it's true. You. ."Knowledge, I'm warning you." The emotion shut up. "Besides, that's impossible. I could never feel like that. It's not what I'm meant for. I'm meant to live a lonely life, depraved of the happiness and joy of that particular feeling."

As Raven cried herself to sleep, the pain in her chest grew. Slowly, her heart started to break. By morning, it would be shattered.