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Raven didn't know how much time had passed. All she knew was that one, she felt dizzy, two, she had a headache, and three, her emotions were standing in a circle around her. "Ugh... I feel sick."

"Rae-Rae!" Happy squealed, reaching out a hand to help Raven to her feet. "You did it. Rage is gone! Wa-hoo!"

"Rage is gone? I...I can never be angry again?" Raven questioned. She glanced at Knowledge for an answer.

"Not exactly. You can get angry, just your anger won't be very strong. You can't get very angry, despite how you feel. Also, you've been Cleansed."

"Cleansed?" Raven asked, utterly confused.

"Rage was the last bit of Trigon in you..." Knowledge began, but was swiftly cut off.

"I thought I was Cleansed when I obliterated him." Raven stated.

"No, you only weakened his connection to you, and his power. When you obliterated him, Rage was able to absorb all of the demonic blood within you. Effectively, Rage controlled your powers."

"Then why did she let me continue to use them instead of taking over sooner?"

Knowledge sighed, "not even I know. Maybe deception, maybe not realizing how much control she had. Either way, you wiped her from existence. The only being to ever wipe one of their emotions out of existence. Since Rage was an emotion, I know not if anyone will remember Rage or not. Since you do, it is possible that everyone will remember. However, you are now completely human, not even the smallest remnant of Trigon on or inside you." Knowledge grinned, and Raven frowned.

"So I'm powerless?!" Raven asked frantically.

"No, you have your powers. When you were just a baby, the monks of Azarath decided to, how shall we say, back up your powers in case that Trigon was somehow destroyed before you came of age, and his influence could be successfully removed. You keep your powers, but they won't be affected by your emotions. Not anymore. You are, for the first time in your life, truly free. The question is, how will you live your life?" Knowledge asked.

"I...I don't know. I'll remain in the Titans, I suppose. Not much planned after that." Raven replied.

"What about Beast Boy?" Happy asked.

"What about Bea- oh, yeah... um." Raven thought, not sure of what to say, "I don't know. If Ginger is hanging on, I'll do my best to help her. If not, all I can do is give Beast Boy a shoulder to cry on. There's nothing else I can do. We'll hopefully remain friends, and if one of us decides to leave the Titans, or if the Titans break up, we'll remain in contact. Hopefully." Raven hoped that was a satisfying answer. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

"You still love him, Raven. That much is certain. The question is, will you, at one point in the future, seek a relationship with him that is more than friendship?" Knowledge inquired. "Will you decide to try for a romatic relationship and happy future, or will you seclude yourself more, living a lonely life? You could try to date someone else, but..."

"...Beast Boy is the only one I want to love." Raven finished. "At this time, I don't think it would be wise to seek a relationship with Beast Boy. Maybe, in the future, well, we'll see."

Knowledge nodded, and the other emotions remained quiet. With that, Raven left Nevermore, left her emotions, and returned to the world that held the one she loved.

Hospital lunchroom

Beast Boy didn't want to be here. He wanted to be by Ginger. However, her relatives, who never really liked him, had requested some time alone by their daughter's/sister's bedside. They assured Beast Boy that he would be let in, but not now. Without argument, mostly due to Robin placing a gloved hand over his mouth, Beast Boy left, led by the Titans to the lunchroom. There, he'd gotten a salad and some tofu. Just as he sat down to eat, the communicators went off. Darkseid was attacking Wayne Enterprises Weapons research lab, just 2 miles from the hospital. Robin and the others had left to go deal with Doomsday. Leaving Beast Boy alone.

Ginger was dead. There was nothing that anyone could do about it. Not even Raven. What Beast Boy hated, though, was that Raven was beating herself up about not being able to save her. She had fled to the Tower, the others had presumed, because she felt guilty about not being able to save Ginger. Sighing, he played with his food, not really in the mood to eat. Whatever he did force down, however, tasted bland. He nearly puked, but his stomach held the food in. After a hour and a half, he had finished his lunch, and tried to contact the Titans. They were still dealing with Darkseid, although they had chased him from the weapons lab. Apparently, he had gotten something important, an experimental weapon of great power, very little detail on what the weapon was at the time.

Garfield, a.k.a. Beast Boy, let out a long sigh, and headed back to wait for Ginger's family to let him in. Surprisingly, her older brother, Jacob, was waiting for him. "Garfield, we need to talk."


"Listen, I"m sorry about how I've been treating you... I'm just overly protective of my younger sister... you meant the world to Ginger, but I couldn't see that. Neither could the rest of the family. I'm sorry, we're sorry, and now Ginger's dead... she always wanted us to get along. Friends?"

Garfield, weary and weak, smiled. "Friends. Can I go in? Is that alright with everyone else?"

"Everyone else left about ten minutes ago. Mom's an emotional wreck, she couldn't stay in the room. Dad and the triplets went to go comfort her. They're probably going to come back, either late tonight or early tomorrow. I stayed to talk to you; you can go in now. Bye."

"You know, you can stay. You don't have to go, Jacob."

"Thanks, Garfield. I don't want to go, but... my mom needs me. I'll make sure to let you know when we start discussing plans for... for Ginger's funeral."

"Thank you, Jacob. Tell the rest of the family I said hi, and they'll always be welcome to come to Titans Tower if they want to talk." Garfield and Jacob shook hands, and went their separate ways. When Garfield entered the room, however, he discovered that the room was not empty.

Raven stood at Ginger's bedside, back facing Garfield. She said something about 'being sorry', and Garfield knew immediately what she meant. He went and put a hand on her shoulder, making her jump into the air. "It wasn't your fault, Raven." With that, he hugged her, and she hugged back. They stood there, motionless, for a couple of minutes in silence, until Garfield broke it. "Ginger would never have blamed you, Raven, and neither would I. There was nothing that could be done."

"I...I know, but I can't help but feel responsible. I might have been able to prolong her life, take away her pain. You two might've had a couple more years together, and now that's gone. I'm-" she was cut off, however, when Beast Boy put a finger to her lips and shook his head.

"It's not your fault. You wanted to save Ginger from death, but nobody can prevent it. That you came to the hospital means more to me than you'll ever know."

The days wore on, turning into weeks. A small funeral and memorial service was held for Ginger, since she didn't have that many friends. Her parents, siblings, Garfield, and the Teen Titans attended, along with a couple of friends that she had grown up with.

The weeks turned into months, and Garfield's demeanor had not changed. He had a false cheeriness, fake happiness, and hid his pain behind jokes. He was more ferocious in battle, less talkative, and even started eating meat. Raven tried to get him to open up, but he was proving to be a problem. Raven didn't know if she would succeed in getting close to him, and eventually got so irritated that she started staying away from him.

A year passed. Garfield went and put roses on Ginger's grave, and then went for a stroll around town. He had tried getting over her, but couldn't bring himself to do it. She lived in his mind, heart, soul. In his dreams, she was there, staring at him. Sometimes smiling, sometimes giggling, always staring lovingly. As he was strolling, he bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry, wasn't paying attention..."

"You mostly don't, anymore." Raven replied. "I've been looking for you. Garfield, would you like to hang out tonight? There's a poetry reading at the Dancing Dragon cafe, and I was wondering..."

"...if I'd like to go. Sure, I guess." Garfield said distractedly.

Raven was happier than she'd been in a long time. After getting her heart broken, going through the trouble with Rage, dealing with Garfield's spiral into despair, ignoring Garfield, Raven had the right to hate him. Yet, she couldn't. She loved him, and even if they never got together, she'd still love him. The fact that he had agreed to hang out with her meant that they still had a chance. Raven's heart did somersaults in her chest, and she smiled. "Tonight, say, 7o'clock?"

Garfield nodded.

Three years later...

Raven laid in the hospital. Garfield was freaking out. The last time he had been in a hospital was for Ginger. Needless to say, he was freaking out. "Gar...field, I'm alright. How long have I been out?"

"Raven! You've been out six, maybe seven hours. How are you feeling? Need anything, I'll go get..." but he was silenced by Raven, who pressed her lips against his, leading to a deep kiss.

"I'm fine, sweetheart. I love you," Raven said, leading into another kiss. A low whine cut the air. Garfield went over to the crib on the other side of the bed and picked up his baby boy and handed him to his mother. "I love you, my baby boy," Raven said lovingly.

Garfield smiled. His world was perfect. All was well.

The End.

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