She couldn't believe this was happening.

This couldn't be real. There was no possible, no rational way that this could possibly be taking place. He couldn't be here, with her, tonight.

And yet, here she was.

Wrapped securely in the arms of the one man she had ever truly cared for. The only man that she ever dared to open her heart too.

The only one she would ever love.

He was asleep beside her, a contented smile on his handsome face. She couldn't help but manage one of her own as she reached over to brush a rebel strand of hair out of his eyes, letting her fingers linger over his strong features for a moment. His nose twitched slightly at the touch of her long fingers and one eye cracked open.

"Faeā€¦" His voice was heavy from sleep. "What time is it?"

She shrugged. "I'm not sure. I didn't mean to wake you."

Fiyero's grasp loosened slightly as he attempted to raise his head and searched the sky. "It's still night. There's no sign of the sun."

Elphaba nodded. "I know. Nevertheless, we should get moving. No telling how close the Wizards' goons are to finding us."

The Pricnce gave an indignant snort. "If their anything like the men in my unit, we've got nothing to worry about."

The green girl still wasn't convinced. "I'd still feel better if we got out of here."

It was his turn to shrug. "If it will make you feel better, then by all means. But," A surprised squawk escaped her as he pulled her back down beside him for a moment. "In a few minutes." Their faces were inches apart as he winked at her. "I'm not through holding you quite yet."

Finding that she hadn't the energy nor the desire to resist him, Elphaba simply closed the short distance between them to press her lips to his, then settled down quite comfortably in his embrace. "Perhaps a few moments wouldn't hurt."

She felt the vibrations of his laughter against his chest. "I knew you'd see it my way."

A sudden thought caused her to frown suddenly and she called to him. "Fiyero?"


She was silent for a moment and then asked, "What if this is all we have?"

She felt him raise his head. "What?"

The green girl lifted her head from his chest and met his gaze. "What if this is all we are given? This one moment in time to share with each other before life pulls us apart again."

He sighed. "Fae, that's not going to happen."

Her eyes were earnest. "But what if it does?"

"It won't" he emphasized, "But Oz forbid it does, then we cherish this moment and tuck it away in out hearts. That way, even if we never see each other again, we remember what it was like to love this deeply and we keep on loving anyway."

She smiled. "Anyway?"

He nodded. "Anyway. No matter what happens to us, Fae. I will always love you. Anyway."

Content with his answer, she settled back down in his arms to enjoy this precious time that they had been granted, no matter how brief.

Some time later, but no so far away, a green witch and a scarecrow stood on the outskirts of Oz, looking at what lay ahead for them.

"I told you we would see each other again," remarked the Scarecrow.

"Yes, but I hadn't quite imagined that it would be like this." Her voice was laced with a quiet irony.

"Fae, it doesn't matter," Fiyero fell silent before meeting her eyes again. "Although, I just wish I could be beautiful for you."

"You are beautiful," she remarked, taking his hands in hers.

A sad smile crossed his face. "It all right, Fae. You don't have to lie to me."

"It's not lying!" She grasped his hands tighter. "It's looking at things another way."

He smiled and raised her hands to his lips to kiss them.

"Besides," she whispered as she raised herself to encircle his neck and smile into his deep blue eyes, eyes that hadn't changed at all. "I love you anyway."