Chapter 1

Who's behind this?

A massive plot will begin in this! A humorous adventure I hope.

Sonny Blackbones sat in his booth, staring at the wall. "I'm sooo bored Corso" he moaned.

"There's plenty of things we could do Sonny" Corso smirked.

"No" Sonny said firmly. Suddenly there were screams and shouts from outside. Sonny looked up to the big TV screen to see it had gone fuzzy.

"What in the world is going on!?" demanded Sonny, sticking his head out of the red velvet curtain that surrounded the booth. He gasped in horror, there were bodies littering the floor and two Technoid robots standing with their backs to him. "Sonny, what is it!?" Corso shouted loudly.

"Shh!" Sonny squeaked, he turned back to see that the Technoid robots had disappeared.

"Phew" Sonny turned back inside to the booth. "Corso come and look at this!" He hissed. Corso popped his head out as did Sonny; he bumped his nose on a Technoid robots eye piece. "CRAP! Sonny run" screeched Corso, Sonny caught him.

"Corso, think about it, do these crappy ass robots ever hit us?"

"But Sonny"

"Well?" Sonny grinned.

Corso thought for a moment. "Yes! In season 1!"

Sonny raised an eyebrow. "Once, how many times have we been chased by these tin men? They never hit us!"

"Hey you're right!" laughed Corso.

"C'mon you losers try and hurt us!" Sonny laughed, both robots brought their hard metal fists down on the two pirates.

To be continued.