Chapter 13


Who is this person that strikes fear even into the heart of somebody who doesn't even have a heart? :O

"I'm bored!" Complained Sonny.

"There's plenty of things to do" winked Corso and Clamp.

"No" Sonny said firmly.

"I'm worried" Yuki worried.

"There, there fat arse it'll be ok" Ahito patted his cousin on the shoulder.


"Luur! C'mon Luur we can work this out! Why don't you work at my side eh eh? Accomplices? You…you could be the…the Luke to my Obi-Wan, the Darth Vader to my emperor…the pikachu to my Ash!" The robot pleaded as he backed away.

Luur grinned. "Oh no" he laughed. "Stevens, Lune-Zeara grab him!"

Stevens and Lune-Zeara each got a hold of the robot's metal ankles. "Wah?" The robot stared down at them. "I thought you two were unconscious!"

"Why would we be unconscious? We both hit you then fell down is all" Lune-Zeara shrugged.

"I just presumed…I guess I just didn't want to make too much of a good thing" The robot agreed.

Luur began walking menacingly towards the robot. "Please Luur no!" The robot pleaded. "What if I tell you where they are?"

"Where who are?" Luur asked.

"The people I kidnapped" the robot reminded him.

"Oh…oh yeah! Hmm, nawh or I could just beat you up and make you tell me!" Luur grinned.

"I'll never tell!" The robot declared.

Luur smacked the robot in the head with a metal pole. "Aargh!" Screeched the robot. "Shit that hurt! You wouldn't think it would considering I'm a robot but…argh! You win…You win! They're behind the stage" The robot pointed at the stage he often performed on.

Luur smiled. "Thank you…but that won't get you out of being…shut down!"

"Noo, noooooo please!" yelped the robot.

Luur shook his head sadly, then nodded at Stevens, who undid the mainframe on the robot's back and pulled the cable out. "I hate…yooooooooooo" the robot said, then he fell to the floor.

"That was mean" Micro-Ice said as he walked to Luur's side.

Luur shook his head, as they both turned to look at the stage. "No…it was just necessary"

Suddenly behind the stage.

Suddenly the door opened. Sonny looked up in horror. "It's…it's you" he yelped.

"Micro-Ice, Luur what happened!?" Yuki yelped.

Sinedd, Dame Simbai, D'jok, Stevens and Lune-Zeara appeared behind Micro-Ice and Luur.

"Hey, where's Tia and Mei?" Rocket demanded standing up.

"Stevens…" Dame Simbai began but Steven's shook his head, so she went quiet.

"I'm here" Mei said coming out from the corner of the room.

"Weren't you supposed to be with them?" Bennet asked.

"Yes…but I went in, and it…it was dark so I was scared so I came back out…also my hair wouldn't fit in" Mei stared at the ground as everyone laughed. And then because at the end of every story everyone has to pair up…everyone paired up.

Meanwhile outside

The robot lay dead on the ground…but a metal hand moved….

The end wooo hope you enjoyed it