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Ages are...
Peter: 4
Susan: 3
Edmund and Lucy: newborn

The Just and The Valiant

Part 1. The Better Half Of Me

Chapter 1. We Are Miracles

I got my heart set on what happens next
I've got my eyes wide, it's not over yet
We are miracles, and we're not alone
-'This Is Home' by Switchfoot

A loud scream from a certain Helen Pevensie echoed across the room. Frank only held his wife's hand tighter.

"You'd think after doing this two times I'd be used to it by now!" Helen exclaimed.

"Well, if they're twins like they say, maybe this should be the last time." Frank said.

Helen nodded and gripped his hand so tight that it was beginning to cut of his circulation. But he didn't mind one bit. Soon a cry could be heard, but it wasn't Helens.

"It's a boy." the doctor said.

Frank smiled. "Edmund Michael." he stated.

Helen smiled and gripped Franks hand again. Not even 6 minutes later another, fainter cry was heard.

"It's a girl." the doctor said.

Helen gave a watery laugh and released Franks hand. Only two words escaped her lips before she burst into joyous tears. "Lucy Rose."

A very anxious four-year-old Peter Pevensie walked around the living room of his grandparents house. Susan looked up at him from where she was playing with a stuffed bear. She resorted to watching him pace.

"Pet'r, st'p dat. You m'kin me dizzy." she finally said.

He looked over at her. "Sorry." he said quietly.

They heard the door open. "Hello!" they heard their father call.

"DADDY!" Susan exclaimed, jumping up. Peter raced after her to the doorway.

Both came skidding to a stop when they saw that their father held a blue bundle in his arms, while their mother held a pink one.

"Wh't are dem?" Susan asked.

Frank laughed. "They're baby's." he said quietly and gently.

"Do I have a baby brother?!" Peter asked excitedly.

"Yes. You do." Frank smiled.

Susan looked at the pink bundle. "Do I hab a b'by siter?" she asked.

"Yes. You both have a new baby brother and sister." Helen smiled. She made her way over to the couch and seated herself carefully. Frank closed the door and sat beside her, while Peter and Susan scrambled up on the couch beside them. Peter leaned over to see the baby in his fathers arms, while Susan did the same at the baby in her mothers arms. Frank pulled back to reveal the small face under the blanket.

A pair of sleepy dark eyes met Peters. A yawn came from the tiny little boy.

"He's so... tiny." Peter said in amazement.

Helen smiled and pulled back the blanket so Susan could see her new little sister. Her eyes were closed but at Susan's sudden gasp of astonishment, she opened her eyes. She made a gurgling sound and looked at Susan, her dark eyes now meeting Susan's blue ones. Susan reached out to run her finger down her little sisters cheek. Helen smiled as she saw how gentle her eldest daughter was with the new baby. She glanced over at Peter who was still staring.

The first thing that broke the stare between the new brothers was Edmunds giggle.

Peter smiled. "He's laughing at me." he said. He reached out and tapped Edmund's nose, causing him to sneeze. Frank chuckled at the look that was now on Edmund's face. But he was giggling a second later.

"Daddy, why isn't she makin any sounds like him?" Peter asked looking at Lucy.

"She's a bit quieter. Don't worry. She's fine." Frank replied gently.

"C'n I hold her?" Susan asked Helen.

"Mmm, I don't know." Helen said, a bit unsure.

"Helen, we're right here. I don't think it would be too bad." Frank said.

"Alright." Helen smiled "Sit with your back leaning against the couch. Hold your arm out like that." she instructed to Susan softly as Lucy began falling asleep once more. Susan did as she was told and she soon had her little sister in her lap.

"Peter, do you want to hold Edmund?" Frank asked Peter who nodded. He quickly sat the way Susan was and he too found his little brother in his lap. A yawn escaped Edmund.

"We better put these two to bed." Frank said.

"Oh, but mum and dad haven't even seen them yet." Helen said.

"Where are they, anyway?" he asked.

"Right here. Well, I am. Harold went onto bed." Helen's mum, Margret, said walking from the kitchen.

"That's quite alright. He can see them in the morning." Helen smiled.

"Oh my goodness. Look at these two. They look so much alike! How shall you tell them apart?" Margret asked.

"He's a boy, she's a girl, it should be fairly easy to remember from there." Frank smiled.

"Ah, yes." Margret laughed.

"Besides, he has a bit darker hair then she does." Helen said.

"So they aren't bald?"

"No. Actually they have a head full of hair, for a baby anyway."

"My, isn't that wonderful."

"I remember Peter came out bald as could be." Helen smiled.

"And look at him now." Frank smiled, messing his eldest sons hair affectionately. Peter blew a strand of hair out of his eyes.

"Looks like someone needs a haircut." Helen laughed.

Frank smiled and took Edmund from Peters lap as Helen did the same with Lucy from Susan's lap.

"We only had one crib from when Susan was a little baby. I hope they can share." Margret said.

"I suppose it doesn't matter." Frank said.

"Good. Up in the room you'll be staying in then." Margret smiled.

She led Frank and Helen up the stairs and opened the door for them. They carefully layed the baby's down and starred at them for a moment. Edmund had his eyes open once more, his eyes scanning the room in curiosity. Lucy, though, was already asleep. With silent smiles, Frank and Helen walked from the room, leaving the door open should one of the baby's start crying. Edmund's gaze landed on the sleeping Lucy. And even though they were only baby's, a bond that could never be broken was formed.